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Shī Gachan is the Lieutenant of the 7th Division under Kobushi Tarento. He is the nephew of Jinsoku Enzeru, Captain of the Third Division.

Shī Gachan
Draw 3
Shi when he first met his Zanpakuto
Age 312
Height 4'8"
Weight 103 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Gotei 13
Previous Affiliation Rukongai
Team 7th Division, First Squad
Occupation Lieutenant
Previous Occupation(s) Seated Officer
  • Jinsoku Enzeru (Uncle)
  • Unknown Mother
  • Unknown Father
  • Three Unnamed Brothers


Shi is a tall young boy with messy brown hair and black eyes. He wears a standard hakama and hyori with a white/blue obi. He sometimes wears a grey shirt with long grey pants. He wears a pair of black sandals. He carries his Zanpauto on a string over his right shoulder, which is done by a few people.


Despite who his Captain is, Shi is quite timid. He doesn't stand out and is usually picked on by the Seated Officers in his division, much to Kobushi's anger. Shi can however show bravery and will always protect his comrades, especially Juuji whom he is great friends with.


Natural Kido Expert- Kido comes natural to Shi and he uses it often in battle. His Kido skills are what attracted the Gotei to him, in which Kobushi offered to train him. After an epic battle against his Zanpakuto spirit, in which he only relied on Kido he gained his Zanpakuto.

Expert of [[w:c:bleach:Zanjutsu|Zanjutsu- He can easily wield his Zanpakuto in battle, and is quite skilled with it. He can easily take out a group of Hollos with his Zanpakuto and is quite profficient.

Shunpo User- He is somewhat skilled with Shunpo and can easily move from one place to another without notice of another.

Medical Expert- Due to his previous time on the 4th Squad, Shi has gained some knowledge of healing and medical talents that can do some good on the battlefield.


Shi's Zanpakuto is called Raiden Hanran (lit. Thunder and Lightning Rebellion). It is sealed as a tanto with a rectangular guard. The handle is dark grey with yellow diamonds going up the side. The release phrase is Strike the Ground and be Set Free'! Raiden Hanran.


Raiden Hanran sealed

Shikai- In Shikai, Raiden Hanran becoms a thick buster sword with a intertwining guard. On the face of the guard, their is a yellow diamond. The blade itself is about 4in thick and 5 inches wide.

Shikai Abilities Tobihi (lit. Flying Sparks)- Shi will swing the blade infront of himself, creating a storm of sparks to fly about and hit the target. They will run along the targets skin, dealing large amounts of small damage.

Dendousei (lit. Conductivity)- Shi will slam Raiden Hanran into the ground, creating a large burst of of lightning to explode on him. It will conduct through Raiden Hanran. Wheh he pulls it out, it will enhance Raiden Hanran's striking ability 10x its normaly strength.

Draw 2


Bankai- Not yet revaled/Not yet achieved


  • He is modeled after Shi and Darui from the series Naruto. His images also come from the manga Angel Sanctuary.