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Rinne Spirit
Name Rinne
Kanji 輪廻
Romanji "Samsara"
Race Zanpakutō Spirit
Height 6'2"
Weight 155 lbs
Gender Male
Professional Status
Partner Shuuji Matayoshi
Base of Operations Shuuji's Inner World
Shikai Rinne
Bankai Not Yet Achieved

Rinne (輪廻, Samsara; Literally "Endless Cycle Of Life & Death") is the manifested spirit of the Zanpakutō owned by Shuuji Matayoshi.


The spirit of Rinne resembles a tall, 14-16 teenager with properly combed yellow hair and ocean blue eyes. He dresses in a formal suit and a tie, with a trench coat covering it. Because of his spirit's appearance, Shuuji calls him his best friend. Rinne has also been called, "The Cursed Blade" (罰当たり腕木, Bachiatari Udegi) due to its terrifying powers.


Though he does have benevolence towards Shuuji and some of his opponents, Rinne has a preference for solitude, liking to be alone; however, he has a special relationship with Shuuji, being friends with him. He is fond of testing Shuuji in funny ways though sometimes he does it pretty straightforwardly. He enjoys Shuuji's inner world, a huge field with some skyscrapers about a mile away. Despite his solitude, he has great respect for his masters, saving Shuuji from a terrible fate when he was young. He hates it when Shuuji calls him out to the battlefield as he thinks that it breaks his solitude, being with other people. Even though he is friends with Shuuji, he calls Shuuji "the immature one".


Powers & Abilities[]

Immense Spiritual Power: His own spiritual power makes up 1/3 of Shuuji's Spiritual power alone. His spiritual power under Shuuji's ownership is dark blue.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: During his short battle with Shuuji in his inner world, Rinne demonstrated to be highly proficient in the sword, enough to fight most of it with a single hand. Being able to time maneuvers well, he has landed some fatal hits on Shuuji.

Enhanced Speed: During multiple battles with Shuuji, he was able to outrun Shuuji every single time.


  • Shikai: When manifested, Rinne can summon a Nunchaku and a Sai, like Shuuji. However, he has an additional weapon, a handcuff, which he refuses to let Shuuji use.

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