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Ryoko Shiogama
Ryoko Prof
Race Magician
Birthplace Unknown
Age 100+
Gender Male
Height 179 cm (5'9")
Weight 78 kg (174 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation The Coven
Previous Affiliation Mage's Association
Partner Umanoashi
Previous Partner Akihiko Yomi
Base of Operations "Home"
Personal Status
Shikai Not Achieved
Bankai Not Achieved
First Appearance

Ryōko Shiogama (塩竈市涼子, Shiogama Ryōko) is the former Second-in-Command of the Mage's Association, and only son of the Shiogama family. He is a rare Magician, a race of beings who's origins lie from being born by a kidō spell placed onto Blanks. Ryōko abandoned the Mage's Association after his father was slaughtered by a Shinigami cult. Following the death of his father he joined The Coven and found himself a new home.


Ryoko introducing himself

Ryoko as he introduces himself to Coven.




  • Neptune:

Powers and Abilities

High Spiritual Power: Ryōko possesses a high spiritual pressure one to be matched with a third seat of the Gotei 13. His spiritual pressure was enough to withstand being knocked out by Ishihara Yamakage, but found himself in an immobile state.

Enhanced Strength & Durability: He is extremely buff granted his working and training he's gone under. Ryōko possess enough strength to knock down a home, and swing Neptune around with little to not effort. He packs quite the punch as Third Seat officer, Chōjirō Namikaze commented he could feel his punch. For giving a punch, he is also able to take a beating. Standing to his feet many times after Chōjirō beat him until he could see his own blood.

Expert Fire Magician

Kidō Expert: Ryōko has a great deal of Kidō experience being able to preform high level Kidō spells and learning them from the members of Coven in just a short period of time. His Bakudō are strong enough to hold captain class warriors down for enough time so that his men could escape. Displaying the ability to use all Bakudō between Bakudo #1 and Bakudo #63 and the same for Hadō.

All his life Ryōko has been taught to cast spells. His parents taught him that he should use his spirit energy only to cast spells to help aid him in battle, and they should too become something he uses in his everyday life. He trained under the direct tutelage of his father, one could ask for a better trainer nor mentor. Spellcraft was first nature to the boy, it ran through his family for generations. Most Magicians take pride in learning elemental based magic, but it is seen for those exceptions to master various other arts. Ryōko's expertise lies in his ability to utilize Fire Magic, whipping up spells that compensate him on the defensive and offensive side.

Fire is one of the five basic elements that plague Soul Society. Ryōko is able to create, shape and manipulate fire to his liking. The process of creating fire is simple indeed. By heating his spiritual energy to extreme levels as it leaves his body and enters the world it takes on the form of flames. With simply exerting his fire essence the young Magician can shoot fireballs, or make fire-based constructs to help aid him. Additionally he is able to transmute fire by transforming matter and objects into fire with little to no effort. Ryōko achieved a level where he can even transform his body into fire, where in this state Ryōko becomes virtually intangible. Even while not in this state, making direct contact with his is a risk of its own. Ryōko's entire body possesses the ability of inflammation where he can inflict burning pain onto those he touches.


  • Ryōko's surname "Shiogama" is derived from the Shinto Shrine.
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