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Name Sekia
Race Arrancar
Age 14
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Personal Status


Sekia is a little boy with blue hair and yellow eyes.Wears white cloths and black sandles.Carries 2 zanpakuto's on his back.Has hollow hole on his forehead.Many people thought since their is a hollow hole on his forehead he was an idiot unill they were outsmarted and killed.Sekia realesed form is a giant squid tht is colored white and some zigzag markings colored blue.


Sekia personality is dark and twisted.Sekia hates lots of arrancars but he hates shinigamis even more.He basically travels alone searching for food.


sekia use to be a freindly person and had two best freinds till one day they encountered 3 shinigami's named aizen,gin and tousen who challenged them.During the battle sekia friends were terrably injured,aizen told them if they join them they will have great powers beyound other arrancars.Sekia refused to join but his freinds thought otherwise and joined the shinigami's.His friends tried to kill sekia to steal away his powers so he had no choice but to kill them.Then before the shinigami's could attack him he fled with all the speed he has left.Soon sekia was filled with anger and vowed that one day he will kill

Powers & abilities[]

Cero:Sekia can shoot ceros with both of his zanpakuto with great amount of power.In sekia realeased form he can shoot ceros out of each arm making a deadly move.

Swordsmanship:Swings both weopens repeatadly to buy some time thinking of his stragedy to use on his opponents.Once thought of the plan sekia will then do combos wich makes it diffucult for enemys to defeat him.

Realeased form:Sekia formed of a giant squid mostly bring terror into foes and can suck reiatsu out of enemys with his suction cups.When making it difficult for the enemy sekia sometimes uses his ink fog to blind enemys cleverly hide in the fog and striking the enemy with his arms.

Bala:shoots 5 bala at the same time using his hands.

Hierro:sekia has very strong hierro and enemy attacks cause little damage on him.

sonido:sekia speed is remarkable and is known as one of the fastest arrancars ever known.

Water:Sekia is mostly a water type of user, Even without a lake or ocean nearby he can still summon water out of his zanpakuto or realeas form.Sekia can summon tidal waves, whirlpools, and tsunami's.

Sekia usually makes a giant ball of water that will cover the entire arena so that his opponents cant breath and wont be able to escape.

Sekia has high speed regeneration.


"So your my next prey, how sad"

"life is without death and death is without life"

"You dont understand the meaning of misery"

"Why do i always fight the weak"

"Finnaly a worthy opponent"