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Itsutsume: Nadegiri
Kanji 五つ目・千枚卸
English The Fifth: Thousand-Page Wholesale
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Number #5
Users Shinigami

The Itsutsume: Nadegiri (五つ目・千枚卸, The Fifth: Thousand-Page Wholesale) is a Zanjutsu technique.


A rather demanding sword technique where multiple blade movements take place so fast that they can literally shred a target into pieces. As such, one needs competent speed, as well as skill, to employ it successfully in battle. The strikes can also be turned on multiple close-knit enemies, where the same result occurs. The successful employment of this technique does not come from solely's one physical prowess, but also their ability to finely manipulate their body as a means to direct their reiatsu through their sword to increase cutting power. This requires extremely precise wrist and forearm movements to occur in rapid succession, thus preventing excess strain while also maximizing cutting power. The end result can easily be a Menos being shredded to pieces.

Known Practitioners

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