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Kanji シール
English Seals
Item Statistics
Use Masukage Techniques
Used By Masukage

Shiru (シール, Seals) are the various techniques used by the Masukage that are similar to both Shinigami Kidō and the Quincy variant of Gintō. The spells commonly utlize spiritual energy, with each spell being stronger as more spiritual energy is added.

The spells don't seem to use any formal numbering system, instead being listed in the order the Masukage created them. They serve as both as close and mid-to-long-ranged attacks, binding spells and traveling techniques; making them quite versatile all around and one of the Masukage's most valued skills.

Shiru Techniques[]

Technique Name Technique Information Technique Picture
Mur Saisir (壁押収, French for Wall Fissure) A basic Masukage technique where they are capable of lifting the Earth beneath them in order to block incoming attacks. This technique is also capable of being used in order for the user to burrow into the ground for travel. Sample a5c7c0351e2d33176fb8455a9561b850339ec472
Pause Rapide (迅速なブレーク, French for Swift Break) Another basic Masukage technique where the user swiftly strikes the air using spiritual pressure causing intense friction which is then converted into a burst of energy to shoot forth. Dd8822b0302ce6459c7ba7484add1ad035da68dd
Domaine Spiriteaux(フィールドスピリッツ, French for Field of Ghosts) The Masukage can conjure up multiple spirits used to confuse the opponent as well as drain them of their spiritual energy reserves. These conjured spirits cannot be physically harmed nor can they cause any physical damage. This technique only lasts for a few moments so it is mostly used as a distraction 305331
Verrouiller (ロックイン, French for Lock In) The user creates three spell rings around the victim causing a form of paralysis. The victim can still move around but they are stuck without the use of any abilities while in range of the user. 52078
Bladed wing ability (in the works) 36852
Nébuleuse Colère (星雲激怒, French for Nebula Wrath) One of the stronger of the Masukage techniques. This requires the most practice to use and causes the most strain on their body. The user focuses a majority of their spiritual energy into one of their arms and then forms it into a sharp blade of condensed energy capable of cutting through almost any defense. The blade gets stronger in accorance to the strength of the defense it is attacking. However as it increases in power it also begins to drain away at the users lifeforce. 52053
Eclairant Esper (照らすエスパー, French for Illuminating Spirit) The user is able to conjure up a protective diety capable of turning the opponent's malice, hatred, or will to fight the user into its own energy. The energy is then converted into a sacred fire that cannot be stopped or controlled by any known means other than the user. This technique is heavily draining on spiritual energy leaving most users completely exhausted. 52043
Nul (French for Void) The Masukage's variant of Garganta that tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. Its appearance is also identical to that of a Garganta, though it does not require an incantation. It does require a great deal of the users energy to utilize, however. Masukage void