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A Raifutenshi (ライフてんし Life Angel) is a powerful angel like spirit being. These spirit beings are one of the many kinds of spiritual angels.


The Raifutenshi are an anicent race of three kinds of angel like spirits. The Raifutenshi are the souls of many spiritual species, that have develop a form of angelic type spiritual energy.

Angels in Classes[]

Seraphim the Highest Class: These are only few in number, less than one hundred at any one time. This Angel class power ranks at least to Elite captain-level Shinigami to Shinigami of Aizen's class of power and maybe higher.

Archangel the Intermediate Class: While, not as strong as a Seraphim the Archangels are greatly more powerful than regular angels. There are hundreds of Archangels. The powers of this class of Angel rank at least to an average captain- level Shinigami to Elite captain-level Shinigami.

Angel the Basic Class: The lowest and weakest of the classes, and the class with the highest number. There are ten's of thousands of angels. The powers of this class Angels rank highest to Shinigami Lieutanats.

Abilties & Powers[]

Immortality: A Raifutenshi doesn't age nor require food, water, air, or sleep like the immortal Kosumosukihaku.

Angel's Wings: Unlike, most over spiritual beings, a Raifutenshi's reaitsu strength is shown by the size and how many sets of wings that the angel has. When, an Raifutenshi shows their wings their, spiritual pressure can be felt much easiler, as when they are hidden only strong being with keen senses for reaitsu can sense them. An Angel's wings allows them, to fly.

Seihinote (せいひのて Holy Fire): An ability that all Raifutenshi have. The power lets the Raifutenshi shoot out sparklying golden flames from the palms of their hands. These flames aren't normal fire even for spiritual flames. These flames carry an unique aspect to them and it why they are sparkly golden. Whatever, is hit by these flames will burn like how fire normally burns. However, it will make any evil demonic spiritual being, greatly evil spirit beings, or evil humans relive the crimes they have done. So not only will the being phyiscally burn, but they will mentally suffer as well. It has said by evil beings that one second will feel like 10,000 years if the flames touch you. If the demonic spirit or none demonic spirit hasn't done immense evil crimes it will only burn them like normal fires. The ability is the best against, demonic spirits as they are well known for evil, and evil spirits.

Invisible and Visible Appearance: Unlike, most spirit beings the Raifutenshi can make themselves visible to none spiritual human or creatures.

Healing Touch: An Angel's touch can heal almost any wound, and can revive living humans or creatures. When used, on a spiritual being it will heal their wounds, but cannot revive them and cannot restore their powers if they are gone.