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Setsuna Tenjo
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 147lbs
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
First Appearance

Setsuna Tenjo is a Human and a Fullbringer.


Setsuna is an average looking teenager with spiky black hair and blue eyes.


Setsuna is generally a friendly and laid back person. He dislikes people looking down on others and being ignored, and if provoked he will not hesitate to beat the said person down mercilessly. Of the many things in life Setsuna values friendship above all else and will go to any length to help his friends. He also has a very competitive side and as such gains many rivals, whom he states to drive to be the best he can be.


Powers & Abilities[]

Master Swordmanship Specialist: Due to the nature of his Fullbring Setsuna has an exceprtionally high amount of skill in Zanjutsu with a variety of different types of swords.

Enhanced Speed: By utilizing "Bringer Lights" Setsuna is able to move at very high speeds, easily surpassing the speed of an average Gotei 13 Captian.


Sword Evolution (刃進化 ) Setsuna uses a pair of blue shades as his Fullbring focus. When activated he gains a black cloak and one of multiple swords with varying abilities. Each sword is aquired by absorbing someone's reiatsu for a certain amount of time, and have a unique shape and ability or abilities.

Defiant Blade (健気刃, Kenageha) Setsuna's first sword created from his own reiatsu. It takes the form of a standard katana with a circular gaurd and black hilt.

  • Energy Blasts: Setsuna can fire energy blast from his sword's blade.
  • Defiance: Kenageha's most notable ability is its ability to allow its user to perform impossible feats through sheer force of will, therefore defying reality, although its power relies on Setsuna's willpower.

Blade of Burdens (刃の負担, Futan no Ha) Setsuna's second sword created from an unknown person's reiatsu. It takes the form of a large double-edged sword with a rectangular guard that weighs well over a ton.

  • Weight: If needed, Setsuna can increase this swords weight even more.