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Rey Escarabajo (lit. King Beetle) is the Decima (10th) Espada in KingBarragan's Espada.

Rey Escarabajo
Age N/A
Height 9 foot 3 inches
Weight 349 lbs
Gender male
Species Arrancar;Espada
Partners Risco Demonio (deceased)
Affiliation Espada
Occupation 10th Espada, Decima Espada


Rey is somewhat stocky and has a wide jaw. He has a green rosary tattoo on his left wrist and has spiky brown hair. He has a gap in his two front teeth and has thin eyes. His eyes are greyish black. He wears a white sleevless shirt with long white pants. He carries his Zanpakuto on the left side of his waist.


Rey is very lazy. He tends to sleep for many hours and doesn't like to be disturbed. He has a nasty temper as he would kill his own Fraccion out of anger. He tends to calm down from the lull of screams.


Super Strength- Rey is extremly strong, being able to deal deadly blows with only the side of his hand. He is also shown to crush a large portion of the Espada Castle with his palm.

Sonido- As an Espada, he is skilled at Sonido. Since he is large and bulky he cannot move as fast as other Espada he is skilled at it.

Vast Reishi- He has large amounts of Reishi being able to give pain to a target with just his Reishi.

Ressurection- Since he is an Arrancar, he is able to use Ressurection to re activate his original form as a Hollow.


Rey's Zanpakuto's name is Insecto (lit. Insect). It is probably an insect type and has bug like abilities. It is only known to have an oval shaped guard and no sheath, just hung by a string on his waist.

Ressurection- not yet activated


  • He is similar to both canon Espada, Yammmy and Stark.
  • He is the Decima Espada


  • "Lets just stay here, It would be too much of a hassle"