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Kanji 霊配
English "Spirit Arranging"
Purpose Creating an Aura of Reiatsu
Users Those possessing Reiatsu

Reihai (霊配, "Spirit Arranging"), also referred to as Reiatsu Kehai (霊圧気配, "Spiritual Pressure Aura"), is the act of contracting one's reiatsu inwards and then cladding themselves in a vibrant aura of their spiritual pressure.[1] It demands a considerable degree of both control and focus in order to properly expand and then contract one's reiatsu onto their bodies, clinging to them almost like that of flames; although the appearance of the aura is often different depending upon the individual. It is likened to the art of silk reeling. Although many high-level Shinigami are capable of this technique, it is primarily used by Hakuda specialists. According to Minato Kuramoto, it can be considered a Hakudaka's equivalent to a Zanpakutō's Shikai release, in the sense that a martial artist utilizes Reihai when they take their opponent seriously.


Crude Reihai

Ichigo Kurosaki performing a crude form of Reihai.

Expanding and Contracting

Other Applications

"I discovered a technique to make the reiatsu I emit revolve around my body like a whirlpool. Thanks to it... once I use it, I'm able to fight keeping Shunkō activated the entire time."
Suì-Fēng making use of Reihai to stabilize Shunkō.[2]
Shunko with Reihai

Suì-Fēng using Reihai to complete her Shunkō.

Advanced Form

Holding back Reiatsu

Sealing Reiatsu within the body.

Reiatsu Mikkoku (霊圧密封, "Spiritual Pressure Sealing"): The highest level of Reihai's contraction of reiatsu, it takes the technique of reeling in the user's spiritual pressure to the utmost level, until it no longer is able to be released from the body. As such, it no longer exists in the form of reiatsu, but purely-condensed active reiryoku. By sealing it within the body completely, one can explosively enhance their physical capabilities several times over. However, in doing so, the body is put under immense strain, and as such, the technique can only be used for brief periods of time. Yūshirō Shihōin learned this technique as a way to complete his Shunkō, by condensing the explosive nature of his Kidō within his body.

Completed Form

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