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The Seijin (聖人, Sage) where the five individuals who came together to form the Capital City known as the Seireitei, ushering in the advent of the Noble Families of Soul Society. In the current era only two of these individuals are alive: Garian Shinjo, known otherwise as the First Sage (最初仙人, Saisho Sennin), and Sōritsu Kuchiki, known otherwise as the Second Sage (第二仙人, Daini Sennin).

Anyone trained by these individuals have also been called Seijin by association, and have gone onto perform incredible feats.


Holders of the Title[]

Original Seijin[]

Second Generation Seijin Trained by Garian[]

Third Generation Seijin Trained by Garian[]

Third Generation Seijin Trained by Sōsetsu[]

  • Ryan Kuchiki -- Replaced Sōsetsu as the Kuchiki Family Head and later became his successor.

Fourth Generation Seijin Trained by Garian[]