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Seireitei Tales Reality

Seireitei Tales Reality is a reality within Bleach created by a Role Playing community. Using their imagination and some ideas from the shows, they created a story, and plenty characters to feature in it.

The story[]

The story unfolds in an alternative dimension. At some point of the ambush on the top of the execution hill, two events occoured: In one of them, Sousoke Aizen and his companions, Ichimaru Gin and Kaname Tousen, are able to escape sucessfully. In the other, Aizen his executed by Soi Fong, while Ichimaru Gin and Tousen are able to escape. Later on, Hytsugaya Toshiro manages to catch and kill Gin, in singular combat, rending himself dead because of the blood loss after the brutality of the fight. Tousen is killed by Madarame Ikakku, which after having gained enough power to defeat Zaraki Kenpachi, had became 11th Squad Captain.

Years go by, and no one is left from the old guard Gotei 13. Renewing itself, the Gotei 13 looses dry petals to give birth to new ones. And as such, great shinigamis go down to reveal other greater shinigamis. This is the new era for Gotei 13. This is a new beginning.

Not only the Gotei 13 changed, but also the world.

Hueco Mundo is different. New hollows roam, but more importantly, new Arrancar show up. Las Noches, once filled with life, stood no chance against the raid made by several shinigamis, Captains and Vice - Captains. It was left abandoned, and after couple years, seems like it's reborning...

The Quincy comunity was extinguished long ago, that is known. But as a quincy child only needs one of the parents to have the power, it would be a little to much to expect all of them were to die. There are still some underground Quincys, laying low amongst the Humans...

The Bounto, although do not reproduce, are born with their powers out of the twilight. Jin thought to have gathered all of them. And he did. But, even after the 'incident' over at Soul Society, they kept being birthed. Soul Society decided to destroy all evidence about their origins, and as such, they live, some happy some unhappy, amongst the humans, thinking to be gifted beings, and living their way...


Seireitei Tales in a forum dedicated to Role Playing. Role Playing can be considered fan fiction to an extent: it is fan made, only not by a singular person, but rather by a group/community. Each creates characters, shapes them at will, and interacts more or less with other member's characters.

At this point, the community is lead by Enekappa, who has support from several members. Although small, we intend to grow and become a wide community. Everyone his free to join, but not everyone is up to the challenge...