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Art of the Spear

Sōjutsu (槍術, Art of the Spear) is a Martial Arts style branching off of the main teachings of Zanjutsu. This Martial Art, as said in the name, focuses on the various uses of the spear in combat. Shinigami who wield Polearm-type zanpakuto such as Ikkaku Madarame, or even Shinigami who simply have developed a prowess and proficiency for using spears as their primary weapons such as Van Satonaka, typically use these techniques when fighting an opponent. Generally speaking, there are many kinds of japanese spears or, Yari, some of which sporting side blades or other unusual features. However, nearly all of them are used in the same way, with the user holding the bottom of the shaft with one hand and the other one near the middle. With the spear held like this, the user can keep the weapon between himself and the opponent, giving him a great advantage, and can also move it out of the opponent's range and slash back at him easily. Depending on the shape of the tip and its features, each spear can be used in a different way.


Name Information Picture
Sōjutsu (槍術, Art of the Spear)
Sudearu (素手蛙, "Unarmed Frog") A simple technique where the user jabs their spearhead into the ground and then uses the shaft to pry off an opponent or an object that has latched on utilizing tremendous force .
Jasen (ツイスト, "Snake Twist") The user causes the shaft to warp by thrusting it with their right arm and moving it in a spiral motion, thus producing an ever changing thrust and trajectory. This technique simultaneously creates an ultra high speed thrust and a large change in the initial trajectory, making the technique extremely difficult to dodge or predict and even allowing it to bypass an opponent's attempt to block the attack.
Tachitora (虎立ち, "Falling Tiger") By first jumping high up, above the opponent, the user then converts the gravitational pull of the fall into power for a downward thrust. Before making contact with the target, the user spins either themselves or their spear, giving the attack a drilling ability, capable of piercing through one's armor. This technique is said to be a stable for any Sojutsu user as it allows them to fight on par with a heavily armored foe.
Tsuintori (ツイン鳥, "Twin Birds") By simultaneously utilizing a bi-level thrust alongside a rotating thrust at high speeds, the user is able to create two distinct attacks from a single spear. While the technique looks to be an illusionary technique, the two visible spears both maintain a physical form as this technique is primarily used in order to get around a defensive opponent.
Rasentaka (螺旋鷹, "Spiral Hawk") A technique used to take on many opponents at once or to completely overwhelm a single opponent. The user proceeds to shift the shaft of their blade in a circular fashion in front of their person creating several afterimages of their pole-arm. The speed at which this is done, creates the image of nearly one hundred weapons in front of the opponent. By utilizing the speed as well as the already destructive nature of the spear, the user is able to crush a large area in front of them with repetitive thrusts of their weapon. This technique can also be used in a defensive manner by using the spear to quickly tear apart an opponent's attack and throw them off balance.
Zanun Kitsune (狐クラウド工具, "Cloud-Cutting Fox") A powerful Sojutsu technique that requires much upper body strength and coordination. The user proceeds to spin the shaft of the weapon around their body several times, causing the surrounding air currents to surrender to the user's whims. They are then capable of utilizing the tip of their weapons to whip the air currents around in a spiral motion, creating a miniature vacuum that sucks in anyone in close proximity, to the user when they start the technique. By forcing the wind currents outward with a strong swing of their weapon, the user is able to create a large scale attack, causing the opponent to get attacked by the wind pressure alone if they should dodge the initial attack.


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