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Sherman Tichborne
Sherman Tichborne's Profile Picture
Name Sherman Tichborne
Race Shinigami
Birthday May 28th
Age 36
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Royal Aethian Corps
Occupation Knight Lieutenant of the 1st Cohort
Head of the Military Recorrections Unit
Previous Occupation 3rd Field Officer of the 1st Cohort
Team 1st Cohort of the Royal Aethian Corps
Partner Xavier Longstreak
Base of Operations
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Aethian Schools
Status Active
Shikai Sogekihei (狙撃兵, Sniper)
Bankai Kami Satsugai no Dangan (神殺害の弾丸, God-Killing Bullet)

Sherman Tichborne is the Knight Lieutenant of the Royal Aethian Corps's 1st Division and the right hand of Xavier Longstreak. He serves as the lead sharpshooter and spotter of his unit, calling in targets for artillery strikes and sending in coordinates to drop off troops and equipment.


Sherman's Full Appearance

Sherman's full appearance.

In contrast to the lax and easy-going nature of Xavier, Sherman is more diligent and dutiful in accordance to his responsibilities. This professionalism, although providing a somewhat strict atmosphere for his subordinates, also demonstrates how efficient his leadership skills are. He favors national security over the individual rights, believing that the protection of Aether comes first before anything else. He is highly disciplined, refusing to drop formalities even in the face of closest friends. However, he will do so when he is solely around his family or those he considers to be family. In this manner, he is more sociable to an extent, albeit he is still rather distant in comparison to his comrades. He also has a dry sense of humor, occasionally making sarcastic quips to Xavier concerning his relaxed attitude. He holds strong conviction towards criminals and others willing to disrupt the peace of Aether, regardless of reasoning.

Despite the strong attitude and resolve he carries, Sherman also carries a heavy mental burden as well. During the Aethian Civil War, he was always conscious of the fact that the lives of his men rested on his shoulders. Although he doesn't show it, he has a burning desire to impress his superiors and has a habit of taking failure in their face poorly. This is demonstrated after the Black Eagle incident; after hearing of Oliver's terrorist attack, he felt both anger at Xavier for pushing him to commence the mental experiments on Oliver, guilt for not having been able to stop the psychologically fragmented soldier himself and shame that he had failed to make the "perfect" soldier for Xavier. Because of this, he had even briefly resigned from his position until he was talked to and brought out of his emotive slump. Although he tries to be supportive of Xavier, he occasionally questions the methods in which the Knight Captain manages things for fear of severe consequences. Before the mental experimentation, he had warned Xavier that Oliver was too unfit for the training and was unwilling to commit such an act on his superior's son.



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