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agqqThis rp follows right after what happen in Challenging A Hollow. Shino and Purinsu have parted ways for now. Shino is now in the World of The Living. " That Haru to think he is that powerful, and I couldn't do a damn thing how pitiful."

A Senkimon opens up and two figures are coming out.

Ciel sighed, he was walking through an alley, he remembered his encounter wih Haru. "God, he's disappointing.."

Shino starts to walk around and see Ciel and someone behind him in the alley. " You are that devil that fought against one of Haru's Spirit Corspes right?"

Ciel faced the girl, his eyes focused on her. "Yeah...I guess...." He bended down, examining who this girl is. "And who might you be?"

Shino looked confused. " What was it two weeks ago?" " I am Shino your friend Margin Heart fought against my memtor Purinsu Kuchiki and your the devil that one of the faku Harus played with.... wait don't get too close your a devil you will be purified if you phyiscally touch me."

Ciel poked Shino's nose, nothing had seemed to happen. "Yes, I'm a devil....But I am a shinigami at the moment." He pointed to his chest. "I'm wearing shinigami skin..."

" That doesn't matter I let you touch me." " You demons and the like are very powerful and the level of your spiritual pressure is great far higher than mine and as such I would have too hold you for a long time until you are purified completely."

" However they is no way to hid your spirit energy from my species." Shino then touches Ciel's left arm and then the area where she touches starts to hurt and starts to dissolve slightly , but it that same moment it stops hurting and the area that was dissolving has healed. " I am letting you touch me." You see unless someone of my species lets you a demon's demonic spirit energy cannot or I should say shouldn't directly interact with my species deity (god) like spiritual energy." " Being Purified isn't the same thing as dying I guess you can called it A Demon's True Death."

"Then I shall work on that part, don't want to be troubled by that species of yours..." Ciel wiped off the dirt on his clothes and smiled. "Name's Ciel...Atleast that's how they call me..."

Shino looks at Ciel. " You think that your Demonic Kido can create a barrier that can stop this no no matter how strong a demon is...I have a better I idea how about I grant you the one and only possible way." Shino starts to create Reishi (Spirit Particles) around Ciel." " Look and see my species most basic and yet most mysteroius ability the Creation of Reishi (Spirit Particles)."

" Now even though you are a Devil if I allow these spirit particles to form completely around you the reishi will act like a defense that will protect you from other Kosumosukihaku's spiritual energy.

" If you can defeat me before than spirit particles seperate from you then I will grant you one of two wishes."

"One, I can extract one spirit being from Hell and forgive them of their sins for you." " The second, choice is I can forgive your own Sins that you have done in all of your life."

" However, remember this if you start to use your species Demonic Kido to study the spirit particles they will purify you completely and once purified a Demon will die and cannot be healed in Hell."

Ciel sighed once more, he didn't like hurting women. "Purify me, in anyway you want....I won't fight..seriously.." Ciel simply stood right in front of the girl, waiting for the barrier to be removed. "I may be a devil...But I'm also a man...that doesn't hurt innocent girls...I better stay this way."

" For someone of your intellect you miss key points." " I thought Demons were taught about us." " We the Kosmosukihaku's ( Cosmos Souls) predate the creation of the universe itself, my ancentors imagined themselves in existance God didn't create us." " We even created our spirit world the Kyuuten no Souzou before the universe was created." We are immortal and have Godlike spiritual energy."

" Look, I have never faught agaisnt a Demon before and I would like to offer you one other wish you want can have my immortality." " Just think if your gone permentaly that what will happen to Margin and his wife if another powerful enemy like Haru comes long and if they are killed." " Last chance I won't purify if you say no plus I thought a Demon would love take the chance to defeat someone of a Heavenly spirit race you know Demonic against the Divine."

"Haru? You think he's that powerful? You think his powers are enough to bring Margin down? Your underestimating him... And I don't need something I already have.. Immortality?" Ciel shrugged and grinned. "Haru, if his here..I challenge him, his not that of a big deal...A cowards using cowardly tricks, why don't he fight me face-to-face? Head on? No deceptions, no tricks....Let's see him walk out unharmed..." He then started to laugh at himself, thinking he said way too much. "I hold no grudge with the Divine, not until you wage war with my mistress that is...I hope you don't.."

" I have seen Haru fight yes he is a coward, but he is a coward with immense power." " He was the Supreme Commander of the Shinigami Royal Guard and even the other four High Marshals couldn't defeat him, but enough about him."

" Your mistress Fukienzeru has in the past and even those before her have tried to find ways into and to live in my world the Kyuuten no Souzou or Heavens of Creation for reasons that only the Demon rulers would know." " They would hunt my kind in the World of the Living, and in the other spirit worlds to experiment yet they never could contain one so they has killed millions of us." "

"Your mistress and the Demonic rulers before her have killed the Kosumosukihaku's that started some of the World of the Living's Pagan Religions like the Greeks, Norse, and Celtic as we have been called Pagan Gods by the humans of the World of the Living." "She and all those before her have failed every time to gain any answers though, but not once have we atacked back do you know why?

The smile on Ciel's face disappeared, once again, he stared at Shino's eyes. His own eyes were glowing red, darkness fell upon the place, the cloud's forming a devilish figure on the sky. "It may be that you've been told lies, or your a lier yourself.... Fukienzeru-sama had never killed one of your kind..I had always escorted her back then, never once had she came across with your kind...Demonic rulers before her? She is the only one, she created the demonic kind... I've decided, your a lier..." Ciel wasn't amused.

" Now long ago I purified a demon, but before I did he told me this, The Ruler of all Demons Fukienzeru she was the one who started the killing of you Heavenly Species." " I guess he wanted me to try to purify your mistress cause I bet other demons have wanted her throne before." " However, I know someone low level demons have tried to experiment on my species before, my mother was a victim of such a thing, what they did to her..." Shino starts to cry.

"You and your kind are an afront to the balance of the universe and you cause distribution and destruction on a planetary scale."

"That is what we are, taming a demon is not your best interest.... But shouldn't you be mad at Shinigamis too? Have you ever ask yourself what have they done? And what makes you think your race is better than ours? For me, nothing is pure...No race is purely good, were all the same...Just so happened were different as species.. But there is no difference...Noone is special, not you, not me, not anyone...Accept the truth, accept the ugly, disgusting truth..." Never had once Ciel spoke like this, it may have been the fact that he felt that his creator has been mocked, or the discrimation of other species.

Shino stops crying and looks at Ciel with a smile on the pale skin of her face. " The Shinigami not even the Royal Family have any say over us we all the oldest species even older than the universe itself only God and Chaos are older." " We are eternal even beyond the ends of time. " I will show you what happens when someone messes with the natural order."

" Another, of our powers is that we have save Sinners or souls from hell." " Shino opens a red portal and jumps in and brings forth a Devil of equal skill to Ciel using her species Saido: (Redemption)." " Now while I can only save one soul at a time and I have to go to Hell to get one if that soul serves me than I can forgive their sins."

" Now Devil fight this Devil for me and remember what I said you attack me or if you fail me you will go back. " " I pulled you out of that firely pit and I can throw you right back in there." " Also, Ciel no Demonic Kido can undo my Saido only the Kosumosukihaku that uses it can." The Devil runs at Ciel and is about to punch him in the stomach.

"Traitor... I am glad you haven't been part of the 72 princes...Azazel." Ciel quickly recognized who this Devil was. The devil was one of the outcasted ones, from the very start Ciel knew this devil was no good the moment he was created. Ciel simply dodged the punch and countered with a kick from the left leg.

The Devil is kick back to Shino's feet. " Please Shino give me one more... Shino starts talk... Chance, I gave you your chance but inside of just reurning you to hell I have a better plan." Shino with her power opens a portal to the Kyuuten no Souzou in the sky above them.

" You see my spirit world has such a contentration of my species reishi that even if you went there with that barrier it won't protect you as no demon can ever step foot in there and last for even one second." Reishi pours out of the portal and it hits the Devil and Ciel purifing the Devil completely and destroying barrier over Ciel and its now gone but it still protected him leave Ciel unharmed. The portal closes

" Since, you were outside of the portal the barrier protected you, but if you had gone in even with that barrier you would cease to exist like that other devil."

"I will cease to exist? Now that's interesting....Go ahead and try then.." Ciel said, challenging this portal and Shino's power. He remained unfazed by her power as a high ranking devil, he would not let this become their species' downfall.

" That wasn't my power that was just a bit of reishi from my world." " No using both Saido and summoning a portal to Kyuuten no Souzou my power isn't all that great." " You see the contentration of Reishi in the Heavens of Creaion is four million times as contentrated as my touch that is why demonic spirit beings cannot live there. " " Just when a portal is opened small bits of the reishi will pour out to destroy any demonic spirit beings and even if they made it through the second the reached my world they would be hit with the full force of it and no demon can survive against such pure Heavenly Reishi."

" Once purified if you have atoned you can be reborn as a new soul or you will cease to exist." " Not even your mistress no no demon is able to overcome this as even barriers give off spirit energy." " Its like my species spirit energy is like water and yours is like oil just cause they are valuable seperate doesn't mean they work well together with mix right?"

" I cannot summon a portal to my world too many times in one day I am not that strong yet." " However I will fight you and I will let you touch me just to make the fight fair." " However, if I win I need for my species Saikououja (Supreme King) to have a world with your mistress as a great war is coming to where not even my world is safe from now." Shino draw her nodachi zanpakuto.

"You do not know what Fukienzeru can do...." Ciel whispered, the upper part of his face was covered by the shadow of his hair. He still won't fight Shino, but doesn't mean he can't pretend to. "Your go.."

" You think just cause your a Grandmaster of Demonic Kido that you can fight me." Shino points her right index index finger at Ciel. " Now Ciel-sama behold I am going to use an ability that fall under as a Juryokupawaa (Mystical Power) none spell ability I guess you can call like a Cero." " I wonder can you handle my speices Seinarukousen: (Sacred Beam)?" A blast of spirit energy is shot out at Ciel-sama from her index finger.

Ciel raised his hand, allowing it to collide with the beam. Its rare for Ciel not to smile, there must be something bothering him. He threw the cero-like blast aside with little effort and stood still. "What makes you think I'll use Demonic Kido? That's too much for you..."

" Now you are making me mad Ciel-sama Purify Tenraihime (Divine Princess)." Shino's zanpakuto blade glows with a purple light. " Now Tenrai Bakufuu: (Divine Blast)." A blast of purple spirit energy is shot from the blade of her sword at Ciel near point blank.

Allowing his hand collide with blast once more, Ciel made it looked like water being sprayed on a wall, he reached for Shino's blade and its glow faded. His other hand released the same glow from the zanpakuto, apparently letting the energy flow harmlessly on his body. "Stop, this is pointless..."

" I am a Kosumosukihaku and your a Devil why don't have the natural instinct to want to kill me." " Shino releases her zanpakuto from Ciel's hand and it regains its glow." " I have seen demons before and everytime they want to kill me just for being a Kosumosukihaku, but you don't why is that?"

Seeping crest of turbidity, arrogant vessel of lunacy. Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Boil forth and deny, grow numb and flicker, disrupting sleep. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. Crawling queen of iron, eternally self-destructing doll of mud. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be he sitant, obey my orders. Unite, repulse. Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired. Kurohitsugi, Senjū Kōten Taihō " The sky darkened as several boxes of black energy appear, each of them topped off with cross-shaped spears, and before it enclosed, several spears of light when rushing towards Shino. The result would have been destruction throughout the land and distortion of space and time but before it could even harm Shino, it all shattered, leaving the girl with no scratch at all. "I hate it when I'm being told what to do just because I'm a devil...You all assume we are evil and that's it.. There is no getting through you.. You think we're unreasonable.. The fact is...I am not the same devil you have in mind.. I'd say that I'm not even a Devil, but the obvious is as clear as water... I'm not saying anything that I despise being one, I'm telling you that I am not a monster that lust blood...not anymore.."

" No should have kill me when you had the chance." " I have grown tired of you Ciel-sama and now behold a spell that demons cannot uses with their Demonic Kido as it belongs to my species." Shino starts a spirit chant." Oh, great one of anicent's right come to me. I beg for your help against this evil. Your right hand holds all for a moment now stop them all now! Forbidden Juryokupawaa Spell Hitotoki Choritsu (Time Standing Still)." The passage of time has stopped in the main area for ten second giving Shino just enough time to get away and to make a barrier to completely mask her spiritual pressure for a while."

"..." Ciel remained silent, he sighed and scratched his head. "So she thought she got away, and I have been affected by her spell...Can't believe I've really been underestimated." The moment Shino casted her spell, Ciel watched and did nothing. A demonic spell had already been casted around Ciel, a spell in which that cuts him off from reality, the reality in which Kido and other spells warps and controls. He can't be affected by any kind of spell no matter what species it may be. Ciel created this spell, inspired by the life of humans, how they live normally with no supernatural things happening on their life. "Confused are you?" Ciel appeared right beside Shino, his face remaining emotionless. "Just tell me if you want explainations..."

" Impossible, to have a demonic Kido of that level you really are Ciel Grandmaster of Demonic Kido however, I knew you were using a spell." " Despite, even if humans don't know of supernatural forces they still exist." " So now I will tell you this never never understimated the power of faith in can manifest in ways than can bend the law of reality or break and discard them entirely. " Shino touches Ciel hand using her Tezawari no Kurenjingu: (Touch of Cleansing) ability. " Now that I am cleanses of all your sins that you have done as a Devil how about my King mets your Mistress?"

Ciel quickly snatched his hand off from Shino, not wanting his sins to be forgiven. "There's one downfall on the ability I just used...Well, I wouldn't call it that, but most Devils would.. While this spell clearly cuts myself from the reality you are in, I slowly lose what I have and become human...A nice thing isn't it? I'll be something that wouldn't scare you off..." A piece of his reiatsu came-off from Ciel which made him spit blood but this didn't let him break off his stance. "But sorry, you wouldn't want to meet Fukienzeru.....You don't..."

Before anything else happens a portal from the Kyuuten no Souzou opens up releaving a tall beautiful young looking man with white hair and lavander eyes. The young man looks to be in his twenties and is with pale skin wearing purple and dark blue garments. " Shino you have used the Hitotoki Choritsu (Time Standing Still) that spell is forbidden for a reason." " Hello Ciel I am Kiyoshi Souzou the fourth Saikououja (Supreme King) of the Kosumosukihaku species."

" Now first, Ciel I apologize if my spiritual pressure is purifing you." " You as being the King I had to develope well over twice much as spiritual power as an average Captain-level Shinigami so most demonic spirits being cannot even look at me without being purified." " However, I bet your curious to how I know you yet we have never met right?"

Ciel looked at him without much of a care, he didn't know who this man was. "I don't know who you are, but i hate that fact that your standing there doing nothing while your letting this girl look for someone like me..." He distanced himself from the man, he didn't want to be purified right here, right now.

Kiyoshi stops making his spiritual pressure harm Ciel. "Sorry, its just demons have attacked me before, but you can stay I will allow my spirit energy to not affect you."

" I didn't watch Shino fight you I sensed it with, my species ability to sense Spirit Energy Saikouishiki: (Supreme Sense)." " You see I can sense spirit energy all around me for over a thousand miles, and when I mediate I can sense spirit energy anywhere thats how I knew Shino was fighting you when I was in my world."

" Now Ciel I request an audience with your Queen and maker, as I need to speak to her about something very important." " Also, please reframe from fighting as I have a spell that seals Demons and Shinigami of their use of their Kido spells and abilities." " So don't try anything not even that spell that you used to escape Shino's Hitotoki Choritsu (Time Standing Still) is immune." " So please don't make me use it once it is cast I cannot use my own spells until I release the spell."

" Now on to business as I doubt you will let me meet her." " Do you know anything about a bred of demons call a Seima no Hametsu (Holy Demon of Destruction)?"

"....." Annoyance had gotten over Ciel, copies shall be unforgivable. "Anyone, or anything that calls itself a demon has a lot of pride....Only those created by Fukienzeru are acceptable.."

" I see, you master hasn't told you of them."

" You see Hell is a vast and ancient land with infinite depths to it." " A very long time age six of the most evil human souls every to exist in the Soul Society died and were sent to Hell." Now most souls only stay to the first level of Hell, however they travel down to the bottom." " What they found was a place of the most foul and anicent demonic Reishi." " It twisted them into the most bloodthirsty, mindless, monsters ever."

" They ranvaged through Hell, and the Soul Society and but my great grandfather the first Supreme King contained them by sealing them inside of six bodies of Holy Reishi that made thel look human."

" They retained their powers and regained their minds too, and so since like us Demons cannot touch them due to their Holy Bodies he sealed them inside of that place, but someone has found them and is trying to release them." " This, is what why I need to take to you queen other than myself, she is the only one you can control this monsters."

"No need for Fukienzeru-sama to lay her hands on those pitiful beings....." Ciel made an eye contact with the man, he's serious about this matter. "Tell me where they are....They will be no problem...I'll make sure.."

" You don't seem to get the idea these monsters are more foul, greedy, bloodthirsty, than anything else in creation more than anything you have ever seen and are very powerful." " Plus they are very anicent I am older than 4000 years old and they were myths even when I was born." " The creatures while evil, do have loyalty to the strong, its a good then that they cannot step foot in my world as even with Holy Bodies they still have Demonic Spirit Energy."

" The aren't not truley Demon per say but monsters of truest evil." " Now Ciel I have the location of them in Hell, and like Shino's Saido I can take souls from Hell, however I don't have to go there I can mentally summon as many as I want."

" This is the last time I will ask let me talk to your mistress or I will take Shino and tell her of your insuboration." " To avoid war I made her a promise more than thousand years ago to not use them against her as long as she won't release them on Earth." " Their demon spirit energy prevents them from living in my world but they can go anywhere else."

" As such they cannot be kill by demons Ciel their bodies would purify anything you would throw at them."

"I told you...TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE!" Ciel found it as an insult, for those creature to even exist. "I am ELIGOS! A prince from hell, I don't care how powerful how dangerous this creatures are...Now I'll ask once more...Where are they?"

Kiyoshi smile is gone and looks at Ciel will a calm look in his eyes. " I'm warning you, if some much as bruise them and I'll you pain the healing of your soul will cease to matter because you will not be judged when you die you will nolonger exist."

"Tsk..." Ciel turned his back and started walking, as he does, pieces of space started to crack, a result of a devil's anger. And all at once, the pieces shattered, leaving black spaces and blanks on the atmosphere. "I don't care of what your gonna do, I'll kill those mock-demons as soon as I find them.."

Kiyoshi appears in front of Ciel "I see my last threat I just said about the healing of your soul was told on deaf ears." " I am tell you this, even if you can kill them they are millions of years old and I own them." " If you touch them I will open the Gates of the Heaven's of Creation in Hell and if that happens all of Hell will be purified to Harm them is crime of the highest level to my world."

" Why do you think your queen never told you of them and they aren't not mock Demons they are demonic monsters with holy bodies." " Plus, if any hollows that are made into demons are infact kind of my species doing." " As my grandfather the secong King created Hecuo Mundo millions of years ago, before its making there were more Hollows than Huamns on Earth."

" Now me and Shino are leaving, if I hear one word that they have been freed or killed that you, your queen, all demons and the like will be gone as well as Hell." " Those creatures are part of the natural order and I will allow NO ONE TO HARM THEM BESIDES MYSELF GOT DEVIL?"

"I am greatly disturbed..." Ciel started to smile once more, he felt like his being challenged "Heh, I wonder though...If your that powerful, or do you have any guts to do so...You won't even be able to defeat someone I know....Atleast, you don't seem to be able to ...." Ciel chuckled, but the thought of killing those demons haven't changed.

" I don't have to fight anyone you think Margin Heart can bail you out all the time, that is pathelic even for a demon." " If you wish to fight me go ahead I will release the effect of my spirit energy and you will be purifyed in a minutes, and I think that family you protect would get sad if you are gone."

" I am not like Shino, Purinsu, or even like Haru I am far more dangerous." " I am three times as old as you plus you need learn when to accept that some laws cannot be broken by your eco and that you have no right to ignore" " Just so you know, I know of thousands of ways to make you wish you were dead." " I have unrealistic knowledge of the universe." " So call you mistress or I will purify you now."

"Seems you have misunderstood....Margin? Bail me out? All I'm saying is that you can't beat him, let alone beat me..." Ciel ain't no ordinary devil, he won't be fazed by some purifying power. "Make me wish I'm dead? Your arrogant, I like that...Just make sure you can make up for those words..."

Kiyoshi touches Ciel left arm and causes the area to dissolve where it was touched." This isn't the purifying power of my speices this is just the strength of my spiritual power Ciel."

"Not too shabby.. " Ciel pulled a gun inside his coat and pointed it on Kiyoshi's abdomen, Ciel's own spiritual power counteracted Kiyoshi's healing his arm. He pulled the trigger and it shot dark matter.

Kiyoshi avoids the bullet by using his advance mastery speed of Hissorimuubumento or Quiet Movement. " Before you get to full of yourself Museiwan (Silent One)." Kiyoshi's left hand glows with an yellow light." This spells seals Demon Spirits as well as Shinigami Kido, however I cannot use my own spells until I release it." " However I can still you none spell abilities like this one, Seinarukousen: (Sacred Beam)." A immensely powerful blast of navy blue spirit energy is shot out of Kiyoshi's right index finger at Ciel destroying several buildings in the process. This attack is about to hit him.

Ciel ripped a garganta which sent the blast somewhere on Hueco Mundo. "Uneffective.." Just as the garganta closed, several bullets are already closing in to Kiyoshi. "You should know what those bullets are capable of...If not..Let me show you."

Using the same speed he avoids them and appears back in the same location after the blasted through several walls." I was hoping to you use powers like this but.." Kiyoshi waves his wand a Ciel and right besides him a line of light appears right besides Ciel."

Shino screams at Ciel. " Ciel get out of there, Kiyoshi-sama has the ability to cut directly through the entire third dimension itself." " Anything that come into contact with the cuts will be cut as well." " Ciel get out of there as those cuts cannot be broken as they are cut space!" Kiyoshi make more hand movement and surrounds Ciel around them.

Ciel continued chuckling, he's been through worse. "Who would run from someone like him..." He made grabbing gesture with his hand, which unexpectedly crumpled the area/space. He pulled his arm and he was able to take the 1st layer of reality, completely erasing the *cuts*. The bullets that had scattered around Kiyoshi formed several spear-like objects that directed towards Kiyoshi, covering every angle, escape may be futile.

Kiyoshi released his spell binding spell and disappeared and appears behind Ciel in a locked position." Now I have you." A white light covers them and the next second they are in a different place." Now Ciel I we are right at the border of the Kyuuten no Souzou or Heavens of Creation just far enough to not be affected by its purifying reishi." " If I want I can send you there as this space can only be controled by a Kosumosukihaku." " Now don't try any Garganta, or Demonic Kido, or Spatial, or Temporal power as only my species abilities work here." " So will you leave those monster alone or do I leave you in this between space for all time?"

Tiny drops of blood was seen in the atmosphere, as it made contact with the reishi and the air from the area, Ciel and Kiyoshi went back to the same place there were before. "My..My Ciel... Didn't think you'll be in this kind of problem.." A man wearing black clothing had appeared, his eyes covered by the hat on his head. "Heh, your cellular altering ability sure is handy...Ryouta...But have you really need to *butt* it?" The man stared at Kiyoshi. "Ciel, is that how you thank a man who just saved you? My...First time I've seen a Kosumosukihaku.." Ciel sighed, for a Masukage to save him was surely unexpected.

"So it was you had pulled us out of the between space." " Ciel if you promise to leave those Holy Demon monster alone, than I will give Margin a place in the up and coming Valhalla tournament."

"Oh...I will..." Ryouta smiled, knowing what Ciel meant. "I'll tell Margin then...He'll love the massacre.."

"No you will not this Tournament is not for those of evil, but good nature." " I will let Margin take part only if you promise to leave those Holy Demonic Monsters in Hell sealed away." " Besides, I doubt even Grandmaster of Demonic Kido could even harm them, but that beside the point."

" Now Ciel, have you had enough or do I need to stop playing around and show you what the Kosumosukihaku's Saikououja (Supreme King) can do?"

"Ohhh, Ciel, He's mocking your capabilities...." Ryouta said, he knew that by now Ciel would be taking this as a challenge and go with one more dance. "No, let's leave it as it is..." Both men grinned, they knew each other for quite some time, human time for Ryouta. "Oh, I'll love the sight of Margin reaping his way through the tournament."

" No Ciel you will not be seeing these fights." " The place it will take part is in Valhalla the place that only the greatest of fighters can go and you aren't one of them." " Valhalla, is a small world between time and space that forms every few years and when it does I summon at least twelve fighters to take part." " I cannot fight in it as being the Supreme King must stop the time currents from destroying it with my temporal and spatial spell and abilities."

" My job is too keep the world save from the time current until it is over and then a another tournament happens in a few years." " As for when, tell Margin that one day in the near future that he will just appear in a different world with twilight sky and tell him its Valhalla." " I summon the fighters from different places and times."

" Now Ciel, before I leave tell me will you uphold your promise as Margin cannot take part unless you do and don't lie I can tell when someone lies to me."

Using telepathy, Ciel passed Ryouta a certain message, what it is remains unknown. "Sure..." Ryouta started walking away, he was pleased from what Ciel just told him, he'll be busy the whole month.

" The barrier that protects them can only be broken by me or by the current ruler of Hell so why isn't your queen never did you think about that." Hmm, your lying about your promise to me let say it again."

"I'm warning you, if you so much as bruise them and I'll you pain the healing of your soul will cease to matter because you will not be judged when you die you will nolonger exist."

" Those creatures belong to my world as such harming them is an act of war and I doubt your Queen wants to fight against the immortal Pagan Gods." " That is what several Religions of the World of the Living has given us."

"Then Ciel will not harm your those....Monsters.." Ciel's words was clear, something about not *harming* them. "Rest assure..."

" Well, then what are you gonna... no you aren't thinking of releasing them they will only obey the Supreme King or the Ruler of Hell."

"Baka (Idiot), you really think I'm that evil? Huh oh-godliness?" Ciel felt irritated once more, he didn't like being seen as a different person, he's changed. "I said, Ciel ain't gonna hurt them, I'll leave them be.."

" Thank you Ciel." " You see the Divine can coexist with the Demonic after all." " Just, they serve me and as long as they will I cannot kill me this is the agreement they had with the first King my great grandfather millions of years ago." " Since you will unhold your word I will uphold mine I will grant Margin a place for the next Valhalla tournament." " Now, I won't be coming get him just whenever it starts I will summon him there. " " So you might want to tell him that if one he is in one place than appears in another to not freak out."

"However, I only met the Queen of Hell o I wish I could see her again before I return to my duties as the Supreme King."

"One piece of advise, Margin..... His your ally now, his the worse enemy you'll have the next, he's unpredictable...This tournament you say, I can't promise minimal casualties, you've witnessed a part of my power this day..Now multiply it by 20, that's how Margin can be if you let him loose, and never ever get on his bad side..."

" You underestimate me and overestimate yours and his abilities." " This tournament and Valhalla the world that it is in are completely under my rule." " Margin will fight, and they are fights to the death unless the loser surrender or I call the fight." " If Margin wants to take part, remember this however he fights is fine, but if he attacks me or anyone that isn't his opponent he will be sent back to Earth." " I can remove anyone from Valhalla just as fast as I can summon them there." " Plus, only someone of my species can go there without being summoned there."

' Not that the matters of Margin, and the Holy Demons are closed my I please see your queen." Kiyoshi gets on his knees and begs." " I wish to see her and you should be honored the Supreme King bowing is rare, and before you ask its not love but something else and its important."

"I didn't say anything..Kiyoshi..." Ciel made a teasing smile, it wasn't surprising for someone to fall for Fukienzeru, even he wasn't immune to her exotic charm. "Oh well...Sorry to say but I've lost contact with the queen, but you can go to a former Hell-hunter named Sadow, I'm pretty sure you'll find him easily.." Ciel placed his hand over Kiyoshi's shoulder and murmured on his ear. "She likes black roses..."

"No I told you its not love I like guys." "Someone from my world wants her dead and I won't let that happen." "This is what I need to tell her."

"Fukienzeru could take care of herself.....You need not to underestimate her, noone has seen her true powers that even I couldn't compare." Ciel wasn't surprised from what Kiyoshi said, he had seen *worse*.

" I will admit to I have hear stories of her, but I warn you be afraid of the women with blood red hair." " You know the old saying Hell have no fury like a woman's scorn, but Hell or Heaven have no fury like a heavenly woman's scorn"

" Its funny isn't I the Supreme King the absolute ruler of the immortal heavenly Kosumosukihaku in sense the King of the immortal Pagan Gods helping Hell." " You must think I am mad."