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"Destroy everything... Erase everything that hurts you... Give your heart to me... I will save you from your suffering."
— Sairei no Kitsune tempting Suzaku Kawahiru

Sairei no Kitsune
Sairei no Kistune
Kanji 祝祭の狐
Race Zanpakutō Spirit
Gender Male
Bankai Unknown
Professional Status
First Appearance

Sairei no Kitsune (祝祭の狐, The Fox of the Festival) is the mysterious Zanpakutō spirit that was once sided with Hazuma Kawahiru. However, according to legend, it's power grew too great and wild, and was sealed within the Sea of Reason. It appears that it is the Akirakyū's desire to awaken and tame him, though this is mere speculation.



The Sairei no Kitsune is malevolent, sadistic, cunning, and fiercely intelligent, but it does have a distinct sense of honor and pride, and possesses a loathing respect for Hazuma and the Kawahiru family. At first, the Sairei no Kitsune expressed the desire to kill Hazuma, but it soon realized that it shared the same fate as Hazuma as long as it was sealed within his soul as his Zanpakutō; so it had no choice but to cooperate with Hazuma, or it would die along with him. It was this drive that caused him to become power-hungry, and eventually sealed with the Sea of Reason.



Powers & Abilities[]



Behind the Scenes[]

Originally an idea in my early Bleach works, I decided to implement the Sairei no Kitsune into my current stories. It was inspired by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox from the Naruto series.