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This article, Rukia "Akari" Kuraihi, was added by Narutokurosaki547 who determines its usage on this wiki.

Rukia "Akari" Kuraihi
Age Refuses to tell
Height 5ft 4in
Weight 126 lbs
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Partners None
Affiliation None
Occupation Vice-Captain of 6th Company
Previous Occupation(s) Squad 7 Captain from long ago

Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki


Rukia "Akari" Kuraihi was the former captain of the 7th company from the same era as Hikaru. Despite her being a former captain, she is actually weaker than Hikaru. She is also Hikaru's wife unofficially, but they both share strong feelings for each other. She also disappeared the same time Hikaru did, for unknown reasons.

Her first appearence is in Bleach Otrosendero.  In the series, she later changes her name to Akari for unknown reasons  


She is a strong willed person, and she is very kind, often motherly. However, when she is ever sexually approached by anyone other than Hikaru, she often tortures the person in numerous ways.


She has long dark hair, and a pure white priestess robe. She carries a staff that has her Zanpakutou sealed within it. She also normally has a large breast size, but she uses her spirit energy to keep them at a smaller size.


Karada Ayatsuri: (Translated as "Body Manipulation") This is one of Rukia's minor abilities that allows her to change her breast size. She also can use this ability to increase the size of her plams to use as weapons in battle.



Zanpakutou Name: Chiyuguntou

Translation: Healing Saber


Poison Reishi: This ability allows Akari to inject poisonous reishi into a spiritual beings system, which slowly can kill someone. If the opponent uses their Zanpakutou's ability, or enters Bankai, they speed up the killing process.