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Rayla is a Soberano, one of the Los Caballero de Sangre.

Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Species Soberano
Affiliation Soberano,Los Caballero de Sangre
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Soberano
Occupation 3rd Squad Knight
Previous Occupation(s) none


Rayla is a tall and beautiful Soberano lady, she looks like a librarian, she has long blonde hair and others find her very attractive, she always carries a book with her.

Character Outline[]

Rayla is an agressive attitude, she will attack when she wants to, she also is very close and very protective to her squad, the 3rd Squad. Despite all of these, she has a drinking habit, she will drink if she won, lost or if she feels depressed, but she cannot control her alcohol, two shots will cause her immediately to be drunk, she also is the one who invites the Knights for parties, which includes drinking, which Claud Vieyera simply hates about her, for he also cannot control his alchohol and he hates parties in which Rayla drags him in.


A drunk Rayla