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Following Aizen's invasion of Soul Society it was completely reorganized so that a single attack against them could not do so much harm to them. Instead of having almost all of their strength in one place it was decided to decentralize their assets.


After the death of the Spirit King the post was abolished. As was the Central 46 Chambers. Instead the Judiciary and the Military were brought together.

Triumvirate: The spirit king was replaced by a triumvirate of three wise and powerful shinigami. They are responsible for the overall governance of Soul Society. They had greater executive power so as to curb the powers of the legislative branch.

Council: The Council was the legislative body of Soul Society. Their powers were kept in check by a system of checks and balances including more power being given to the executive and judicial branches. It consisted of members who were elected by the people of Soul Society.

Elder Circle: The duties carried out by the Spirit King are now carried out by a group of Royal Family members called the Elder Circle. They are still protected by the Royal Guard.