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Sangriento Belleza
Succubus by aditya777
Name Sangriento Belleza
Kanji 血まみれの美しさ
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Professional Status
Affiliation Ardiente Serenata (Wielder)

Hell (Birth-place)

Occupation Hell-Blade
Team Serenata Family
Partner Ardiente Serenata (Master)
Shikai -
Bankai -

Sangriento Belleza (lit, Spanish for Bloody Beauty) is Ardiente Serenata's Hell-Blade.


  • Sealed Form:The
    Blade of the Shadowlancer by NecrisOmega

    Sangriento Belleza - Sealed Form

    sealed form of Sangriento Belleza is that of a unholy claymore. The hilt is covered in deathly skulls, one at the bottom, and one at the hand-guard. The very base of Sangriento is a small box shape. Spikes jutt out of the hand-guard, providing a brutal defense, and horrifying offense. Along note, is the several serrated teeth like appendages coming out of the hang-guard. The blade itself is a terrifying edged blade, evil runes covering the entirety of the sword's deadly potential.
  • Released Form: The
    Magma Spear by Noxypia

    Sangriento Belleza - Released Form

    Release Command for Sangriento Belleza: "Raining Light." After releasing her Hell-Blade, Sangriento Belleza is a bright flamboyant spear. The tip of the spear large and huge. It's bright beauty incased in bright orange, red, yellow, and pink colors. The spear itself looks like it is bursting forth a flurry of flames. Two feathers adorn the base of the blade of the spear. The staff or 'hilt' section of the spear is made of a strong steel like material, similiar to how Hierro works, making it a useful form of defense.

  • Human Form: The form of Sangriento Belleza's 'human' form is that of a beautiful young woman. Long messy brown hair raveling down her her chest and neck. Her crimson eyes peering eeriely outward. Her skin is a dark tanned color, vulpous and alluring. Two small black bat wings protrude out of her back. A tattoo sports her left shoulder, a strange tribal appearance to it. A torn black dress covering her chest, and splitting at the legs. The appearance of the dress is ripped and worn. Long noble gloves reach up past her elbows, three metal rings near the top.