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A beautiful town residing in the World of the Livings. Many people within the town have little to no spiritual



pressure at all making people who can do amazing things such as Fullbrings outcast and descriminated against here. The town is encased in a wall going around the town completely. It is in a beautiful forest area with several mountains usually used for training by Seikatsu in the background.

Known Residents[]

Places of Interest[]

  • Training area(Mountains)
  • Cemetery
  • Rah! High School
  • Waterfalls in the forest
  • Sake Liquor Store
  • Mall
  • Hot springs

Mountains(Seikatsu's Home)[]

Out in the mountains behind Shizukana Town are a series of toweing mountains. Out there lives Seikatsu Okuri self built home in which the Fullbrings of that town reside in currently. Seikatsu Okuri purposely built that home for those Fullbrings as he believes that staying directly in Shizukana Town would be dangerous for the civilains living there. For some reason there is always a car outside this house hinting that Seikatsu is old enough to drive.

Later Seikatsu lives there along with Kam Kemuri, Lisa Yadomaru and following him along the way Airi Hitomi. A girl who Seikatsu had come in contact with after he left to Hueco Mundo. Chibusa Raita and Koibito Kitsune still have not been rescued thus have not lived there in some time.

House of Fullbring

Seikatsu Okuri, Koibito Kitsune, and Chibusa Raita are current residents here.