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Ryuka (Spirit)
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 203 lbs.
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
Shikai Ryuka
First Appearance


Ryuka wears a long black coat over black armor and leather pants with armored boots. He wears the sword form of himself over his back on a chain.


Ryuka is very prone to bursts of manic delight and firey anger, fitting his nature as a fire-type zanpakuto spirit.

Powers and Abilities[]

Spiritual Pressure- Ryuka's spiritual is orange/red.


Ryuka (Dragon Flash) is a fire type zanpakuto. When sealed it takes the from of a katana with a red hilt and a golden tsuba. Its Tsuba is the shape of a pair of chinese dragons eating each other's tails, giving it an appearance similar to Ouroboros.

Shikai: Its release command is "Breathe Fire." When released it takes the form of a serated broad sword with a large tip the resembles a dragon's head. When swung its tip opens into a metallic dragon's mouth and fire flows out of the tip.

Shikai Special Abilities: With the command "Bite" the sword splits into a sword-whip with each section connected by chain. It can use its mouth to latch onto an opponent and burn them. When broken, it can reform itself out of fire with the command "Forge." With the command "Swarm" any and all severed parts of the zanpakuto reform completely and attack the opponent independantly.

Bankai: Orochi Ryuka (Serpent Dragon Flash). When released Ryuka's blade forms a tornado of fire around itself which then grows and splits into eight curving fire tornadoes. The fire then supsides, revealing eight massive metalic dragons made out of metal segments and heads, all connected by fire to the base hilt, which is held by the katana grip.

Bankai Special Abilities: Each head can breathe flame hot enough to melt metal and liquefy stone in long-enough bursts. Each section is held to the bankai body by its wielder's aura, ensuring that even if one section is destroyed the bankai will remain intact. Also the eight heads can "see" each other's field of vision, making attacking the bankai undetected very difficult. Also the eight heads are very quick and all eight heads are immensely durable, enabling crushing attacks that would've destroyed less durable objects.

  • Through a yet unnamed technique started with the command "Ignite" the eight heads will face each other and breathe their fire into a massive fireball that forms into a large Japanese Dragon made out of fire. This dragon dwarfs even Orochi Ryuka itself, making it a fearsome opponent. The Dragon can act independantly of Orochi Ryuka, and even won't dispel if Orochi Ryuka's wielder is knocked out. The dragon is fueled by a massive outpouring of spiritual energy, leaving the summoner greatly taxed. The dragon can regenerate from injuries and can pour itself as flame at an opponent, incinerating them.