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English Translation At the Point of Death
User Aoi Kurosaki
Shikai Abilities poison and death manipulation
Shikai Shinisou
Shikai meaning At the Point of Death
Bankai Abilities
Bankai not yet achieved
Bankai meaning

Shinisou is Aoi Kurosaki's Zanpakuto spirit. It resides in her inner world


Aoi's inner world

Aoi's inner world

Shinisou appeares as two young twin girls, residing in Aoi's inner world, each dressed casually. Shini, the tallest, wears sneakers, a white short sleeved with a cross on it, resembling something Uryu would wear, that reveals her stomach, and blue jeans. Sou, the shortest,is dressed in purple jeans, black heeled boots, and a black and white long sleeved shirt, with a miniature cross on it. Both have brown hair, slightly tan skin, and black eyes.


Shinisou has two different personalities. Shini is blunt, rude, and seems to have no respect for Aoi at all. Sou is generally more reserved and quiet, often pointing out when Shini is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But they both seem to have cruel streaks at times's, shown when Aoi was drowning, they didn't lift a finger to help, sure she was going to die.


File:Shinisou Shikai.jpg

Shinisou in it's Shikai state

Shinisou (しにそう Point of Death, at the point of death) is Aoi's Zanpakuto and Shinisou's Zanpakuto Form. It takes the form of the umbrella she carries around when sealed.

Shikai: Activated by the phrase Hear thee cry, and lend out thy hand, save thee soul from Hell's iron brand! The blade changes into two seperate blue and black blades with rubber on the hilt and three holes along the length of each blade.

Shikai Special Ability: Shinisou has the ability to manipulate poison and dead corpses. It's blade invisibly seeps various poisons that can be used in attack. It combines reiatsu with poison and creates near solid forms of attacks, such as blade extensions, or projectiles. It's final and most frightening ability is the power to control death. It can speed up an opponent's death, halt it for a period of up to three days, or reanimate corpses and bend them to their will.

Dokuga: (毒牙 Poison Fang, or, 毒蛾 Poisonous Moth) Utilizing the poison on their blade, reiatsu, and intent to kill, the poison merges with her blade and becomes its extension, increasing its cutting power, and potency of the Poison.

Dokuhitsu: (毒筆 Poison Pen) Shinisou's most used attacks. It creates a bullet of poisonous reiatsu usually in the shape of her sword, though she as been shown to be able to change its shape to their liking, creating a massive energy blast, two crescent shaped blasts that form an "X", among other things while still retaining it's poisonous properties.

Kyonshi: (僵屍 Reanimated Corpse). Currently Unknown.

Bankai: Not yet achieved