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Character in this RP include[]

The Girl[]

Muteki then walks down from his garganta as he see's a figure charge toward him, he quickly pulls his blade as both him and the fast moving figure are thrown back into the garganta and they both appear in the World of the Living in a dark forest.

" Damn girl why you do that" Muteki said tiredly as he rubbed his neck and stood up

"Wait..Muteki is that you.. Muteki, it's so good to see" Pinku said as he jumped into Muteki's arms and gave him a hug. " Oh wow I thought you were dead...where's Yoshi... come on where is he, its been so long" Pinku said as she was greatly excited.

"Calm down girl... I don't know who you are, I lost my memory along time ago, but if you know Yoshi you must know me so...

Muteki then bagan to tell the girl of what has happened to him from his meeting with the unnamed female arrancar to his meeting with Hyx and how Yoshi has changed from what the Yoshi she knew and would never be the same again.

"So Pinku, you..okay" Muteki said regretting telling her this

"I'm fine its just so good to know you aint dead, but umm that Yoshi I'm pretty sure he's planning something