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Sozoshin Tribe
Name Sōzōshin
Kanji 創造神
English "Creation Spirit"
Additional Information
Primary Power Spirit Harmonization
Notable Members Kawahiru Clan

The Sōzōshin (創造神, "Creation Spirit") are a tribe of Relicts that predate the Original Sin. Their name comes from their inherent ability to shape the world around them, as a result of their natural affinity with the Reimyaku. At one time, they existed as a single tribe, but split into two factions when the Old World was divided into the three worlds; one tribe had remained in what would become the Human World while the other tribe migrated to the Soul Society. Few members of the tribe still exist in the modern age, essentially rendering them an endangered bloodline. In human mythology, they are known as "Elves" (エルフ, Erufu).


Old World

It is said that the ancestral founder of the Shiba Clan was inspired by them and sought a solution for the world in which Hollows could instead be purified rather than destroyed mercilessly, for they too possessed hearts; a notion that would later give birth to the modern Shinigami.

Great Divergence

Modern Age


Elven look of Sozoshin

The elven appearance of the original Sōzōshin.

While Sōzōshin who live in the modern age typically resemble ordinary humans, the original Sōzōshin tribe more closely resembled their mythical depiction as elves. The pointed ears that are associated with elves are a trait only ancestral Sōzōshin possess, while mixed descendants often never develop them. It is possible, though very rare, for mixed descendants of the tribe to sometimes inherit this trait, while others may be carriers.


Spirit Harmonization: Sōzōshin possess an inherent connection with the world around them. They have used this power to shape the Reimyaku and Reishi around them, allowing them to create shelters from nature itself or even facilitate growth of fruits, vegetables, and other sorts of greenery. While their powers appear similar in concept to the Quincy which came after their time, at least in regards to reishi manipulation, the Sōzōshin did not believe in taking the natural power of the world to strengthen themselves. It was a source of energy meant to live beside as symbiotic existences, shaping the power only ever for means of life and survival, never for murder. The notion of fighting and conflict did not exist in the Sōzōshin. If two Sōzōshin were ever to turn their powers on one another, it would be akin to nature trying to tear itself apart, and would manifest in the form of natural disasters. Descendants conceived with a bloodline incompatible with the Sōzōshin are said to lose this inborn power, such as in the case of Seireitou Kawahiru, who possesses Kitsune lineage. However, it is possible albeit improbable for a descendant of a Sōzōshin born of incompatible bloodlines to inherit some measure of this power, such as Kaguya Kawahiru who is capable of shaping the energy around her into armor and weaponry.

Vast Reiryoku: All Sōzōshin, regardless of blood purity, are intrinsically born with vast amounts of spiritual power.

  • Absence of Reiatsu: Pressure takes form whenever one entity attempts to impose a force onto another. When spiritual power swells in a being intent on emitting force toward another, this takes the form of spiritual pressure, and a battle between two spiritual pressures results in the weaker one being pushed down. However, the original Sōzōshin do not emit reiatsu of any kind, simply because they exist in pure harmony with others and their surroundings. Even when their bodies are clad in power, whether it comes from their own energy or the energy around them, their spiritual power cannot be felt nor sensed regardless of how exorbitant it may be, and has been often described as being the 'reiatsu of nature itself'. Sōzōshin descendants born of incompatible bloodlines do not appear to possess this trait, as it is inherently linked to their harmonization ability.

Known Tribes

Behind the Scenes

While various iterations of this concept have existed, the author has settled on making the Sōzōshin his interpretation of Elves in the Bleach universe. Some aspects of this concept have been inspired by the depiction of Elves from both the multimedia franchise, The Witcher, and the anime and manga series, Black Clover, as well as the Cetra from the video game series, Final Fantasy VII.

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