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Kanji 制地区

Seichiku (制地区, Imperial District) is the lost city of Kagawa Matayoshi, whom started building it. However, it was interrupted due to an arrancar killing him and sealing off the place.


Seichiku is where most of those previously noble families in either Soul Society or Japan live. It has many houses, similar to the whole Tokyo itself. The people who hold the greatest respect are the Matayoshi Clan members due to their ancestor finding the place entirely. It mostly houses human outcasts in need of a hiding place. The town also has shinigami and other sorts of living beings.

One famous attraction in Seichiku is the Akazuno Joukaku (開かずの城郭, Forbidden Fortress). This palace was said to be restricted to everyone and anyone, with the exception of the inhabitants, the Matayoshi Clan. The castle's entrance had nightingale floor, an extremely high level of security. All the Matayoshi members have a certain way of getting through the nightingale floor without making the sound, mostly using their Zanpakutō or a technique in the Matayoshi Kobudō. The security had never been bypassed before, thus showing how great the Matayoshi's technology is.