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"No matter how many times you challenge my power, you will always lose."

Shinta Battousai
I do not own the FFTA character Llednar Twem, or any of FFTA.
Birthdate March 4
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Bloodwatch
Previous Affiliation Soul Society, Gotei 13
Occupation Leader of Bloodwatch
Previous Occupation(s) Captain

None Alive


(In Progress)


Often referred to as the "demon of the nobles", Shinta holds a rather cold and callous nature. He is morbid as he is arrogant; Due to his very presence, and his corrupted spiritual energy, he is known to taunt his enemies in order to break their will. However, he is also highly intelligent, and can recognize his opponent's fighting abilities. Most of his statements and comparisons to his opponents are usually justified. However, he knows no mercy, and is unhesitant to brutally slaughter an opponent in order to ensure death has been established.

Notably, past his dispassion, he is also known to be a polite and respectful person. Although mostly anti-social, he will speak when he considers necessary, mostly when someone of higher social rank is speaking to him. He will remain apathetic to those he considers on his level, and even regard some as disposable and ignorant. He seems to hold a certain extent of honor, as he will allow his opponent(s) to prepare themselves before he attacks.

Powers & Abilities[]

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Swordsmanship is one of Shinta's strongest assets. Not only is he able to fight on par with Captain-level opponents, he also uses kenjutsu techniques in order to gain a distinct advantage over them. This allows him to fight, even against most Shikai and few Bankai users.

Flash Step Master: Although not one to use it much, Shinta is an adept user of the Flash Step technique. In the few times that he does utilize Flash Step, it has been shown in use with only one of his unique sword techniques.

Kidō Master: Up to number 81, Shinta can perform high-level Kidō spells without the use of an incantation.


(In Progress)