Shinigami Men's Association (Fanon)
Men's symbol
Kanji 男性死神協会
English Male Shinigami Society (Fanon)
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Headquarters Unknown
Affiliation Soul Society
Gotei 13
Purpose To compete with the Shinigami Women's Association

The Fanon Shinigami Men's Association is a men's club of Shinigami that sees themselves both as a men's meeting facility and the rival towards the Shinigami Women's Association.



The headquarters of the Shinigami Men's Association is located in a remote underground passage somewhere in the Soul Society. The exact location of the passage is unknown to memebers outside of the Shinigami Men's Association, obviously, and is definitely off limits to memebers of the Shinigami Women's Association. The headquarters has been heard to be state of the art, boasting a large scree TV from the Human World, a hot tub that comfortably fits all ten memebers with room to spare, and a high tech training room with practice dummies and other training tools. This is the most well kept secret of the Shinigami Men's Association.


The goals of the Shinigami Men's Association are the enlistment of more members, as there are not that many members to this date. They also want to make certain Soul Society products, such as the varieties and types of Gikon and the models of soul pagers, more “manly”. They have already achieved the goal of a larger budget after many appeals to the Captain General and their budget is second only to the Shinigami Women's Association.


Their budget used to only be 90,000 Kan, the lowest budget of any organization in the entire Soul Society, and the measly 90,000 the did get was usually taken by Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who wasn't even and official member. Now they have a budget that is equal to the Shinigami Women's Association and are now actually able to compete with them to complete their goals.

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