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Kanji 真斬
English True Cut
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Users Zanjutsu Masters

Shinzan (真斬, True Cut) is an advanced Zanjutsu technique that is an extension of Jinzen, being restricted to those masters of Zanjutsu who have devoted considerable time to cementing the relationship between themselves and their Zanpakutō.


The Shinzan is a technique that involves complete synchronization with ones zanpakutō spirit during combat. At the point where that state is achieved, the user's spiritual power appears to glow surround them in a faint aura, in particular through their eyes. This connection brings about the user's latent powers, expressing them in the form of exceptionally enhanced Zanjutsu combat due to being completely synchronized with the senses of their zanpakutō. The extent of the technique appears to be the manifestation of ethereal projections of the wielder, which are in fact created by the zanpakutō spiritual energy, providing physical form to the willpower of the user which is channeled through their swordsmanship. The ultimatum of this technique is the capability to simultaneously strike any given opponent(s) through the very expression of their soul in physical form.

Of course, these ethereal projections are by no means permanent and are dispelled after some time. In addition, given that they are physical manifestations of one's soul, should they be damaged by an equally skilled opponent, the pain of each injury will be fed back to the user, despite no visible injuries being present.



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