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"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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Rukongai Division
Division 14
Name Rukongai Division
Kanji 流魂街番隊
Captain Shūsuke Amagai
Lieutenant Eikichirō Saidō
Allied Organization Gotei 13
Division Specialty Quick Action & Strategy Making
Insignia Crocus
Insignia Signifies Peaceful
Division Color Aqua

The Rukongai Division (流魂街番隊), known unofficially amongst the Division members as the Fourteenth Division (十四番隊, jūyonbantai), is an organisation attached to the Gotei 13 that was active during the sixteen years of peace following the end of the First Spiritual War and the onset of The Collapse. The Division was conceptualised and led by Shūsuke Amagai. He was known to have four aides comparable in rank to Lieutenant-class Shinigami, one of whom was Eikichirō Saidō. Following The Collapse the Rukongai Division became defunct and was not revived in Kentaro Hiroshi's successive Gotei 13.


The Rukongai Division models itself based on the tried-and-tested organisation typical of the Gotei 13; as such it possesses a leader, whose role is identical in function to that of a Captain, and several aides, whose functions are likewise identical to that of a Lieutenant. Borrowing from his short captaincy of the 3rd Division, Amagai uses training procedures learned from his time as a member of the Patrol Corps of the Onmitsukidō.[1] Unlike the Divisions in the Gotei 13, Amagai's unit is thoroughly disciplined in team-based and strategic combat, which came about as an evolution of the joint training Amagai attempted to propose during his captaincy of the 3rd Division.[2]

The Rukongai Division boasts a manpower figure in-and-around the four-hundred mark, with roughly one-hundred Shinigami assigned to each cardinal region of the vast Rukongai; most of this membership was pulled from Academy students as a form of advanced training and work experience. Each aide is responsible for a different direction, with Eikichirō being in charge of Northern Rukongai. Amagai himself oversees everything from "the centre".

Special Duties

The Rukongai Division has one simple and clearly defined mission: the protection of Rukongai and its resident Souls above all else. Whilst Amagai oversees efforts from the Seireitei he has little authority regarding military matters concerning the Gotei 13 unless said matters directly involve Rukongai. Amagai is known to personally intervene in matters should the threat be significant enough to warrant his direct involvement.[3]


The closest thing to a centralised barracks are the offices used by Amagai to oversee operations throughout Rukongai, which is housed near the western gate leading from the Seireitei. Instead of a single location there are various bases spread throughout strategic locations in Rukongai which are maned by members of the Division, and these bases are in-turn overseen and maintained by their respective aide.

Notable Members



Seated Officers


Behind the Scenes

  • The symbol and associated colour of the Rukongai Division are a direct shout-out to its primary mission. The Crocus flower symbolises peace as does the colour blue. The sub-colour of blue which is used to signify the division, Aqua, is the colour of low ideals.

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