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Risco Demonio (lit. Rock Demon) is Rey Escarabajo only Fraccion.


Risco has a punk/rock mohawk and had black eyes. He is quite skinny, and wears a white long sleeve shirt with a pair of white pants. He is about 6 feet and weight's no more than 150 pounds.


When he has his Zanpakuto sealed, he is quite loyal to anyone of higher rank. But when he release his Zanpakuto he becomes synical and crazy and likes to play his music.


Risco's Zanpakuto is Musica Azotar (Music Thrash). It is sealed as a katana with a curved blade and has not guard. The release command is "Play!".

Ressurection- In Ressurection he gains a white outfit, containing a long sleeved shirt and white gloved with a grey loin cloth and a bull mask. He has a large speaker on his chest that releases blasts of music.


  • He is the first to die in my Fan Fics
  • He dies in Wake Up Call
  • Risco has a wierd hair style, it being a red spiked mohawk.