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Shisui Sengoku
Shisui Profile
Race Soul
Birthplace Soul Society
Gender Male
Height 6'7"
Weight 253 lbs
Professional Status
Division First Division (Former)[1]
Profession Shinigami (Former)[2]
Partner Shubata Kaigo
Personal Status
Shikai Kagutsuchi
First Appearance

Shisui Sengoku (戦国 シスイ, Sengoku Shisui)[2] was a Shinigami and the third seated officer of the Gotei 13's First Division, prior to his death at the ends of a Hollow.[1][3]




A Giving Soul

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Powers and Abilities

Innate Abilities


Kagutsuchi (加具土命, Kagutsuchi) is the name of Shisui's Zanpakutō.[4] In its sealed state it takes the form of a nodachi.

  • Shikai: Shisui's Kagutsuchi releases through the statement, "Lend me thine power used to burn thy mother, Kagutsuchi!" (あなたの母、カガツチを焼くためにあなたの力を貸してください!, Anata no haha, kagatsuchi o yaku tame ni anata no chikara o kashite kudasai!).[5] Following the sentence, flames instantly engulf the blade in a violent manner.

Notable Quotes



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