Shikei (死刑, lit Death Penalty) is the zanpakuto of Zetsumei Deddo.

Sealed Form

While in sealed form, Shikei is appearing as a regular-looking katana with a few red spots on the blade. The handle is bandaged and as black mark on it.

Sealed Form Ability

While in sealed form, Shikei gives out a faint to strong thought of suicide, depending on the person. This ability is not controlable and happens to anyone standing to close to it. Zetsumei is not affected by this and is somewhat not aware of it. There has never happened that a person actually commited suicide, as the thoughts gived out by Shikei fades when moving away from it.



Shikai form

"Head's Off Shikei!" - is the simple key words to activate Shikei's shikai form. Shikei's blade increases in size, and transforms into a guillotine-blade. The size of it stretches to around

Shikai Abilities

  • Shikyo: Funkei (Death: Decapitation): With Shikei in Shikai form, Zetsumei will charge at his opponent and slash their stomach so they'll hang forward for a moment. Zetsumei will then appear next to them, rise Shikei, say "Decapitation!" and decapitate the target.
    • Shikyo: Funkei no Shinigami (Death: Shinigami Decapitation): It starts off the same as the ordinary one, but Zetsumei switches words to "Shinigami Decapitation". When he says that, he sends his Spiritual Energy to Shikei and instead of cutting off the Shinigami's head, he slices through his/her neck without touching it, destroying the Shinigami's power. This attack is rarely used as he rarely battles other Shinigamis for real and when he uses it, Shikai drains him of almost all of his Spiritual Power, so he's left weak.
  • Shikyo: Shishou (Death: Stab): Zetsumei will stab Shikei into the ground until only the handle is visible, say "Stab!" and Shikei's blade will quickly rise up from the ground in the intended location and hopefully strike through the opponent's body.


Not achieved yet.

Zanpakuto Spirit


Shikei first showed herself to Zetsumei as a dark clouded figure. This happened shortly after Zetsumei received his Zanpakuto. In this appearance, she resembles more of a male figure.


Shikei's second appearance to Zetsumei, she was a girl, wearing dark clothings and carrying an axe, resembling that of an executioner without a mask/hood. It is revealed that the Zanpakuto's spirit somehow changed appearance.

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