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Shinigami Artificial Intelligence
Kanji 死神 人工知恵
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Headquarters Unknown
Affiliation None
Purpose Unknown

Shinigami Artificial Intelligence (死神 人工知恵, Shinigami Jinkōchie): is a term used to describe the art of breaking down the mind and soul of a dying Shinigami and transferring it into a spiritually conductive piece of metal. Releasing the absorbed soul of the target into the seven chakra points of the body, the mind of the dying Shinigami will take shape.

This act is both risky and unorthodox, putting the scientist doing so at risk as well as the subject. Central 46 banned the project of creating Shinigami AI's due to it defying the laws of life and death. Several remnants of the original test subjects still exist, exiled for their association with the project.


In an effort to enhance a Shinigami's perceptiveness and power, a former Captain of the 12th Division devised the idea of Spiritual AI's. Using his dying Lieutenant at the time, the Captain transfered his Lieutenant's mind and soul into one of his seated officers. Augmenting the Seated Officer, his spiritual powers were enhanced to that of higher then Captain-level. With this, the Seated Officer would act as the poster boy when the Captain at the time would decide to reveal the experiments outcome. Soon after the procedure, certain were apparent in the Seated Officer. He began to break down into migraines, followed by complete muscle stiffness. It would be then, that he and the Lieutenants mind would fight for control. It was during this that his mind shattered and he became a shell of what he once was.

The Captain saw this as a simple stone on the path to greatness and began to experiment on other Seated Officers. All augmented to near Captain-like levels, the Captain watched as each broke down one by one. With a lack of subjects, as well as a lack of a cover up for his Seated Officers dying in groups, the Captain decided he would have to try a new method. Fragmenting the mind of the dying subject, the Captain managed to split the traits of the target into smaller amounts giving the desired subject full control.

After years of failed attempts, the Captain fragmented the mind of his Lieutenant at the time into ten different personalities. Split into Anger, Wisdom, Logic, Joy, Sadness, Apathy, Fear, Envy, Loyalty and Leadership; all traits the dying subject exhibited often.