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Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday March 8
Age 25
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation MisQ
Team MisQ
Base of Operations Rider City
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Education High School Level
Primary Skill
Fullbring Anillo de Leona
First Appearance
Storyline TBTP: Retribution
Japanese Voice Masaya Onosaka

Shakumei (釈明, Shakumei) is a Human with Fullbring powers. He is also a member of MisQ.


Shakumei greatly resembles Ichigo Kurosaki in appearance. He is tall and has short, spiky, orange hair. He has brown eyes, which are often hidden by blue-tinted sunglasses. Shakumei is often seen wearing an orange shirt with a green jacket over the top, lined with some sort of fur.


Shakumei is very outspoken, being the first one in MisQ to actually want to hear Setsuna out, though the group is Setsuna's enemy. He also seems to be a very skeptical person, wanting to hear both sides of the story before acting. He, like the rest of the members of MisQ, seems to hold a great distrust of Shinigami, but is willing to put that aside whenever it proves absolutely necessary. He seems to believe that all Shinigami are self-centered.


Shakumei was a key member of the initial fights with Setsuna. At some point in the past, he joined MisQ due to his distrust of Shinigami and Setsuna. Later, when Raian Getsueikirite appears, he is, at first, venomously against Raian joining MisQ, as he is a Shinigami, but, after being berated by Bachi, and realizing Raian intended to help, Shakumei saves Raian when he joins with the rest of MisQ in stripping Setsuna of his powers; sealing themselves in the process. Seven years later, Raian frees them from the seal.

Powers & Abilities[]

Spiritual Power: Shakumei's exact spiritual power is unknown, however, it is known that he has at least enough to see spirits clearly, such as Shinigami.


Shakumei's Ring

Shakumei's Fullbring.

Anillo de Leona (獅子輪(レオナリング), Reona ringu; Spanish and Japanese for "Lioness' Ring"); Shakumei's Fullbring focus takes the form of a small ring on his third finger. When in use, white liquid erupts from the gem on the ring and engulfs his right arm, solidifying into lion-like fur, which covers his arm up to his shoulder.

  • Enhanced Strength: With his Fullbring arm, he has incredible strength, able to lift things many times his weight, and even punch hard enough to damage a steel-made building.
Shakumei's Fullbring

Shakumei's León llama Puño.

  • León llama Puño (火炎ライオンの拳(レオンは、拳と呼ばれる), Reon wa-ken to yoba reru; Spanish and Japanese for "Flaming Lion Fist"): Shakumei generates flame-like spiritual energy onto his fist, which he unleashes by making a punching motion. The blast takes the form of a lion's head, and is powerful enough to demolish a skyscraper.