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Satonaka Family Crest

Satonaka Clan (里中ご家族, Satonaka Kazoku) was a minor family in Soul Society before moving to the Human World and establishing Hama Town. While in the Soul Society, they were hardly a name worth mentioning due to lack of knowledge and low level fighters that came from the family before the Winter War with Sōsuke Aizen. Afterwards however, they began showing their true strength beginning with Tiriel Arma and the prodigal son of the Satonaka clan, Ralen Satonaka displaying their respective special traits that the Central 46 then labeled as "Curses" due to the abilities being considerable threat if used ever used against the Soul Society. Following this, the two ran away and began a secret family in order to grow the Satonaka clan to what it is today.

The current family head is Shirosuke Satonaka; due to Rei'juro Satonaka disowning the family in a quest for power and Inai Satonaka, being considered dead. He is the current captain of Squad 9 in the Gotei 13 as he hid his family name because he felt the station would be best suited to keep an eye on the Gotei in case a plan was ever carried out to hunt his family. After "failing" to catch Van and his friends from escaping the Soul Society, he helped them form Hama Town in hopes of giving the Clan a suitable home to build its strength.

Due to Rei'juro possessing both traits of his parents and him having two sons, the two traits were split and passed down the family lines. Only certain individuals would come to possess each of the traits due to its rarity. The Satonaka clan also had a hidden talent all on its own, each member, upon reaching puberty and maturing alongside their powers, developed the ability to manipulate various aspects of life around them such as water, sand, fire, crystal, etc. This manipulation ability was tied to their destiny and even if they didn't wish to learn it, something along the way would lead to it manifesting itself regardless.


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Family Techniques

Name Description
Kanmuri Ato (冠跡, Corona Scar) Ralen's Hidden special ability. This works by creating a miniature version of the sun in the palm of the user's hands. The sun begins to spin rapidly, burns hotter, and grows larger the more the user has been damaged by attacks, be it from friend or foe. This works by using the pain the user has recieved from wounds and injuries as fuel, so that the more damage their body acquires the faster and hotter the inceneration of the opponent will become.
Juzei (十税, Hundred Taxation) Tiriel's Hidden Special Ability. This allows the user to lower the physical and spiritual abilities of their opponents to the level of a standard unseated shinigami by creating a field of effect around their battlefield. However, this ability does not affect non-shinigami, such as hollows, although their sub-species are.
Nature Manipulation Unique to the Satonaka Clan, is the ability to innately be able to manipulate various aspects of nature. This ability is released upon a member's entrance into puberty, however it is up to them to unlock this ability through training or even a traumatic experience. This ability is tied to every member's destiny and as such even if they attempt to escape unlocking the ability; something will happen within their lives that causes their intended ability to become bestowed upon them.


The Family Crest is based off the same crest found in the anime/manga Sekirei.

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