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Shōji Okada
Short Hair - Long Hair
Shinsaku Kawakami
Name Shōji Okada
Kanji 岡田 東海林
Romaji Okada Shouji
Race Shinigami
Birthday April 28
Age 1100+
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 126 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Silver-Hairs Gang
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation Unit Captain of the Shingotei
Previous Occupation Sixth Seat of the Eighth Division
Team Silver-Hairs Gang
Previous Team Gotei 13
Partner Isami Kanda
Toshizō Hajiwara
Previous Partner Seireitou Kawahiru
Base of Operations Rukongai Outskirts
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Hakuja no Myojin
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
"Truly chaotic, mistaking a docile gaze, for an inner rage." - Seireitou-shishō

Shōji Okada (岡田 東海林, Okada Shouji) is a male Soul and the former Sixth Seat of the Eighth Division in the Gotei 13, having served under Captain Seireitou Kawahiru. As a founding member of the division, he is regarded as one of the Silver-Hairs Gang. Since his defection, he had joined up with the Shingotei as a Unit Captain and works directly under Isami Kanda in order to bring about peace in the Rukongai. As a result of this, Shōji has forged many criminal ties to several yakuza-like organizations within the Soul Society. Shōji bears an intense rivalry with his former comrade, Keijirō Shiba, due to having viewed him as competition for his seat beside their former Captain, which has carried over into his relationship with Toshizō Hajiwara.


Shinsaku full

Shōji in his preferred attire.

Almost in complete contrast to his usual demeanor, Shōji adorns a rather simplistic and welcoming expression that is composed of his light brown hair, which he is known to alternate between allowing it to grow out, in which he will keep it in a ponytail, and cutting it short, along with his dark brown eyes that tend to reflect a deep crimson color whenever he is enraged.


"You can't fool me. Deep down, to the very roots of your soul, you're not that concerned with the protection of the Soul Society. You just came here because you got a whiff of the smell of blood. Those eyes of yours... are the ones of a murderer who enjoys the kill."
Seimei Abe speaking of Shōji's love for battle.

Perhaps one of the most complex former officers that served under Seireitou, as well as the one that can be considered most like him, Shōji is an introverted individual that often expresses himself with a straight face; even when that which he is expressing is commonly lighthearted. Similar to that of Shintarō Katsura, he is known to address Seireitou solely as "Boss" (ダンナ, Danna); having stated countless times that despite his loyalty to Isami Kanda, he will only acknowledge Seireitou as his true general. However, the ironic part of this is that the sole reason Shōji dedicated himself to working with Kanda is because of how similar he believes Kanda and Seireitou are in terms of their beliefs and their mannerisms.


Okada child

Shōji in the past.


Powers & Abilities

Okada dodge

Shōji dodging a sword strike.

Shoji speed

Shōji's skill with Shunpo.

Zanjutsu Master

Okada Zanjutsu

Shōji engaging in high-speed swordsmanship.

Okada slash

Shōji executing an enemy with Ryōdan.

  • Ryōdan (両断, literally "Bisection")
Okada Okaitsu

Shōji using Sōjihōki.

  • Sōjihōki (掃除帚, literally "Sweeping Broom")


Jihan's asauchi

Shūji's nameless Zanpakutō.

The name of Shōji's Zanpakutō is unknown due to him never having learned it, therefore being classified as a Asauchi. It appears that he is not yet capable of communicating with his Zanpakutō, and it is implied that he continually tries to learn from it so that he can just achieve a new level of power. However, whenever attempting to do so, he loses patience with the sword and head-butts the blunt edge of the blade. Toshizō comically noted it is a miracle the blade hasn't shattered yet from the repeated abuse.

  • Shikai: It would appear as though Shōji's Zanpakutō is in a state of constant Shikai, despite Shōji being unaware of its name. In spite of constantly being in its Shikai state, his Zanpakutō does not grant him any additional abilities, due to their lack of communication.


  • (To Meiying Ren, among others) "Go ahead, draw your sword. I'll shove it right up your ****."
  • "Don't worry. People like these will show their true colors with the slightest pain."
  • (To Toshizō Hajiwara) "When have I ever taken light of my job? The only thing I've been making light of is you."

Behind the Scenes

This character is heavily based on Sōgo Okita from the anime and manga series, Gin Tama. His appearance with long hair is based off of that character's future self from the anime film, Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya.

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