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Sūryōdaya (सूर्योदय, Sunrise) also known as Taka (鷹, Hawk) is a group led and created by Masshiro Taiyou after her training with Kijinō and her return to the Soul Society. While their current objectives are still unknown, they now roam the different worlds, spreading destruction where they go. Even though they are lead by Masshiro, she is under the command of Kijinō, and so, the group is essentially his personal military force.


While most of the members are Avatāra, dead humans who have regained life by the use of Shinryoku (神聖力, Divine Power) and can imitate the effects of Spiritual Power, there is also one vizard in the group. The team originally only had nine members, with the first being Masshiro and Sōshin, and all of them being Avatāra. Senoto later joined because he felled "attracted" to Masshiro's power after observing her fight with Nikumu.

List of Members[]

In total there have shown to be 10 members, the first seven only appearing as shadowed figures, which were sent away by Masshiro once they entered "the world of the living" again.


Every member can be recognized by a special cloak, which consists of a white cloak with blue borders and a giant, blue rising sun on it's back.

Sūryōdaya members have a similar way of dress, which could give them away if a village is alerted of their presence. Members wear long, white cloaks with blue borders clouds, a blue interior, and a giant, blue rising sun on it's back. Each member also wears a necklace, with a kanji upon, which represents their view on the world, desire, dream or any other characteristics.

The various necklaces are:

  • Masshiro Taiyou: "真" (Shin, Truth)
  • Sōshin: "和" (Wa, Peace, harmony)
  • Senoto: "念" (Nen, Desire)


  • The name "Sūryōdaya" comes from the thing that a sunrise symbolizes a new day, a new era, which Sūryōdaya desires to achieve for their master.
  • The name Taka comes from the japanese proverb "a hawk born from a kite" (鳶が鷹を生む, tobi ga taka o umu), what means that an extraordinarily gifted child can be born from ordinary parents. This is due that most of Sūryōdaya's members are Avatāra, who are mighty beings born from their dead human bodies.