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Shisui Shikaze
Race Human
Birthplace Ikeda, Osaka
Birthday 21 June
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 175cm
Weight 53kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Wolves~Prospective
Profession High School Student
Partner Kazuko Shikaze
Personal Status
Shikai None
Bankai None
First Appearance
Series Debut Bleach: Extinction

Shisui Shikaze is a Human and the son of Kazuko Shikaze, a former Substitute Shinigami, and the only known practioner of the lost technique, Kamisori Shunpo. He is also part Shinigami due to his father's previous status as a Substitute Shinigami, though whether or not he inherits that status has yet to be seen. He currently has plans to join Raian Getsueikirite's force, in order to combat the Wandernreich. He holds a grudge against the Quincy for unknown reasons. He, like his father before him has mastered the Razor Flash Step, as well as Hakuda techniques, which he was able to learn due to this father's background.


Shisui is a Human, however he has always been slightly more than that. Since his birth he has had large amounts of stamina, endurance and strength, though not enough to set him out from definatively being unusual. Little was he to know that he also posssessed an abnormal amount of spiritual power for a Human, though he and no-one else in the city of Osaka would ever know that. From a very young age his father, Kazuko Shikaze, suspected that one day his unusually large amount of spiritual power and relative defencelessness would eventually result in his being hunted by large numbers of Hollows, drawn to him due to his spiritual power.






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