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Shiori Miyamoto
Shiori profile
Name Shiori Miyamoto
Kanji 宮本 詩織
Romaji Miyamoto Shiori
Race Soul
Birthday October 16
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Weight 160 lbs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Beast Realm
Seireitou Kawahiru
Occupation None
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner Seireitou Kawahiru
Base of Operations Rukongai
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Seireitou Kawahiru (husband)
Suzaku Kawahiru (son)
Kaguya Kawahiru (daughter)
Education Unknown
Status Deceased
Main Skill Unknown
"To that silver-hairs, the one who lived in darkness, she was like the sun." - Seireitou-shishō

Shiori Kawahiru (河昼 詩織, Kawahiru Shiori; née Miyamoto (宮本)) was a female Soul that originated from the Beast Realm. She was a powerful miko that mastered both the martial arts and the way of magic, having served as a guardian of a village within the torrential lands. It was a place devoid of life, having belonged to her family for countless generations, and she was determined to protect it even if it meant she would die there alone; having never before stepped foot far outside from the village. Shiori would eventually meet Seireitou Kawahiru, who had become smitten with her and returned there every single day for over a century, regaling her with tales of his numerous encounters and travels. However, soon after, he had told her that he would be gone for a long time, as he was seeking training under a dragon named Kachōfūgetsu and he was unsure as to whether he would be able to return. It is difficult to say whether she had developed feelings for him over that time they spent together, but when he had left, Shiori had felt a sense of loneliness that she was unable to recognize; several feelings of such that she had never felt before meeting him. That had eventually given her the resolve to see Seireitou again, to the point that she left the village behind, and after two hundred years since their last encounter, Shiori once more crossed paths with him. After that, the two had traveled together, even returning to the Soul Society with him, where they had eventually married and settled down. She would come to give birth to two children, an elder son named Suzaku Kawahiru and a younger daughter named Kaguya Kawahiru. During the conflicts involving Datara Kawahiru, Shiori would meet her untimely end by the hand of her own husband as a result of Datara's cruel deceit and trickery. She would continue to serve as a driving force for both Seireitou and Suzaku in future events.


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