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Sango Kūremiji
Name Sango Kūremiji
Kanji 風林寺珊瑚
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Professional Status
Affiliation Team Shūra
Occupation Member of Team Shūra
Team Team Shūra
Partner Makōtō Shūra
Signature Skill Fullbring

Sango Kūremiji (風林寺珊瑚, Kuuremiji Sango) is one of the five members of Team Shūra, operating under Makōtō Shūra. She is Shūra's love interest, and his self-acclaimed "second-in-command".

Character Overview[]


Sango's full appearance

Sango appears as a young teenage girl of average height. She has fair skin with a beauty-mark under her left eye, bright blue eyes, and straight blonde hair reaching her hips with short bangs except for a single thick strand which hangs over her forehead. While constantly considered very cute and attractive, her most noticeable physical trait is her slender yet surprisingly curvaceous-figure, given her teenage appearance, especially in terms of her well-endowed chest.


Powers & Abilities[]

High Spiritual Power: Sango boasts a considerable amount of spiritual power. Due to her skills residing more in physical combat, her spiritual pressure is severely lacking, but Shūra notes that intensity-wise, it is equal to the level of an above-average lieutenant.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Sango's skill reside in the martial arts, and are what make her a dangerous person to contend with. Shūra noted that Sango acts as "a light feather through the sky, that can slice through the toughest of steel" whenever she fights. While her fighting style is mostly fluid with aerial and kicking-based attacks, Sango has shown skill in using jabs, take-downs, throws, body-locks, and counterstrikes. Her style of combat also is more unorthodox, regularly able to adapt to any situation and use any item or part of the battlefield to her advantage.

Immense Strength: Despite her petite frame, Sango possesses a great amount of physical strength. With a single kick, she can pummel through steel katanas, provided the flow of reiatsu in them is weak. Her punches are capable of breaking through large boulders, and even overturn concrete.



Sango's Fullbring, Lucky Bell.

Lucky Bell (ラッキーベル, Rakkī Beru): Sango's Fullbring utilizes a small bell that she keeps on her person as the focus for her power. Her power is a clad-type, which when activated, via ringing the bell, surrounds her body in a bright purple light. She now wears a body-tight purple jumpsuit which glows bright purple whenever she increases her speed. She also wears a small red jacket which ends at around the end of her chest.

  • Enhanced Speed: In her Fullbring state, her speed is drastically enhanced. She can easily contend with most flash step users, even Raian Getsueikirite. Her Bringer Light is rather unique when in her Fullbring state, lighting up her entire body whenever she makes a high-speed movement, surpassing any and all forms of average Bringer Light speed.
  • Enhanced Strength: In Fullbring, she can fend off steel-bladed Zanpakutō with her bare hands, quite effortlessly as well. She could hold back the massive blade of Raian's Shikai with a single hand.

Lucky Bell: Stage Two (目演芸, Rakkī Beru: Mēngei): Unknown


Behind the Scenes[]