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The Shirono Family (白野 家族, Whitefield Family) is a prominent political force within Horiwari, with great political pull and respect, who act as liaisons between Horiwari and Soul Society; as well as judges should the need arise. Their recent rise to fame comes mainly from their Shinigami scion, Sanada Shirono, a member of the Ryū Guard. The family rarely produce a son or daughter with Shinigami potential, with only three at present, though those born with the spark are known to have great potential. A fourth has been revealed, though he has cut all ties with the family. The current family head is Sanada Shirono, having inherited the title from his Father.

The only surviving members of the family were those of the branch family residing within Horiwari, for Shiki Shirono, later called the Whitefield Killer, massacred his family in the Seireitei, leaving only Sanada and two unnamed females with Shinigami potential left and only a bare handful of those without the potential left.

They are also, within Soul Society, allied with the Noble Taira Clan.


  • Sanada Shirono (Family Head)
  • Sanada's Parents
  • Sanada's Three Siblings
  • Sanada's Grandparents
  • Two Unnamed Female Shinigami
  • Shiki Shirono (Criminal)

Behind the Scenes

The name "Shirono" comes from the words Shiro, meaning white and No, meaning field. Coming together they make Whitefield, translated as Shirono. The name itself came about when I misspelled battlefield and hit the wrong auto-correct on word check, which resulted in Whitefield instead of Battlefield.


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