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King's KeyAizen

Aizen plans to construct an Ōken.

The Seat of God Plan (位の企画, Kamikurai no Kikaku) is Sōsuke Aizen's plan to take up the "throne of god", named by Tadoku Getsueikirite, who also played a major role in carrying out the plan. The culmination of this plan is the War of the Worlds. The Soul Society sees this plan as an affront to the balance of the souls and plans to stop it before Aizen can full enact the plan.


The main objectives of the plan were;

  1. Creation of the Ōken.
  2. Destruction of the Royal Guard.
  3. Assassination of the King of Souls.

The Plan

Aizen created the plan before the existance of the Gotei 13, some thousand years before the series' beginning.

Seat of God Plan (位の企画, Kamikurai no Kikaku)

Plan Phase Purpose/Status Picture
1. The first stage of the plan took the longest. During this phase, Aizen began to set up the "pawns" of his plan so that he could manipulate future events to his favor. One of the known goals of this phase was to show Tadoku Getsueikirite his Shikai.[1] (Completed)

Setup Aizen

2. Hōgyoku (崩玉, Crumbling Orb) The creation of the Hōgyoku was the second, and longest, phase of the plan. Centuries went into the research and development of the device, and it wasn't completed until nearly a thousand years after the plan's initial conception. (Completed)

Aizen's Hogyoku

Progress of the Plan

Aizen in prison

Aizen imprisoned after the Winter War.

Though Aizen succeed in the creation of an Arrancar army, headed by his Espada, as well as the invention and eventual completion of his own Hōgyoku, his plans were put on hold upon the timely intervention of Ichigo Kurosaki during the Winter War, resulting in Aizen gaining immortality, but being imprisoned in the depths beneath Soul Society. However, after his imprisonment, his plans were carried on by his subordinate, Tadoku Getsueikirite, who successfully weakened the Gotei 13, though he himself was thwarted by Raian Getsueikirite.

Nevertheless, years later, Tadoku, under the guise of Akujin, returned - bringing with him an army of his invention; the Impero Nascosto. Through the War of the Worlds, a war started by Tadoku's Impero, the latter was able to free Aizen from his imprisonment and bring about the next phase of their plan.[1]


  • This plan has involved the manipulations of most of the character's in the story's pasts.


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