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"Ask anyone with experience in the field: knowledge is power. Here we cultivate it. No more, no less."
Shinō Academy (Kenji Hiroshi)
Shinou Institute
Name Shinōreijutsuin
Kanji 真央霊術院
Organizational Information
Leader(s) Shiju Shūdō, Ashido Kanō
Founder(s) Kentaro Hiroshi
Headquarters Reikai, Nishiendo
Affiliation Gotei 13
Purpose Train future Shinigami

Shinōreijutsuin (真央霊術院, Spiritual Arts Academy), otherwise known as the Shinigami Academy, Shinō Academy and Yuengiri Academy, was an institute originally founded by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. It was destroyed, along with most of the instructors and students, during the Collapse. Kentaro Hiroshi would later restore the facility some time later, with considerable help from Shiju Shūdō and Ashido Kanō; the former became its Head-Instructor, a rank equivalent to that of a Captain, with Ashido as his Second.

Overview and history

Kentaro followed the example laid down by his father and set up an institution of learning based dually on the previous Shinō Academy in Soul Society and the Yuengiri Academy in Horiwari, which opened sometime following the defeat of Ryan Kuchiki. Not only did it serve as a place of learning for aspiring Shinigami, it also served as a dormitory for said hopefuls, and could almost have been considered a small town in its own right.

Curriculum and class structure

The core studies at the Shinō Academy remain the Zankensoki. This comprises Zanjutsu for the art of wielding a Zanpakutō, Hakuda for various unarmed martial arts, Hohō for high-speed movement, and Kidō for various magical effects.

In addition to these four fields the academy also caters to certain advanced studies. This includes study of the Yuengiri philosophy as well as the Keidō Hakuda style. The former is taught primarily by Shiju Shūdō and Ashido Kanō, with the latter being taught jointly by Yori Hisagi and Naoko Izuru.

Whilst the Zankensoki remains the primary focus of a students curriculum they are not the only classes one partakes in. There are history lessons, science lessons, arithmetic and language classes, not to mention a wide range of optional classes such as calligraphy. Erika Fujibayashi teaches an optional music class, for example, whilst Sanada Shirono gives instructions on flower arrangements and gardening.

In terms of day-to-day schooling a typical day lasts from eight in the morning till four in the afternoon, with daily assignments being issued by instructors to be completed for the next class. There are no classes on a Sunday. Saturday's classes begin at ten and finish at two.

Teachers and classes

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