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File:Return of Datara Saga - Opening

Opening for this Saga

"Nor shall derision prove powerful against those who listen to humanity or those who follow in the footsteps of divinity, for they shall live forever. Forever."
— Tagline

The Return of Datara Saga (データソラのサガの戻り値, Datara no Modori-chi Hanashi) is the term that denotes the events pertaining to Datara Kawahiru's return as a Demon. With the end of the Hell Tournament nearing, Team Yumehira faces the evil Team Amida in the final rounds. Shortly beforehand, Master Kyō had imparted an immense power within his student, Seiwa Yumehira, leading to his death. Because of the matches prior to the finals, Byakuya Kuchiki was defeated brutally by Raian Getsueikirite, entering a comatose state. Since then, Seireitou and the others have been rigorously training for the upcoming battle. But what dangers lie in the shadows...?

The Hell Tournament's Final Round[]

It is the Hell Tournament's final round, with Shinigami-Representative Seiwa Yumehira's team verses the evil Team Amida. A catch in the rules forced Team Yumehira to appoint a fifth member, or they would face elimination. Certain the battle would end before she'd have to fight again, Tsunade chose to fight twice, in order to even the odds. Now the finals begin, with Kamui claiming the first fight.

Reality and Reason, The Chessmasters Converge: Madara "Kamui" Kawahiru vs Sōsuke Aizen[]

Kamui is now in the troughs of battle with Team Amida's Sōsuke Aizen. With this being the first round of the Tournament's finals, Kamui is determined to win by whatever means necessary...

Beauty and the Beast... on Opposite Sides: Tsunade Yukijirushi vs Yammy Riyalgo[]

In the first match of the final round, Kamui used every tactic and energy he possessed to bring Aizen down. But a technicality gave Aizen the win, and Team Amida a 1-0 lead. The second match pairs the quiet Tsunade against the destructive power of Yammy Riyalgo...

Questions and Mysteries Unanswered: Tsunade Yukijirushi vs the Masked Fighter[]

The third match has arrived, each Team has one point on the board. Keeping true to her declaration, Tsunade stepped in to fight once more. However, obscurity surrounds the masked warrior, prompting thoughts to fly around the stadium. Will Tsunade be able to defeat this man, denying the fact that she is drained from the last match...?!

Kinfolk Reunion, Old Hatred laid to Rest: Seireitou Kawahiru vs Suzaku Kawahiru[]

Brutually defeated by the Masked Man, Tsunade was taken to immediate care. Seireitou, clearly caring more for Tsunade's condition than the next battle, attempted to forfeit and keep an eye on Tsunade. However, Suzaku would not allow this, threatening to kill Tsunade himself if Seireitou would not fight. Having no other choice, Seireitou decides to enter the ring for the fourth round...

The Promised Day: Seiwa Yumehira vs Yūryaku Amida[]

The moment long awaited as arrived; with the score tied at 2-2, the Hell Tournament's final fight between the remaining two teams begins! Seiwa and Yūryaku had held back in the beginning minutes of the fight, testing eachother's power. After Yūryaku destroyed the ring in favor of a larger battle, Seiwa made the first significant strike; unveiling the power that Master Kyō has bequeathed to him, Seiwa had launched his signature Konjōheki, with enough power to punch a massive hole through the stadium's stands. It was hoped that the fight was over, until Yūryaku returned... unscathed...

Those Who Lurk in the Darkness[]

Chaos at the Tournament: Unwelcome Newcomers[]

A wrecked stadium was the result of Seiwa and Yūryaku's final fight, ending with the former's victory. Yūryaku had been broken down as only one soul remained within his body, which was the original. Going by the name Kairen, he thanked Seiwa for the chance to use his full might in battle, despite losing his life. With that, the final pint of energy inside his body had vanished, causing him to collapse onto the ground. Koyuki declared the Tournament a close, resulting in Team Yumehira as the champions. However, before celebration could occur, two Cero-like techniques had crashed into the Stadium from afar. Two unrecognized beings had entered the airspace above the stadium, one of them carrying a small black box. Seireitou was the first to respond, flying high to attack, but his son had halted him from advancing, appearing alongside the two intruders. He had stated that he had been using Yūryaku this entire time, in order to preform a powerful resurrection Kidō that would allow "their leader" to return. Kamui appeared beside Seireitou, swift as ever, commenting how his suspicions had been correct all along. Yūryaku was never evil to begin with, merely a misguided soul. Suzaku was the mastermind the entire time. In the shadow of the events, the masked fighter who fought Tsunade was carrying a small orb that was glowing a faint blue, and disappeared as if he teleported away, without being noticed.

Seireitou demanded answers, but Suzaku shrugged them off, as he continued to taunt the fighters down below. He explained that the fights in this tournament were for the sole purpose of absorbing the energy that was being given off during each battle, all leading to the use of a particular Kidō that required unrealistic amounts of energy. Seireitou grabbed his head in pain, noting that this headache felt the same as the ones that proceeded this one; all through-out the tournament. "You are a fool... Seireitou!" the voice rang in Seireitou's head as he screamed in pain. Suzaku had then explained that their leader was sealed inside Seireitou's subconscious upon the moment of his death, but could be released with the use of the Forbidden Kidō. As Suzaku stated the incantation, Kamui activated his Zanpakutō, Shinbyeong, and charged forward at Suzaku. However, one of the two intruders took the blow instead, grabbing Shinbyeong's blade as Kamui lunged his fist for the man's head, pushing the latter backwards as Shinbyeong cut him down effortlessly. However, it was all in vain, as Suzaku finished the incantation. Seireitou crashed into the floor behind, screaming in seering pain as a transparent smoke was escaping from his body, floating overhead. Suzaku took the black box as he finished the final words, opening it as a massive amount of spiritual energy left the insides, fusing with the transparent smoke from Seireitou's body. The two substances reformed into a single entity; having long hair, bearing a ragged look in lieu of spiky. The being's eyes were piercing red, having a blue eyeshadow above them, giving it a Bishōnen facial appearance. His attire consisted of a kimono that was dark blue with a purple vest on top. His outfit was purple and light blue, but with boned armour. It has green tentacle-like arms coming from his back, which has large hoop bones which leads to a red-eye on his chest. The being smirked, musing at Suzaku's success, as he looked down toward the fighters from the Tournament. Kamui's eyes were widened with shock, making out the words, "Kawahiru... Datara..."

Beyond the Thresholds of Divinity: The Return of Datara Kawahiru[]

Shocked looks were all around, eyes staring up at the newly revived enemy of the Soul Society, Datara Kawahiru. Seireitou's slowly rose back to his feet, his face immediately turned into a scowl; memories of Shiori's death flashed through his mind, as he drew his blade, ignoring the protests of Kamui from above. Seireitou flew head-first at Datara, out of pure anger. Kamui grabbed him by his back shirt, ordering him to stop. Seireitou, out of anger, yelled at Kamui to let him fight Datara, though Kamui explains that it was that same impulse that caused Shiori's death. Datara mused at their immaturity, as he drew his Zanpakutō, prompting Yukara to attack from behind. He succeeded in cutting Datara's back, albeit the damage was minor, and Datara countered, cutting Yukara down as the latter fell for the ground below. Seireitou called out to him, as Yukara's teammates cushioned the fall. Kamui noted that Datara seems even more powerful than ever, more so than the time he invaded Soul Society. Finally out of Kamui's grasp, Seireitou began emitting a massive aura of spiritual power as he stated, "Bankai." Seireitou held Shinwaryeok Hanullim in his left hand, and used his free hand to form his crystal Shinkūmyō mask.

Seireitou charged in, swinging his blade down on Datara, causing their interaction to rule in Seireitou's favor, pushing back Datara as he focused a large amount of white flames to his blade. He swung his blade once more, sending the massive flames to attack Datara, enveloping the latter in a tornado of inferno. However, to Seireitou's shock, Datara had emerged unscatched. He commented that Seireitou's power has become "amazing, far beyond the level that he was expecting." Datara then stated that it is too bad that he would have to die so quickly. Laughing at the reincarnated Datara's words, Seireitou stated that he has grown greatly since their last fight, prompting Kamui to place his hand on Shinbyeong's hilt, prepared to assist his younger brother, should anything happen. Suzaku then appeared beside Datara, musing at his father's efforts with a laugh. He explained that this is punishment for failing to protect his mother, taking a step back as Datara's tentacles grew size. Seireitou's mind was on Shiori the entire time, unable to even pay attention to what Datara and Suzaku were doing. He recalls the moment that Seireitou and Shiori met, underneath a summer sun. They had both lived as orphans, and depended on eachother for survival; being the only way they could escape loneliness. Gripping his blade, Seireitou charged forward at Datara, but was all for naught. The attack was countered, with Datara's tentacles piercing straight through Seireitou's chest. His crystal mask shattered, a look of shock and death written upon the man's face.

Datara's face curled into a menacing smile, grabbing the blade of Seireitou's blade. He commented that he did well to lead the way, and sufficed for a pawn. He tightened the grip, shattering Seireitou's Zanpakutō effortlessly as Datara's own Zanpakutō was plunged straight into the former's chest once more. The area around Seireitou's chest and stomach begins to crack and the wound brings out an even greater torrent of blood that bursts from his chest. As he falls out the sky, surrounded in his own falling blood, Seireitou remembers his first meeting with Shiori once more and apologizes for not being able to repay her for his help in escaping his loneliness; apologizing also for not keeping his vow to stay with her... forever. He loses consciousness and is presumed to have died as he falls to the ground.

The Horror of Reality[]

Seireitou's death quickly flared the motives of each Tournament fighter, as members of Team Ningensei and Team Zealot charged in to ambush Datara. Quickly and effortlessly, the members of each opposing team were cut down by Datara's blade. Coming up from behind, Kamui held Shinbyeong ready as he launched his Meidō Zangetsuha. The cresents slammed into Datara, tearing apart his limbs as they were sucked into the dimensional portals. Only his head remained, surrounded by a barrer as Suzaku neared his leader. Datara ordered the retreat, declaring that he will personally see to the end of the Shinigami, and the rise of a new kingdom. The two took their leave, and the remaining intruder from before had teleported away as quickly as he came. Kamui floated down, where several tournament participants had been looking at the corpse of Seireitou. The older Kawahiru had slowly picked up his little brother, carrying him on his back as he ordered Tsunade to open a portal for the Seijin Temple. Seiwa had followed them, as the trio left for Soul Society.

The news brought great shock and sorrow to the Seijin Council, of both Datara's return and Seireitou's death. The latter's body was placed in the center of the shrine within the Temple, and left there with a casing of spiritual energy; as is the procedure for deaths among the Seijin. Kamui is then seen on a ledge, Unohana serving some tea to two cups, as she asked what he was thinking about. Shaking his head, Kamui attempted to hold back his tears, noting that he should not had left Seireitou to fight on his own. Unohana came up behind him, embracing him in a hug, stating that he died a hero's death, and that Kamui should be proud for his younger brother; but also, should be concerned with defeating Datara, and not wallowing in Seireitou's death. The sun's light was heavy on the horizen, the brink of war nearing...

Kamui's Desperate Action: The Kawahiru's Legacy[]

The following day, the Soul Society was pacing to find out Datara's location. They had known from past experiences not to allow threats too much time to plan. Kamui had not been seen from morning, because he was revealed to be walking down a dark hallway. This was the Kawahiru's hidden headquarters, used in the times before the Gotei 13. He was going through some scrolls, detailing key parts of the Kawahiru's founding as well as the founding of the Gotei 13. Seemingly satisfied, Kamui drew Shinbyeong and stabbed the ground, activating Shinbyeong: Bahnwan Mujilseo. Kamui sat down, crossing his legs as he entered the Jinzen state. Inside his space-themed inner world, four strangers were standing before Kamui.

Kamui had asked if they were the Kawahiru Founders, as listed in the scroll, to which the old white-haired man had confirmed. Kamui looked at all four, his eyes narrowing as a woman looking like she was in her 30's spoke up, requesting why Kamui called for them. Kamui explained his situation with Datara, as well as his younger brother's death. Three of the four pondered the return of Datara, and the death of one of their descendants, but the purple-haired middle-aged man barked at Kamui for allowing such stupidity. Shocking Kamui by his uproar, Muyeol then explained that Datara was once defeated by Seireitou and Kamui, so why would he be back. Kamui began explaining, but the white-haired man from before stepped forward, requesting what Kamui wants from them. Though hesitant, he tightens his grip as Kamui explains that he plans to use their power to confront Datara. This causes immediate laugher on the purple-haired man, but Kamui stands determinded, his eyes narrowing. The woman sighed, telling Kamui that to do such a feat, he would need to best each of them in battle; a feat no normal man or woman would ever dare to attempt. Kamui expressed his concern over it, but proclaimed that he had no either way; without Seireitou, this would be the only way to fight Datara on an equal level. With no more words spared, Kamui draws Shinbyeong as the silent black-haired man stepped forward, with his weapon firmly held.

Kamui is then shown in the real world, his body immobile as his mind is deep within his inner world. The corner of Kamui's mouth starts to bleed, as his muscles tighten...

Day of Black Sun: The Seijin Council & the Vizard vs Datara's Army[]

First Wave: Ambush on the Royal Palace[]

Shunsui is Injured

Kyōraku is injured by Kentan's sudden attack.

As Kamui's training commences, two mysterious beings invade the outskirts of the Royal Palace undetected. The green-haired one questioned the orders, stating that they should just destroy the entire place right now, saving Datara the trouble. The smaller-sized white-haired one denied this request, stating that they are here for mere research, and nothing else. The latter then orders the green-haired man to "begin the technique." The green-haired man began swinging his massive scythe, forming a large blue tornado from his body, that shot up into the sky. Lower-ranked Royal Guardsmen took a look at the tornado, as their souls were completely sucked out of their bodies, heading for the tornado. Within minutes, two higher-tier guardsmen appeared on the scene. Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Shunsui Kyōraku were the two to appear, the former demanding the identity and motives for the mysterious duo's arrival. The green-haired man smirked at their demands, as the short one took a step forward, asking the two former Captains to leave. When Shunsui refused, the short one disappeared, reappearing as his hand was thrust into the former's chest. As it was taken out, Shunsui leaned downwards, blood being cut out of his back as he fell for the ground. However, Tōshirō then caught his comrade, gently placing him down. Tōshirō stood back up, telling Shunsui that he'll take out these guys himself. With that declaration, he activates his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru.

Hitsugaya launches his Guncho Tsurara attack, as Kentan easily dodged all of them. After launching several more, resulting in complete misses, Hitsugaya comments that Kentan's power must be space/time manipulation. However, Kentan explains that it isn't space/time manipulation. He explains that his master, Datara, granted him the power of God. Just as Hitsugaya attempts to comprehend this, Kentan appears beside Histugaya, the former's left arm through the latter's stomach. Kentan states that no matter what, no matter how strong they are, they will not be able to match his power. Histugaya, in the midst of Kentan's declaration, launches a close-range Ryūsenka before Kentan can react, freezing the latter in a flower of ice. Panting at his full-powered Ryūsenka, he jumped back, resealing Hyōrinmaru. As he turned to assist Shunsui, Hitsugaya's face was shocked when a hand burst from his upper chest, revealing to be Kentan's. The latter had escaped the ice, breaking it with sheer strength as he kicked Hitsugaya down. He then called out to Yokibō, stating that they must take their leave. Nodding, Kentan opens a portal, which the two then escape into, just as back-up approaches.

Open Assault: Declaring War on Soul Society[]

Kenran and Yokibō had entered the Dangai, where Datara had been awaiting their arrival. Kentan explained that back-up had arrived, just as he expected, to which Datara notes that "Step 2" was to commence soon, as the two fled from the location. As they left, Datara is seen holding a very small black orb, commenting that "the darkness shall reform soon enough." Back at the Royal Palace, the Seijin Council was then called in to maintain presence in the King's dimension. Junsui Kirei is seen walking down a long hallway, with Ken'ichi Misora and Sorata Nekoi. Ken'ichi states how ironic that the Royal Guard is asking for their help in a matter that was the Seijin Council's, to which Sorata berates him for seperating sides. Supreme Commander Sūteiru Kazahana stepped out from the large gate way, greeting Junsui and his Seijin comrades. Sūteiru comments to Seireitou's absence, to which Junsui explains that he was killed in battle. Leaving the commander stunned, Ken'ichi spoke up, stating that they can fight without him. Sorata explained the situation, which Sūteiru added on the recent attack by two mysterious strangers who were stealing souls. Just as their conversation continued, a massive explosion is heard afar...

Situation at the Gates: Haruko Shihōin vs Jasei[]

The explosion was caused by Haruko Shihōin being flung out of a Senkaimon, and crashing into a rock formation at the Palace's gates. Out of the Senkaimon, came Jasei, presumely one of Datara's followers. Haruko had her Zanpakutō, Sōkōte, activated as she got back to her feet, panting heavily. As she stood once more, she activated Shunkō, charing at Jasei. The latter then flashed away, falling down on Haruko with his blade. After battling a bit more, Jasei notices that Haruko's movements have gotten slower and he asks her if she has reached her limit already. Offended, Haruko declares that she isn't even close, charging in once more with a massive explosion that followed. Out of the smoke, Jasei came out unharmed, but Haruko was already behind him. However, Jasei prepared to strike at her, but Haruko gave a smirk, as she activated Shindō, pushing Jasei backwards. As he lost his balace, Haruko shoved her fist through Jasei's chest with her remaing strength. Falling over, Jasei notes that he was careless to strike her so quickly without thinking, as he falls to his death. Haruko reseals her blade, overlooking her defeated opponent.

Sūteiru and the Seijin arrivals had finally entered the scene, making note of Haruko's victory. However, her eyes are not those of a winner, as she states that Datara moved quicker than expected. Just then, the Senkaimon from before shattered into pieces. Shocked, Sūteiru attempted to re-open it, but to no avail. Haruko comments that Datara invaded the Seijin Temple, and he declared that he planned to keep Junsui and Sorata (two of the strongest Seijin) out of the battle by trapping them at the Palace. Gritting his teeth, the group are at a loss. Junsui ponders if the Seijin Masters remaining will be able to handle Datara, hoping for their survival.

Datara's Invasion of the Seijin Temple[]

Elsewhere, the Seijin Temple's front gates are shown to be completely set on fire. In the skies, stood Suzaku Kawahiru and a mysterious silver-haired man, along with several Hollows of various ranking. Renge Yamato, Musashi Matsumoto and Kōmei were the first to appear the skies. Renge made note to Datara's absence, to which a large black sphere appeared beside the two commanders. Datara had then appeared, with a soft smile, greeting the Seijin Masters sarcastically. Without any hesitation, Renge drew his Zanpakutō, activating Root, Shinibana. Several roots began forming a prison around Datara's being, until his figure could no longer be seen. Suzaku prepares to strike at it, but Lucius stops him, stating that Datara wouldn't be needed in their elimination. Within the vines, Datara smirked, telling himself that the battle would end without him needing to lift a finger, as his two greatest opposers were out of the picture. Suzaku then decides to take charge and figures out that only six remaining Seijin Masters left to fight, as even Kamui seems to be missing in action. Suzaku snapped his fingers, as four new beings entered the field. The three Masters stood their ground, as three more than appeared beside them. Tōkaru Mokushima stated what horrible timing this was, just as Seireitou was killed and Kamui was nowhere to be seen. Musashi told him that whether they were prepared or not, they had to finish this battle by themselves. As the Seijin Master begin to fight, the four newcomers all begin releasing their massive spiritual power in the form of pillars.

Hindrances of Wrath: Kōmei vs Tokui[]

Tokui's Release

Tokui's Release

Datara is kept at bay, as the Seijin Masters face down their four newcomer opponents, as well as Datara's directors. After several moments of silence, Kōmei stepped forward. Renge advises him to wait, but Kōmei retorts that waiting hasn't been doing them any good. He then continues by stating that if they divide and conquer, they will have an easier time dealing with Datara when Renge's attack wears off. Suddenly, Kōmei flashed forward, grabbing the face of one of the four, and flashed away once again. He then appeared far on the opposite side of the Temple, throwing the man down toward the ground. However, the man was quickly back on his feet, chuckling at Kōmei's motives as he continues to add that nothing he does will change his comrades' eventual deaths. Kōmei advises him not to make assumptions, as the tide of battle can always shift by certain movements of the chess pieces. The man then addresses himself as Tokui, and forms massive flames to appear as his feet as they begin to overcome his body. Once Kōmei begins to see his figure again, Tokui's appearance has changed. He was no longer wearing a shirt, and now wore golden armor from his waist, downwards. Behind him, was a flowing red cloth that hung backwards. His blade had become a large lance, his hand covered by the handle. Massive flames surrounded Tokui, as Kōmei held out his Zanpakutō, releasing Xinxuan. The entire sword had disappeared, prompting Tokui to howl in laugher, questioning why Kōmei would disarm himself. Kōmei, in turn, asked him to come in, and he'll "show him why." Smirking loudly, Tokui roared out loud as he released a large torrent of flames for Kōmei, to which the latter held his hand up and stopped the attack completely, bouncing it off. Initially shocked, but soon replaced by anger, Tokui demands to know what trickery he's playing at. Kōmei flashed behind Tokui, commenting that "Are you shocked? A Seijin's power isn't measured by size or intensity. No matter how strong these flames are, they will continue to hold openings of weakness. Should you continue to charge in blindly, these openings will only increase in number."

Tokui roared in absolute anger, as he launched another series of flames for Kōmei, which the latter dodged effortlessly, appearing behind Tokui once more. He explains that his Zanpakutō allows him to effortlessly witness the weaknesses of any opponent instantly, making up for his lack of explosive power. Tokui began to spin his lance, forming a large tornado of fire to surround his body. He quickly shouted that he will kill Kōmei for overestimating himself, charging in with the tornado as his means of offense. Kōmei quickly dismissed this as overestimation, mimicking Tokui's comment from earlier, as he regained his blade once Tokui missed, stabbing the latter through the neck. Tokui's eyes widen as he coughs up blood, as Kōmei states that Tokui's Zanpakutō uses his breath to form flames. Furthermore, its weakness is that it leaves a blind-spot on the opposite side of his mouth, which would be his neck. He further states that the only way to notice that blind-spot would be to notice the weakness in flame intensity surrounding the neck area, but also notes that the back of the neck is a blind-spot of all living creatures. Tokui then falls to his death, as Kōmei flashes away.

Queen of the Skies: Nanako Ōmura vs Gokyōya[]

Once Kōmei had entered battle, it appears that the other Seijin Masters had split off to face off different opponents in seperate locations. Suzaku and Lucius were left there to face down Tōkaru and Renge. Nanako flashed further away, facing down her opponent. This woman was the only female of the invaders, and held a small dagger in her hands, which was presumably her Zanpakutō. Nanako requested the name of her opponent, though the latter responded with "Gokyōya", in an unexpected polite voice. Without hesitation, Nanako quickly jumped into the battle, clashing her blade with Gokyōya's dagger. Gokyōya, in turn, threw her leg up to kick Nanako's head, which was blocked by the latter's elbow. Their distance had closed, as Nanako then released her Shunkō, blasting Gokyōya backwards. Gokyōya noted that this must be the Shinigami special power, known as Shunkō. Nanako then confirmed this, as she held out her hand, sending off multiple blasts of energy at once. Gokyōya effortlessly dodged them all, flashing behind Nanako. However, the attack was halted as her dagger hit Nanako's barrier. Gritting her teeth, Gokyōya backed up, and held her dagger in place. She stated that Nanako is indeed a worthy opponent, and as such, will be crushed by true power. With that, Gokyōya drops her dagger as she states Bullone, the name of her release.

Gokyōya's Release

Gokyōya's Release, Bullone

With the release, Gokyōya's purple hair had gotten shorter, as all of her clothes were replaced by bones that barely covered up parts of her body. Her breasts were kept up by a skeleton bra, as she grew two large bat-like wings. A small cross comprised of blood was between her breasts, as a little was shown to be on her cheek. Nanako stared down Gokyōya's new form, and drew her own blade, releasing her Yukionna. With the release, a massive ice wave escaped from Nanako's aura, though Gokyōya shrugged it off. The very next moment, Gokyōya took to the air, but Nanako followed close behind, blasting her with an immense burst of ice. However, this time, the attack collided with Gokyōya, encasing her body. Nanako closed in to finish, but just then, one of Gokyōya's wings shattered through the ice, stabbing into Nanako's stomach. The ice all around Gokyōya then shattered, revealing the latter to be completely unharmed. She begins to explain that her power allows her to be invincible so long as she is not touching the ground. While she is in the air, she cannot be harmed by attacks. After her explanation, she withdraws her wing and slaps Nanako with it, sending her flying through the air. Gokyōya flashed ahead, appearing behind Nanako as another wing slap sent Nanako further into the skies. Unable to recapture her stance, Nanako was slapped once more for the ground, resulting in a large explosion. Nanako laid there, defeated, as Gokyōya floated down, landing on the ground. She began walking over to Nanako, stating that she was a fool to fight the Queen of the Skies in the skies, as he she held her hand out, forming a cero-like attack.

However, two reiryoku ropes bound around Gokyōya's legs, strapping her down to the floor. Nanako stood up slowly, smiling softly as she stated Bakudō #9: Hōrin. She admits that she was foolish to fight on her turf, and that the only way to win would be to drag her down to Nanako's playing field. Gokyōya attempted to break free, but to no avail, just as Nanako aimed her blade. In her final moments, Gokyōya begged her not to continue, as Nanako plunged forward, stabbed her blade into Gokyōya's chest. She then proceeded to activate her technique, Ryūsenka, Gokyōya's body freezing into a large ice flower, which then shattered along with Gokyōya's body, effectively killing her. Nanako began to pant slowly, for she used every ounce of power for a maximum-effect Ryūsenka, and fell to her knees, attempting to regain her power.

True Love Deterred: Megumi Shimokawa vs Yokibō[]

Though seen at particular intervals, with the two flashing at eachother, clashing blades, this battle is entirely unseen. However, after the defeat of Tokui and Gokyōya, Megumi is then seen standing over her opponent, victorious. Despite this, Megumi then falls over, also defeated by the injuries she had sustained. With her last voice of consciousness, she called out to Kamui, confessing her love for him. She then passed out.

Musashi Matsumoto vs Sekidōsai[]

Also entirely unseen, once the other three are defeated, Musashi had fought with Sekidōsai. However, their fight quickly came to a screeching halt, as a massive explosion was heard in the area where Datara's directors were left behind.

Experimental Onslaught: Renge Yamato & Tōkaru Mokushima vs Byakuren[]


Datara's mysterious experiment arrives...!

The explosion revealed Renge and Tōkaru damaged slightly, as Suzaku stood on the opposite side. He berates the two Seijin for fighting him with the idea that he's merely a child, and that he will prove his strength over them. However, Lucius then intervenes, as a massive Garganta tears the sky open above them. All eyes are brought toward the sky rift, as a lone black-haired boy steps out. The boy's expression is very dumbfounded, as he slowly looks around, catching the eyes of Renge and Tōkaru. Suzaku then explains that this boy's name is Byakuren, and was created from the spiritual signatures of both Seireitou and Kamui. Renge's eyes widen, as Tōkaru charges in, blade in hand. Byakuren turns his attention on Tōkaru, as the latter fires Getsuga Tenshō point-blank, dismissing Suzaku's claim as a lie. However, Byakuren appears behind Tōkaru, forming a purple Cero between its eyes. Just as Tōkaru comments that this was Kamui's attack, he is struck by the powerful Cero. Renge calls out Tōkaru's name, as he too charges in, using his technique Sprout, Shinibana. He fired the massive black attack for Byakuren, making dead contact, but the latter shrugged it off as if he couldn't even feel it. Renge attempts another attack, but Byakuren appears behind him, punching a hole through Renge's stomach. However, it was only Renge's Decoy, Shinibana. The real Renge appeared above Byakuren, calling out Bloom, Shinibana. The attack fired a massive crimson Cero-like attack, eradicating Byakuren's figure. However, Byakuren grabbed the attack's core, and crushed it from the inside. As Renge's eyes widen in shock, he backs up quickly. Realizing that Byakuren truly is the accumulation of Seireitou and Kamui, he calls out his Bankai, Guren Shinibana.

In Bankai, his appearance changes radically. He now wears a form fitting black cloak that splits into four sections near his waist. It covers his entire body, even his arms, legs, hands and feet. This robe is part of Renge's Bankai and the damage it can take is directly proportionate to the remaining strength and level of Renge's Reiatsu, similar to Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu. The Zanpakutō itself does not change in appearance. Renge also wears a full-head mask which form-fits his head and has a cross like marking in it's center. His sclera turn red and his irises turn green. Byakuren lets out a wild cry, which actually causes sky rifts to split open above him. As this occurs, the other Seijin arrive at the scene, winning their own respective battles. Along with Renge, they look up at the rifts. Several Menos start spilling out from the rifts, surrounding Byakuren as they stare at the Seijin. What's more, Byakuren fires a massive Cero from his eyes, which obliterates the prison that Renge kept Datara concealed. Datara remarks how the firing of a Cero is reminiscent to "the sound of death", and that it goes well with this scene. Renge, believing that Datara's now won, shouts out that this is the end for the Seijin Council, screaming out Seireitou and Kamui's names. All of a sudden, the Vizard arrive on the scene and Makōtō Kawahiru tells Datara that its been a long time since they've last seen each other.

The Arrival: The Vizard Appear[]

Lucius remarks that there are some nostalgic faces gathered in front of them and Makōtō greets Datara. The Seijin Council are shocked by the arrival of the Vizard and Renge comments that Makōtō was Seireitou's cousin, and one of the warriors who fought Datara back then. Makōtō asks if any of the Vizard have Seijin they wish to speak to, though they decline. Makōtō then states that he'll go speak with Renge. Jennifer Yadōmaru notes that she hasn't felt thirteen spiritual signatures in the location belonging to the Seijin, pondering if some of them had died. Renge removes his Bankai's mask, as Makōtō appears beside him with a flash step. Makōtō is silent, as Renge asks him if Kamui had come with him. Confused, Makōtō noted that he believed Kamui was here to begin with, and for that matter, what happened to Seireitou? Renge explains the circumstances behind Seireitou's death, as Makōtō's hair covers his eyes in silence. He then nodded, as it will be their duty to defeat Datara now.

Byakuren lets out a battle-cry and Suzaku remarks that he doesn't like that he's so noisy since it ruins the tension. Lucius tells him that there's meaning behind his words and tells Suzaku to be quiet and watch. Kōmei expresses shock at the millions of Menos forming near Byakuren, as the Vizard decide to fight the Menos, simultaneously putting their masks on. The Vizard unsheathe their Zanpakutō and they all charge towards the Menos Grande. Jin'emon Kotsubaki slices a Menos Grande's head vertically in half and then kicks one of the parts, which collides with other Menos. Maki Ichinose, with his Zanpakutō Nijigasumi released, begins a multitude of ranbow-colored attacks that destroy several Menos Grande masks, causing them to explode. Another Menos Grande tries to attack him from behind but Maki kicks it directly in the mask and uses his spiritual power to blow its head up. Gosuke Kiganjō kills a bunch of Menos Grande's by smashing their masks with his fists, releasing his Chun, destroying several more with its large size. Sōjun Kuchiki began forming several Sōkatsui blasts, destroying Menos with every burst of Kidō. He then redrew his blade, bifurcating a Meno down the middle. As part of it falls to the side, Jennifer Yadōmaru cuts it down further, telling Sōjun to watch where he's letting those parts fall down. She then moves to a Menos Grande that prepares to fire a Cero, but before it can she completely shreds it in the blink of an eye. The remaining Seijin watch the battle and are in shock at how powerful the Vizard are.

During the conclusion of these events, Makōtō uses Sonìdo to advance to Datara's present location and removing his mask, he makes a sudden direct attack. Unfortunately, Suzaku steps in to block the attack and slashes at Makōtō in a single swift motion. He manages to cut his forehead as Makōtō narrowly avoids the attack, before remarking that he missed, to which Makōtō quips he is a liar as he noticeably cut him. Suzaku explains he was trying to cut his head off from the eyes up and considers the scratch he made a miss. Makōtō attempts to provoke Tōsen by calling him a child, which causes Suzaku to grit his teeth in anger. As Suzaku attacks out of pure anger, he is blocked by the sudden intervention of Lucius, telling him to back off, as this fight doesn't belong to him. As circumstances continue to unfold, the remainder of the Vizard disperse and go on to battle Byakuren, the opponent that had been able to effortlessly defeat two Seijin ideally.

Unattainable Victory: The Vizard & the Seijin Council vs Byakuren[]

Renge placed his canvas-like mask back on his head, as the remaining Vizard and Seijin Council confront Byakuren. Jin'emon Kotsubaki charges towards Byakuren, slamming his blade down on the being's head. At the sides, come the Bankai-enhanced Renge along with Nanako Ōmura, though Byakuren is capable of dodging both effortlessly. Slowly, Byakuren grabs the blade that is kept behind his back, as it fires a lavender-colored fang of spiritual power upon being drawn, Renge shrugging it off with his Bankai. Nanako noted that it was Seireitou's attack, as Byakuren began to fire off several rounds of the technique. Renge flashed forward, blocking all of the strikes, as Megumi Shimokawa appeared behind Byakuren, aiming to decapitate him. However, as Byakuren ducked, Renge's sudden follow-up attack was also dodged. Byakuren fired a purple Cero from his eyes, blasting Renge back. Though the latter sustained few injuries, Byakuren then began screaming which followed with an immense burst of spiritual power, accessing his true power.

Byakuren's Release

Byakuren's mysterious release...

His hair had completely changed, from its dark blue to a mixture of red and silver. Two strange red markings were now on both of his arms, as his kosode was completely destroyed, leaving only his hakama and obi. His mask fragments were also gone, as well as his Zanpakutō. Byakuren screamed once more, as Renge's eyes widen from the force of one single scream. Renge quickly moved in to fight Byakuren, but was immediately stabbed in the gut by Byakuren's transformed arm, which took the form of a katana's blade. As Renge fell, Nanako and Megumi charged in to attack. However, Byakuren fired a bright white Cero from his mouth, completely overwhelming the two women with its amazing force and speed. Musashi stared on in disbelief, as Sōjun and Gosuke charged in together, attempting to rush the experimental being. Byakuren screamed once more, holding its head as if it was in pain, firing a series of black Bala. Musashi then appeared, firing a massive blue Cero from the tip of his blade, which canceled out the bala. Byakuren charged in, holding a large Cero in the palm of his hand, as Musashi moved in to strike him down. Just then, however, Byakuren disappeared, flashing behind Musashi as the former fired his Cero for the remaining Seijin. In defiance, Kōmei used Bakudō #81: Danku, blocking the Cero attack almost effortlessly. Jenny then entered battle, swinging her blade down on Byakuren's back, but the latter turned to swat the blade away effortlessly. Using a point-blank Cero from his eyes, Byakuren blasted Jenny down, as Kōmei came up on the creature's backside. Swinging his own blade from the side, Byakuren's arm was cut down severely and his attention was centered on Kōmei, as Musashi moved it and stabbed the tip of his blade into Byakuren's chest. Forming his own point-blank Cero, Musashi called out the name of his Zanpakutō, Kōyūi. The Cero ripped through Byakuren's chest, sending him plummeting for the ground below.

Kōmei sighed with relief, but Byakuren quickly appeared once more, in front of the two Seijin. The harm done to his chest had disappeared, prompting Kōmei to believe it was Instant Regeneration. Kōmei and Musashi get on their guard again, as Byakuren;s body began to glow blue. He then split into three, as two of them charged for the two Seijin. Kōmei was pushed back by his Byakuren split, and Musashi clashed blades with his. The third Byakuren appeared behind Musashi, firing a point-blank lavender Shikon Hisakiten into Musashi. Musashi was propelled through the air, his upper body completely broken as both Byakuren appeared above the flying Musashi, kicking him down at the same time as Musashi went flying for the ground below, with a large thud. Kōmei was still battling his Byakuren split, and activated Xinxuan as he jumped away from Byakuren's range of physical attack. He shut his eyes, as the Byakuren split felt an invisible force slap him in the face several times, as another punched into his gut. As Byakuren's eyes looked down, Kōmei flashed above Byakuren, using a close-range Hadō #63: Raikōhō. The Kidō completely eradicated the Byakuren split, as Kōmei smiled only slightly at his victory. However, this smile turned into a grimace of shock as he looked up at the remaining Byakuren. The Vizards, save for Makōtō who was fighting Datara, and the remaining Seijin Masters were all defeated. Musashi managed to defeat one of the splits before losing consciousness, but the original remained, staring down Kōmei...

Playground Suite: Makōtō Kawahiru vs Datara Kawahiru[]

As Aizen enters the battlefield himself, Makōtō and Renge approached him forward. Makōtō advises Renge not to attack carelessly, as Datara disregards this as foolishness. Datara goes on about provoking the two, amused at Makōtō's statement. He first angers Renge with his remark on how he expected such "kind words" from Makōtō. Renge continues to grit his teeth at Datara's taunts on how the battle's outcome is already set and that Soul Society's fate sealed due to Seireitou's death and Kamui's absence, but these initial provocations are ineffective as Makōtō tells Renge to keep calm since Datara is simply baiting them. As the tense situation goes on, Datara makes a successful incitement, asking the pair on what exactly they are afraid of since since their comrades are already dead. Fully enraged now, Renge foolishly moves to attack Datara only to be bifurcated by Lucius Ichimaru's Jikkō'omo. Though able to remain alive, Datara then moves in with a quick flash step, stabbing through Renge's body with his tentacles, sending the former hurtling for the ground. Makōtō stares on in horror, as he screams out Kamui and Seireitou's names. The scene is then brought toward the Seijin Temple, where the dead body of Seireitou lay. Once Makōtō had screamed out his name, a pulse began resonating from his being...

As Makōtō turns his sight away from Renge's mangled body, he glares up at Datara. Datara remarks on this, saying that Makōtō's eyes have a nice look as he feels as though he is looking at eyes have returned to life for the first time since their fight several years ago. With that, Datara fires an instantaneous Cero from his fingertips, sending Makōtō down for the ground below with a large thud. Datara smirked at this, declaring it his victory, but is surprised as a black blade stabs through his chest, from his backside. Not only Datara is surprised by the attack but both Suzaku and Lucius are as well. Datara turns around towards the direction of the attack and looks back at his own shadow on a cloud as Makōtō slides out from it. To Datara's surprise, it is Makōtō who stares stares coldly at Datara as the shadow drips from his body. Holding his hand on the wound, Datara questions Makōtō on just what was technique he used; stating that it is ridiculous that Makōtō can hide in the shadows and wonders if Makōtō was holding back an attack like that the entire time. As Makōtō states the name of the technique, Kageoni, he explains that his Kyōten Hakkyōka is to be used only in one-on-one fights and he needed to draw Datara away from the others. Datara dismisses this as unimportant, and draws his own blade, appearing in front of Makōtō and swings his blade down. With a narrow dodge, Makōtō activates Irooni and calls out the color green. Datara notices but is unable to dodge in time as Makōtō slashes one of his tentacles. To Datara's surprise though, the actual wound is shallow which confuses Datara as the attack felt so deep that he thought his tentacle would come off. Datara quickly begins deducting the nature of Makōtō's Irooni, thinking about how Makōtō had started a color-based game and had called the color green as his entire tentacle is a form of green but there is no green on Makōtō's body. Makōtō is startled to find that Datara then calls out blue, cutting through Makōtō's chest. As Makōtō is pushed back, Datara then plainly states that Makōtō's powers are vastly different compared to his own abilities and that Makōtō's power is nothing once one gets accustomed to it. He taunts Makōtō about it being nothing more than mere child's play, ironic as its power is manipulation of games. Before their battle goes any further, Datara's attention is attracted by Kamui who finally appears behind Makōtō, the former is in his Bankai release, Yeouin'chiyu Shinbyeong.

The Past and the Future: Madara Kawahiru & Raian Getsueikirite's Army vs Datara Kawahiru & Byakuren[]

Transcending the Past's Legacy: Madara "Kamui" Kawahiru vs Datara Kawahiru[]

Datara's True Demon Power

Datara releasing his true demonic powers.

Kamui finally returns, much to Renge's shock and Datara's displeasure. Renge noted how different Kamui's spiritual power felt, as he stated that it was "much darker and empty." Datara's eyes remained fixated on Kamui's Bankai, and gave a small chuckle. He goes on to state that Kamui's Bankai didn't do much last time they fought, so what hope would he have this time. Kamui, in defiance, swung his blade down, as an immense aura built up around him. Suddenly, several Meidō Zangetsuha blades erupted from his being, cutting off parts and pieces of Datara's body and swallowing them up into Hell. Kamui then spoke up, saying that things would end differently this time, as he will "finish it in an instant." Datara begins to take Kamui's words seriously, but quickly dismisses this as arrogance, as his face begins to crack. He claims that he will show Kamui the true power of his demonic transmigration, as his body bursts into shards of flesh. Datara's face becomes darkened reddish brown, as his body takes on a form similar to that of a dark blue deformed body. Steam begins to emit from Datara's mouth, as he roars, unleashing a massive burst of purple flames from his mouth. However, Kamui's aura stands up in defense, splitting the flames down the middle which protect himself and Renge. As the flames begin to die out, Kamui tightens his grip on his blade, telling Renge to stay far away from their battle. Renge reseals his Bankai form, and bows politely, flashing away as Kamui told him. After distancing himself, Renge noted that Kamui was the only one left who could hope to defeat Datara now.

Kamui instantly activates a Kidō, as Datara is hit instantaneously by it. After Datara is hit by the Kidō spell, he is immediately pummeled by Kamui. Kamui launches an assault at him, sending him crashing through a building and wounding his shoulder. As Kamui continues his attack, Datara blocks his blade and tells him that he missed his final chance to kill him. However, Kamui points out that he did enough since he injured him, but Datara questions where he hurt him as his wound begins to close up. As this catches Kamui off-guard, Datara blasts his knee into Kamui's stomach, launching him a ways off. However, Kamui quickly regains his composure, as he states that he and Datara are now at equal levels. Instantly, Kamui swung his blade down, and called out the technique Malgyeseung. His spiritual aura flared with four new colors, still retaining his original one. The markings had changed on Kamui's face, becoming more rigid and completely the shape around his face, ending in a full moon on his forehead. Datara showed interest in this, stating that Kamui had "evolved his Bankai." Kamui then rose his blade up, as Datara continued by then stating that he does not feel as anything has changed and asks Kamui if he had perhaps theorized the wrong conclusion. Kamui however, implores Datara to re-examine things, stating that things around him are already changing. He then points out Kōgyoku Kawahiru's Myohyang, casually asking Datara's opinion on its pleasant scent. Datara realizes that something has transpired but Kamui tells him that it is already too late and welcomes him to the "inverted world." Much to Datara's surprise, Kamui now appears as though he is standing upside-down in mid-air. Thinking carefully, Datara notices the change in directions, seeing that up, down, left and right are reversed. Kamui proceeds to explaining that Myohyang is a Zanpakutō has the power to influence an opponent through a unique fragrance. This particular ability, Konran Yuri, allows Kamui to reverse an opponent's senses of direction and it is similar to blocking block puzzle traps. Datara comments on how this Zanpakutō's power is indeed interesting by how everything from up, down, left, right are reversed to forwards and backward and quickly turns around to block Kamui's attack. Kamui appears to be surprised by Datara's swift deduction of the Zanpakutō's powers, who smugly asks Kamui if he actually thought that he would be fooled. However, Datara is stunned to find that Kamui has inflicted an injury on his right arm. Kamui explains that it is not just one's sense of direction that is reversed but also one's vision and the location of an injury is inverted as well.

Kamui moves to go attack again only for Datara to appear right behind him. Now understanding Kamui's Zanpakutō's new power, he finds himself disappointed that it is nothing more than an optical illusion. Kamui is startled to find that Datara had cut his back after passing by him. However, Kamui shatters into glass, revealing the ability Jikiden Hōkō, which carried over from his Shikai. Datara warns Kamui not to take this fight lightly, as not even illusions will save him in the end. Datara then sends off several of his tentacles in a zig-zag pattern at high speeds, Kamui narrowly dodging them with his impressive speed. Without pause, Datara then stated Anvāsu Yāmīnī, releasing a massive burst of purple gas from his being. Kamui quickly disperses the gas with Meidō Zangetsuha, but to no avail, as it begins spreading rapidly. Datara made a sweeping motion with his arm, sending off a burst of spiritual power from his fingertips which crashed into Kamui, knocking his blade out of his hands as it flies off into a rock formation. Datara states that he is finished, but Kamui surprises Datara by glowing bright red, but quickly turned into a transparent purple. By punching the air, a massive spiritual blast launched off from his fist, crashing into a surprised Datara. Standing up tall, Kamui explains that he learned more than a few simple tricks. His Getsudō would be enough to fight Datara, but the latter tells him a few blasts of energy will not suffice for a fight. Kamui retorts by saying "Getsudō is not about fighting, it is about spiritual understanding. Becoming one with your soul and technique, something long abandoned within our world. We fight with Getsudō in regards to the threat level our opponents emit. It is not out of fear... nor as ways to overcome our hinderances to our status as fighters... but instead, to come to terms with who we really are as people. This is what a true Shinigami... nay, a true warrior is all about. Your statement is reflective of your fear of failing to be better than the next guy. You are clearly not... a true warrior." Datara, now slightly annoyed, charges at Kamui, but the latter repels him back via Getsudō 12: Reikyōnami. Kamui continues his assault, calling his weapon back to his hands as he closes the gap between himself and Datara. All of a sudden, Kamui flashes ahead, in front of Datara and hits him at point-blank range with Getsudō 1: Getsuga Tenshō. A huge explosion engulfs Datara, leaving a crater behind along with several destroyed buildings below at the Seijin Temple. To Kamui's disbelief, Datara emerges from the smoke with a large slash on his demonic chest, which led upwards toward his shoulder and legs. Datara then remarks that it was a "palpable hit" and that he "understood" the attack. He then raises his sword and says that it is time for Kamui to understand his power.

Datara rose his blade, releasing a steady stream of poison gas from the tip, which Kamui continued to spread away with Getsudō 1: Getsuga Tenshō. With a smirk, Datara appeared behind Kamui, firing off several Cero from a single fingertip, crashing one-by-one into Kamui's back. However, Kamui's body shattered once more, as Datara was shocked to discover that it was merely an illusion once again. Kamui's blade was held upwards, as he explained that he was using Bassai, the Zanpakutō of Kōgen Kawahiru. Furthermore, this would allow Kamui the ability to break down anything he struck with the physical portion of his blade. And also, anything cut by Bassai cannot regenerate. Datara shows initial shock at this, as Kamui moves forward to strike at Datara. However, the two are quickly surprised by an immense explosion on the outskirts of the Seijin Council...

Raian Getsueikirite's Arrival! Friend or Foe?![]

The explosion was caused by the arrival of Raian Getsueikirite, being in his Bankai release, along with his comrades. Datara's attention was brought to Raian's explosive arrival, sneering at the thought of "more flies entering the fire." Without a moment's notice, Raian appeared beside Kamui via Sonìdo. Kamui asks Raian if he came here to settle his grudge against the Seijin for being aligned with Soul Society but Raian tells him that he only wants to get revenge against Datara and remarks that he doesn't have anything against them, except for the fact that they hid in a powerful barrier and if it wasn't for Renge he would have never gotten in. Renge apologizes to Kamui but the Seijin Grandmaster allows it. Kamui asks Raian if he can think of them as allies now but Raian tells him that he can't, and that they are simply enemies of Datara and allies of Seireitou. Raian also continues to ask about Seireitou's absence, to which Kamui explained that Datara killed him off a while ago. This brings immense anger to Raian's face, as he attempts to calm down. However, once he does, he notices a familiar power force, a weak one, but there nevertheless. Raian looks toward Datara, and prepares to enter battle. Datara, however, smiles softly as Byakuren appears behind the two, aiming for Raian's head. In defiance, Raian blocks Byakuren's attack with his blade and pushes the experiment back. Ichigo Kurosaki and Isshin Kurosaki then flashed ahead, facing down Byakuren. Ichigo states that he'll handle this, and Raian should focus on Datara. Nodding, Raian and Ichigo, back-to-back, flash forward into their respective battles.

His Despair...[]

Shinwaryeok Hanullim

Shinwaryeok Hanullim appears before Seireitou...!

Elsewhere, Seireitou is plunged into his inner world, noticing that it is burning in white flames everywhere. As Seireitou quickly attempts to put them up, he is grabbed by a man resembling Hanullim's inner spirit, and thrown down into the only part of the temple intact. He then asks the person who he is, as only Hanullim is supposed to be there. The stranger criticises Seireitou for talking to his superior in such a tone. He then pulls out Shinwaryeok Hanullim, much to Seireitou's surprise. He tells Seireitou he is not surprised that he does not recognize this form, as this is the first time Seireitou has ever come to his inner world since his death. He then moves to attack Seireitou, who blocks the attack. Seireitou asks the stranger if he is Hanullim. The stranger denies it and asks him what his Bankai is called, identifying himself as Shinwaryeok Hanullim as he continues his assault. Though confused, once some distance is put between them, another mysterious being appears, being an old man in appearance. Seireitou questions this man's identity, and the man states that he is the teacher of all the Kawahiru founders. He addresses himself as Dangun, leaving Seireitou speechless, instantly realizing the old man's identity. Dangun then explained that when Datara killed him, the Hōgyoku within Seireitou's body sacrificed itself to protect the latter's life. When this occured, Seireitou lost a large part of his memory and his powers, and entered a comatose state. Still confused at this, Dangun then explained that he must protect the others from Datara's attack.

Understanding somewhat, he asks if Shinwaryeok Hanullim will lend him his power. Shinwaryeok Hanullim, however, moves to attack again prompting Seireitou to yell at him and ask what is he doing. Shinwaryeok Hanullim tells him that he cannot do such a thing. Seireitou simply states that without it he cannot protect his friends from Datara. Shinwaryeok Hanullim quickly moves in front of Seireitou and grabs his arm and asks why he should care about what happens to what Seireitou wants to protect, surprising Seireitou. He then throws Seireitou into the temple pillars below. Shinwaryeok Hanullim then states that Seireitou shouldn't misunderstand, and that what he wants to protect and what Seireitou wants to protect are not the same. Once composed, Seireitou took note of the burning temple, asking what happened here. Dangun then flashes ahead of Shinwaryeok Hanullim, appearing in front of Seireitou, blasting him with an unknown force. Regaining his stance, Seireitou orders to know why Dangun interfered, but the latter quickly explained that Shinwaryeok Hanullim is not his enemy here. He states that Seireitou's inner world has changed from the hope-filled temple in the skies, and has burned down because of Seireitou's inability. Shinwaryeok Hanullim explains that this all occurred because Seireitou ceased to walk forward and fell into despair. Shinwaryeok Hanullim appears in front of Seireitou suddenly and pierces his arm into Seireitou's chest. He tells him that he will not let Seireitou stay the way he is, and that he is going to pull out the source of his despair. Shinwaryeok Hanullim proceeds to rip out the "source of despair" and tosses it behind him. When Seireitou looks at it, he sees his deceased wife, Shiori Miyamoto.

Shiori's Monstrous Form

Seireitou's Despair... is the love of his life?!

Seireitou burnt

Seireitou blocking Shiori's flame attack

Not understanding why Shiori appeared, Shinwaryeok Hanullim explains that he had fallen from his power into despair when his wife died, and since then, his powers have been steadily decreasing. Even in his fight with Raian, Seireitou's powers were at a low point. Shinwaryeok Hanullim states that Seireitou must face his despair, and eradicate it. Seireitou opposes the thought of taking Shiori's life again, but the latter begins glowing a deep aura of lavender, as she transforms into a hideous creature. She became reminiscent to a large salamander, blazing in flames as she tackled Seireitou into one of the blazing pillars. As he slowly stood to his feet, Dangun stated that he will need to overcome his despair in order to awaken himself. Seireitou shakes his head, feeling himself unable to fight against Shiori, no matter what form she takes. Shinwaryeok Hanullim chimes in, stating that it won't matter what he thinks, as Shiori has no qualms about killing him. As he finishes his statement, Shiori launches a massive burst of flames from her mouth, crashing into the bleeding Seireitou. Seireitou blocks it narrowly, but Shiori quickly appears behind the silver-haired man (at incredible speeds, despite her large size) and blasted him with an immense point-blank spiritual burst...

Ascension: Entering the Realm of God[]

Datara's mass of tainted Seijin hearts

Datara's tainted black power...

Ichigo and Isshin fare off against Byakuren, and with the combination of Isshin's manuvers and Ichigo's Final Getsuga Tenshō, they manage to defeat Byakuren. Ichigo's blow utterly destroys Byakuren as the experiment screams and then shatters into pieces. Meanwhile, Raian and Datara clash swords, and to Datara's surprise, Raian grins and uses his middle finger to flick his own arm, which has the affect of sending Datara straight through several buildings. As Datara begins sliding back on a building, Kamui appears in front of him and swings his Zanpakutō down on him. However, Datara dodges and the force of the blow destroys much of the rubble below them. Raian immediately swings his Zanpakutō at Aizen's head, attempting to team-up with Kamui, but he dodges this as well and Datara uses Cero. However, Raian blocks the attack, but Datara anticipates this, sending off a mysterious burst of energy from the tip of his blade, crashing into the two opponents. After battling a bit more, Raian notices that Datara's movements have gotten slower and he asks him if he has reached his limit already. Datara states that he has, but only as a Demon, and he claims that his Sōzōshin power is going to undergo a metamorphosis. As Raian asks him what he's talking about, Datara asks him to ponder why Byakuren was created. As he asks this, Datara pulls out a small black orb of glowing reiryoku. He explains that he used Byakuren to amass spiritual power from his opponents, and that this black orb was increasing in strength. He goes on to state that reiryoku is made up of a person's heart and a person's spirit, and by separating the spirit, one's heart could be sealed within the black orb. The Seijin's heart had allowed the orb to become pink, but Datara continued to corrupt the orb with his own heart, tainting it into a black color. The orb began to pulse, as Kamui charged forward, slashing his blade down on Datara's body but the attack failed, Datara revealing that his skin had became crystallized. Datara boasts that it was a power granted by Naohi, and that no attack can pierce through the shell. Datara explained then that he had hoped Raian would come here, as the man was still at odds about his position with Soul Society. He requested that if Raian gives his life, he will leave Soul Society and the Seijin alone. Kamui quickly calls bullshit on that, but Raian steps forward slowly.

He agrees to the terms that Datara has stated, surprising Kamui instantly. Datara's tentacles slowly creep outwards, pulling Raian inside, as Raian was tied to Datara's back. As he begins to float away, leaving Kamui in complete shock, Raian smirked, softly stating that he has no intention to die. He climbs up, and stabs his blade into Datara's chest from behind, an immense golden light escaping from his blade. Datara's shell begins cracking, as Raian states "I will defeat you, Datara! I will not die here!" Kamui quickly shows disbelief in this, as Datara begins showing signs of fear in his face. Kamui quickly recognizes this as Shiori's light, possibly being granted to Raian from Yahweh. Groaning at the purifying light, Datara invokes a massive explosion of spiritual power which blows Raian backwards, Kamui catching him mid-air. Inside the light of the destruction, Datara begins reforming...

Spit On Your Own God: Madara "Kamui" Kawahiru & Raian Getsueikirite vs "God-Datara" - Round Two[]


Datara's Transformation into a Transcendent.

Out of the explosion of spiritual energy, stands Datara appearing much differently. He now has crimson red hair, much more wild than before, as his shirt has been ripped off, leaving behind only brown hair around his body. He also seems to have grown a long monkey tail, and has increased his muscle mass. Raian is left stunned by the transformation, as Datara explains that he has "returned to the beginning of evolution." Kamui holds his blade up, telling Raian that this will not be easy whatsoever. Raian, still in Bankai, agrees silently and charges in. However, Datara beats him to the punch, appearing behind Raian. He asks Raian if that is the limit to his abilities. In defiance, Raian quickly shouted out that he will crush Datara, the former's shirt ripping off as he preforms Shunkō. Kamui follows Raian's actions by activating Bassai, preparing to cut through Datara's new state from behind. As both close in, Datara taps his finger in the air, as if hitting a hard surface, sending a massive shockwave that pushes both of the two attackers back. Raian, however, is not out for the count, as he quickly regains his stance. Datara, now annoyed, prepares to attack Kamui. Using that chance, Raian activates Kyūbi no Kitsune, which summons a massive spiritual fox with nine tails behind his person. Datara halts his attack at Kamui, turning to see Raian's newly created beast. In defiance, Kamui slashed Bassai down on Datara, sure that it would crush the latter. However, Datara dodged the attack and flashed far away. Raian then moved in, his fox forming a large Cero that shot outwards for Datara. With a snap, Datara crushed the Cero before it even made contact. Raian's eyes narrowed, as he called the fox back, releasing his Serafines. In his Resurrección, Raian's body changes slightly. He now longer, lighter hair; with his hair being almost a brown color now. His eyes are golden yellow with black slits as pupils, just like that of his Inner Hollow. Raian's regular outfit turns pure white and his shoes turn tan, the exact opposite of what he usually wears. He also grows three sets of angel-like wings. Datara disregards the appearance reference, calling Raian foolish for imitating an Angel. Raian, in turn, berates Datara for his foolish, as his eyes begin glowing golden. Without hesitation, Raian fired a Cero from his fingertips and also flashed away, aiming a kick for Datara's person. However, Datara grabbed Raian's leg with one hand, and destroyed the Cero with his other. Datara explained that Raian was foolish for charging in like that, his arm focusing an immense power in his hand, preparing to destroy Raian. However, Raian suddenly disappeared. Kamui and Datara both looked back, as Raian was held by the hand of Seireitou.

The Final Battle[]

Transcendent Deicide: Seireitou Kawahiru vs "God-Datara"[]

Million to One: Madara "Kamui" Kawahiru vs Suzaku Kawahiru[]

Muramasa's Bankai

Muramasa's Bankai, Sengo Nyūdō Muramasa, surrounds Suzaku and Kamui.

Once Seireitou rushed Datara back, Kamui went forward to face down his nephew, Suzaku. With a small smirk, Suzaku declared that he wouldn't hold back for even a moment. He would kill both Kamui, and his father as well. With no more words, Suzaku openly declared Bankai, Sengo Nyūdō Muramasa. By dropping his blade straight down, a massive dome of black spiritual energy surrounded both Suzaku and Kamui. This dome-shaped energy began to emit waves of spiritual pressure throughout the land. Though not affecting the fighters nearby, the fallen Seijin and henchmen of Datara's began to feel their spirits being ripped out. Kamui held up his blade, stating his surprise over seeing Muramasa's Bankai. One of the blades appeared in Suzaku's hand, as he then stated Tsukuyōmaru.

Follower of God and God's Enemy: Raian Getsueikirite vs Lucius Ichimaru[]

Evolution: Beyond a God[]

Kamui has defeated Suzaku, and Raian has trapped Lucius in his unique Bakudō. Seireitou is then seen standing with his blade up, with Datara standing on the opposite side, panting as he is out of breath. Deepening their distance, Seireitou states the irony of how Datara once berated Seireitou for keeping distance between them, and now he himself was putting distance between them. Datara's composure tumbles down, as he uncharacteristically yells at Seireitou to "abandon his arrogance." His hand reaches inside his pocket, where he takes out the black orb from before. He explains that when he attained his new form, it was through pulling out God from Shiori's light, via Raian. And also, that he hasn't transformed into his perfect state. Seireitou quickly retorts that Datara could transform 1000 times over, and it still won't make a difference. Datara sneered at this comment, and yelled at him once again, actually swallowing down the black orb. His body begins to glow black, as he vomits white liquid from his mouth, which begins to surround him. This energy begins to envelop Datara, as he raises higher in the sky. Raian and Kamui then appear beside Seireitou, ready to assist him. However, Seireitou declines and instead, tells them to get as far away as possible. Someplace where they won't be able to get caught in his spiritual power. Raian is hesitant at leaving, but Kamui persuades him that there is nothing they can do at this point. Using a mysterious white Shikon Hisakiten, Seireitou breaks through the sphere of spiritual energy, and enters to finish things once and for all with Datara.

Finishing the Million-Century War: Seireitou Kawahiru vs Datara Kawahiru - Round Two[]

Datara's Final Transformation

Datara's Second Transformation

Inside the darkness of the orb, Seireitou flew through the airspace. He quickly noted how large the insides were in comparison to the outside view. Inside, Datara's voice begins to taunt him, informing Seireitou that everything surrounding him is a part of him. He sends armored versions of his original form to fight Seireitou, who's Shinwaryeok Hanullim effortlessly defeats them. Seireitou berates Datara for stalling for time, as Datara seeps out from the ground, sporting an entirely strange appearance. The five red eyes that are a part of this new body all stare at Seireitou, each firing a massive burst of spiritual power. With instant movement, Seireitou flickered past all five attacks, his blade right at Datara's neck. He states that the time for games is over, as this fight will now end once and for all. Datara snickers, questioning Seireitou if he still hates Datara for what happened to Shiori. He goes on to say if this is the case, why hasn't Seireitou killed Datara earlier when he had the chance. Seireitou explains that he had something to ask Datara that he had to know. He asks if Dangun's death was caused naturally, or caused by Datara. Datara notes that he hadn't hurt that name in several centuries, and explains that Dangun held the greatest power in the world, and that he himself was his student. Seireitou demands to know what Datara's motives were this whole time; toying with Seireitou's emotions, with Kamui's pain, with Shiori's life, and with all of their friends. Datara explained that he wished to "redo" the Kawahiru clan, and erase their history forever so that he'd be able to correct the error that he made allowing his descendants to take steed. He then raises his blade, stating that Seireitou has evolved past that of a Sōzōshin, becoming a Transcendent Sōzōshin. However, Seireitou denies that, as he raises his blade. Datara also states that he too has attained that level, and that now, they will be able to fight on the same level. As Datara closes the distance, Seireitou flashes forward, kneeing Datara's body backwards. Following up, Seireitou delivers a massive white Shikon Hisakiten into Datara, causing a massive explosion to occur on the southern side of the entire area, visible to Kamui, Suzaku, Raian, and Lucius all fighting outside. With the smoke beginning to seep out of a damaged Datara, Seireitou explains that he will now show Datara the true source of his power.


Seireitrou in the Hwanin state of the Ōhirumenoshī technique.

Seireitou's blade exploded with an intense burst of spiritual energy, enveloping him and the area around himself and Datara. The technique initiates, causing Datara to react in surprise to the new form Seireitou has taken. Seireitou explains that the Ōhirumenoshī technique means becoming Hwanin itself. In this form, Seireitou's appearance changes drastically. His silver hair becomes longer but much more tame, attaining golden armor which is styled to appear like japanese royalty. The chest plate contains sapphire embedded, which also extends outwards toward the shoulders, where the armor ends in two more sapphires on each respective side which hold up a long white cape. On his back, two large solid-gold wings with designs similar to the sheath of Hanullim. The inner edges of the wings are connected by a golden arc bar. Seireitou goes on to explain that this technique will only be used for an instant, as in that instant, he will defeat Datara. Enraged at this, Datara orders him to abandon his arrogance, as he forms a massive orb of spiritual power to his hands, generated by the five red eyes from before. He screams at Seireitou that such a thing is impossible, as if he could possibly surpass him. Seireitou calls for his Miryōkanna and white flames fall all over the area. Outside, the four all gaze in shock as the large substance has been completely swallowed into a massive white pillar of spiritual power, actually tearing into the sky above. Once it finally starts to downgrade, nothing is left of the structure but a bloody and weakened Datara. Seireitou's new state had disappeared, so has his "Hyuzu, Shinwaryeok Hanullim" form, placing him in his damaged Bankai uniform. Datara begins to breathe heavily, as he falls over, crashing into the ground below.

The Aftermath[]


Slowly, Seireitou floats down, reaching Datara's location as the latter is seen kneeling down, still panting heavily. Seireitou asks if Datara has any last words, but a large stream of blue flames separate the two in surprise. Shocked at this, Seireitou turns his head to notice several men in similar uniforms with one man in slightly different attire, presumably their leader. Datara uses this chance to activate a Garganta, disappearing into the mysterious space as Seireitou attempts to stop this, though another stream of blue flames halts this. Lucius uses his blade to cut into Raian's back, distracting the latter as he grabs Suzaku, disappearing instantly. Kamui attempts to give chase, but is stopped by the presumed leader. The man asks if he is the one who goes by the name Madara Kawahiru, which Kamui quickly retorts why'd that would matter. Once again asking the question, Kamui confirms this, as the man pulls out his blade, jutting the butt of the hilt into Kamui's stomach. Strangely, the action ends up knocking Kamui out as the latter's eyes turn grey. Seireitou quickly moves in to assist, calling out Kamui's name, as two soldiers stop his advance. The leader picks Kamui up, placing him in the arms of three soldiers which take him away. He looks over to the restrained Seireitou, telling him that Kamui has been labeled as a first-rate criminal in Fěicuì Chéng, and that he will be put to death in the homeland. Before Seireitou can pry more information, the man addresses himself as Shun Tai, as he and his soldiers all disappear. Seireitou falls to his knees due to lack of strength, and mutters Kamui's name once more, before falling down and passing out.