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Ringo Kinobori
Name Ringo Kinobori
Kanji 木登り 林檎
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 4'11"
Weight Unknown (Presumed Light weight)
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation Herself
Previous Affiliation unknown group
Occupation Student
Previous Occupation none
Team None
Previous Team none
Partner none
Previous Partner none
Base of Operations Various
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives None
Education High-School
Status Active
Main Skill Fullbring

Ringo Kinobori (木登り 林檎 Kinobori Ringo) is a Human with Spiritual Powers. She lives in Karakura Town, and, on top of attending school, works as an assistant in a small shop.


Ringo full

Ringo's full appearance

Ringo is a young girl with long brown hair and golden eyes. In her hair she wears a strange head decoration, and she wears a leather outfit, the shirt branching into a skirt, unattached sleeves, and a billowing "cape", as well as leather straps on her legs. Her boots, like the rest of her outfit, are leather.


Ringo is normally is calm and quiet, usually not speaking unless spoken to, or unless something catches her attention. She is able to see Hollows, and, despise having powers and being able to see Hollows attack humans, she tries to avoid fighting them, thinking it's a job for someone else. She only attacks a Hollow running from it isn't possible. She loves cute things, like small animals and plush toys.

Ringo's favorite foods are apples, which is what her first name means.



Powers & Abilities[]

Crystal: Ringo's Fullbring allows her to transform the hair decoration she wears into a crystal that she can then transform into various objects for various purposes. If she wishes to battle, she can have it take the form of a crystal blade, if she needs to defend, she can turn it into a crystal barrier, and if she needs it for even simple things like unlocking something, it can become a "master key". The crystal seems to transform with the command "Crystal, <insertnameofobjecthere>". If she is unable to speak the name of the object she wants to transform the crystal into, then it is a useless jewel.