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Shinsei is an article created by Achrones150. Use is allowed with the permission of the owner, with the exception of collaboration-created articles.

Shinsei (神性, Divinity) is an energy and influential power within both the physical and spiritual worlds. As explained by the Oracle, Shinsei is what allows the universe to expand itself, for planets to continue rotation and revolution, for stars to live and die, and for sentient life to continue existing. It is a pure energy, and thus it can only be molded and manipulated by the Hankami. Because of its versatile nature and its ability to adapt to other energies, it is nicknamed the "shapeshifter force".


Shinsei's nature is explained by the Oracle as the driving force for all existence. For the common living and spiritual entity, Shinsei is a passive element that is used for many things that range from the simplicity of the wind blowing down to the very creation and workings of atoms. It too is also sentient, seemingly aware of its surroundings, how it is affected, and how it can affect other things. This allows for its adaptability to other energies such as reiatsu, reason, and philosophy.

Physical Traits[]

When exerted from a spiritual body, Shinsei cannot be seen. However, its potency and power can be felt by others. When it is concentrated in the manner of using an ability in the form of Shōten, its nature is determined by the nature of the user. Energy wielded by a light Shinsei user retains a shining, sharp, and illuminating visage, while energy wielded by a dark Shinsei user has the appearance of superheated, blood-red flames. The effect that Shinsei has on other people is determined by the power and capacity of the user.

Shinsei Users[]

List of Users[]