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Shōten is an article created by Achrones150. Use is allowed with the permission of the owner, with the exception of collaboration-created articles.

Shōten (焦点, Focus) is the term for the special abilities Hankami use via the manipulation and utilization of Shinsei. In concept, the way the Hankami use Shōten is similar to how Shinigami use Kidō. However, power is not determined by a scale, but simply on the skill and power of the user.

Shōten Mechanics[]

Shōten is controlled by the willpower of the user alone. Unlike Kidō, in which the user has to chant an incantation and speak the spell name, Shōten users use an exceptional level of concentration in order to focus on one or multiple targets of opportunity. Because of their pure nature, they are incapable of being destroyed or absorbed by opposing energies (e.g. Reason, Reiatsu, Philosophy). This trait is nullified when a Shōten user is considerably weaker than the opponent, as the energy used up will simply separate into individual particles.

Shōten Types[]

  • Tsuki Shōten (月焦点, Moon Focus) refers to abilities that are dark in nature. Fueled by the passion and raw emotion of the user, Tsuki Shōten focuses more on offensive power and dominating might. The nature of such focuses on the very fabric of destruction, and the energy exuded from Tsuki Shōten can instill negative emotions such as fear and confusion within victims (as well as anyone else unfortunate enough to get caught in their wake). However, if a Tsuki Shōten user is not careful, there can be disastrous and crippling side effects him/her as well.
  • Taiyō Shōten (太陽焦点, Solar Focus) refers to abilities that are light in nature. These abilities focus on the peace and harmony within the user, relying on defense and positive emotion in order to battle. Because of the immense emotional control required, Taiyō Shōten is much harder to use in the heat of battle than Tsuki Shōten, which utilizes raw emotion for its own abilities. None are truly aggressive, and instead focus on defending one's self rather than bringing harm to the enemy.

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Shōten Abilities[]

Ability Name Ability Information Visual Example
Tsuki Shōten (月焦点, Moon Focus)
Hōka-Han no Yokubō (放火犯の欲望, Arsonist Desire) Concentrates and converts Shinsei within a targeted area into a combustible energy, which immediately detonates and enflames any targets trapped within that area. The power of this ability can incinerate anything within its range. Solar Focus Spell
Ihōna fu Fukujū (違法な不服従, Unlawful Disobedience) Breaks down and destroys nearby offensive energy directed at the user. This can also affect energy that can extend for longer ranges. Kazaana
Shōshin (傷心, Heartbreak) Traps the target within an illusion that cannot be broken under conventional means. Used exclusively by the Punisher as a means to force a victim to accept his or her guilt, the only way to break it (as well as the only method that she knows) is to give up and surrender to it. 800px-Asurabeam