Previous Incarnation

Raian Getsueikirite
Pre-Fanon Canon - Fanon Canon
Fujin awakens the Rinnegan
Race Shinigami (Sōzōshin)
Birthday December 12
Gender Male
Height 186 cm (6'1")
Weight 74 kg (163 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Getsueikirite Clan, Kuchiki Clan, Wolves
Previous Affiliation Royal Guard, Gotei 13, Soul Society
Previous Division Royal Guard, 10th Division
Previous Profession Bodyguard of the Soul King
Captain of the 10th Division
Leader of the Sword Five
Substitute Shinigami of Rider City
Supreme Commander of the Spiritual World Army
Headmaster of the Shakyaryū Dojang
Partner Yoshida
Seireitou Kawahiru
Mashū Getsueikirite
Previous Partner Kujaku Kuchiki (deceased)
Base of Operations Hōōden, Tenkyūden, Royal Palace & Shakyaryū Dojang, Rukongai, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Jacqueline (Wife)
Hake Getsueikirite (Son)
Mashū Getsueikirite (Brother)
Tadoku Getsueikirite (Uncle)
Jinsuke Kuchiki (Adoptive mother)
Tōsan Getsueikirite (Father)
Education Shakyaryū Dojang
Shinō Academy
Shikai Kanāji Fūshin
Bankai Shiseikaze Fūshin
Shukai Kōtōteki Fūshin
First Appearance
Roleplay Debut The Beginning of a New Fight
Series Debut Bleach Royale
English Christopher Sabat
Japanese Akira Ishida

Raian Sonyōji Getsueikirite no Tarō (月影切り太郎 尊幼児 手梁, Getsueikirite no Tarō Sonyōji Raian) was the first captain of the Tenth Division, later being promoted to the Royal Guard. He was exiled from Soul Society following the Akujin Crisis, but regained his status as a captain following the incident with Mūkade. Due to his ruthlessness in earlier conflicts, he was given the name of "Hitokiri Battōsai" (人斬り抜刀斎, Battōsai the Man-Slayer). He is the main protagonist of Bleach: Second Act. By Part II, he had regained his position within the Royal Guard — though he was also the captain of the 10th Division, holding dual positions. He was the fourth Kenpachi, due to his killing of the third Kenpachi, and one of the few not associated with the Eleventh Division. His title, in the Royal Guard, is the "King of Swords" (剣王, Kenō).

During the War of the Worlds, following the death of Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Raian was unanimously declared the Supreme Commander of the Spiritual World Army — commanding Shinigami, Humans, and Hollows alike against the threat of Akujin. His victory made him a hero in Soul Society, but the recovering Gotei 13 was wary of his growing power. Decades later, the Wandenreich returned, carving a path of murder and destruction throughout the spiritual world and human worlds alike. Disillusioned with the Soul Society as a whole, Raian defected from both the Gotei 13 and the Royal Guard, gathering to him those who had once followed him into war against Akujin in order to fight the new Quincy war machine on his own terms—forming the Wolves in the process.


"So? Still got some fight in you, I see! I like that…"
"Then you're gonna love me.
—Raian saves Jacqueline from Akujin.
Relaxed Ryun

Raian's former more laid back appearance.

As a member of the Royal Guard, Raian wears a more modified version of the standard captain's haori; a high-collar, white haori, with black markings (red in the anime) across the chest area and along the bottom rim of the robes, as well as his personal insignia near the shoulder of each sleeve. Underneath this, he wears a white tunic and, beneath even that, a standard black shihakushō. He also wears a standard white obi,an unusually colored, blue hakama, for a Shinigami, who generally wear all black outfits (including their hakama), and black tabi. It is later revealed that he took this clothing style from his late mentor, Shōyō Shakyamuni.

During his time his time in training as a Shinigami, before the Gotei 13's formation, he simply wore the regular Shinigami shihakushō, and upgraded to a haori shortly before his fight for the title of the "Kenpachi". This became a permanent part of his attire during his captaincies of the 8th and 10th Divisions, each time with the respective division's emblem emblazoned on the back.

Raian's current appearance2

Raian after the war.

Prior to the Reikai World War, Raian was a man of average height, with average brown-colored eyes and long black hair, which he kept up in a spiked-ponytail, similar to that of Renji Abarai. He also allowed his bangs to spike outwards. Raian is also noted for his thin eyebrows. He is fair-skinned and is fairly muscular in build, likely from his thousands of years worth of training and exercising as a Shinigami.

After the War, and from then on, Raian cut his hair short, letting his bangs barely hang passed his forehead. He also wears the exact opposite of the Vandenreich officers; a long, black, double-breasted trench coat with shoulder straps and a white, button-down bib. This coat is bound at the waist with a black belt, which is further adorned with a decorative buckle, and is worn over both black trousers and trench boots. The insignia of the 10th Division is emblazoned on his shoulders, while the insignia of the Royal Guard is on the back of his jacket.

Saburō Anbu

Raian during the Quincy resurgence.

Later still, with the advent of a new Quincy threat, Raian's physical appearance remained the same, but his wardrobe drastically changed. No longer donning the attire of a Shinigami, the rogue captain now wears a breast plate made of Ōken armor along with a long, dark cloak made from the same material: granting him tremendous defensive properties. Additionally, he wears the mask of a Hollow who had been brutally murdered by the Quincy as a symbol of his defiance. The mask is both black and red, completely covering his face. The mask itself became a symbol of his identity in the years following the war.


""I don't mind whatever rumors you start of me or what the world will know me as. If you point your blades at what I hold dear, then I do not mind overthrowing something like a government.""
—Raian echoing the words of his mentor, Shōyō

Despite his laid back disposition, Raian is easily one of the most emotional characters in the series. As he has aged and wizened, he has been able to, for the most part, internalize these emotions, and display a calm and cool mind in the majority of his activities. He is well-renowned for his kind and compassionate behavior, which extends to his subordinates, friends, and family. During his time as the captain of the Tenth Division, his division had one of the highest morale in the entire thirteen divisions, primarily because Raian considered his staff and officers as part of his family and treated them as such. As a leader, he was brilliant, leading his division with confidence, determination, and resolve which only served to boost the morale even further.

From an early age, as a captain, Raian often conflicted with authority. In one of his first appearances in the series, he is seen arguing and even throwing verbal slurs at stand-in Head Captain, Amatarō Omaha. This causal disregard for authority would even extend to Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto himself, likely because he has known Yamamoto for so long, referring to him as "Yama-jii" (山祖父, "Old-Man Yama"; Viz: "Geezer Yama"), same as Seireitou Kawahiru and Shunsui Kyōraku, rather than by his full name or his title. Nevertheless, Raian is never above showing respect for individuals like Yamamoto, clearly holding the elder captain in high regard. He has even shown respect for his opponents, such as Vladik Volkov and even Akujin, in rare instances. The man he seems to hold with the highest regard, however, is Seireitou Kawahiru, whom is also his closest friend and comrade. His reverence of Seireitou is such that it even trumps his respect for his other Yonkō comrades, which he demonstrated during his battle with Mizu Kurosaki, and while watching Seireitou's fight with Hikaru Kurosaki. Seireitou is also the man that Raian strives to surpass at all costs.

Arrival Raian

Raian arrives to protect the Human World.

Raian, not all that unlike Ichigo Kurosaki, desires, above all else, to protect those he values most; particularly his younger brother, Mashū Getsueikirite. It was this determination that led him to achieve his Bankai, and even to go on to the Royal Guard. He is known to drive himself to insane lengths to achieve the power necessary to protect those he cares for, as noted by Seireitou, who oversaw two of his training sessions in this pursuit. All of his heroic endeavors in the series have been in direct response to his need to protect his friends; Seireitou, Mashū, and Sanji, during Akujin's first invasion, Yūbi and Yūga during Setsuna Kōmei's onslaught, Seireitou himself during the World Court incident, and the entirety of Soul Society during Akujin's resurgence with the Impero Nascosto. He can also be highly vengeful because of this. After Mashū's death at the hands of the Arrancar, Johann Fichte, Raian killed every single member of Tiro con L'arco, save one, as vengeance and then tried to kill Akujin himself.

In battle, Raian is generally laid back and analytical, a trait that can easily unnerve opponents. True to his title of "Kenpachi", he highly enjoys the thrill of battle. He has noted that he has lost count of the number of times he has fought Seireitou simply to test his skills. He was also willing to kill the previous Kenpachi for the title. When his comrades or family are in danger, he'd rather resolve matters through battle than diplomacy, likely due to his highly vengeful nature. He is also very confident in his abilities, best displayed in his battle with Hiroya Ginkarei, where, despite the way the elder Shinigami looked down on him, he proved time and time again that, not only was he confident he could match Hiroya's immense power, but he could back up his confidence with actions. At the same time, Raian has a profound sense of honor, refusing to kill an opponent that can no longer fight to defend themselves. He also subscribes to the "eye for an eye" philosophy, which goes along with his vengeful nature.

He is, however, a noticeably responsible individual. During his two tenures as a captain in the Gotei 13, whenever he wasn't out on a mission, he always completed his various paperwork assignments, even if it took him all day; in stark contrast to his more free-spirited and lazy best friend, Seireitou. As a member of the Royal Guard, Raian takes the World of the Living as his responsibility and guards it faithfully from the Spirit King's dimension.

While he is a highly skilled individual, high above many other Shinigami, he was never a good exam taker, having only barely passed his tests in the Shakyaryū Dojang, despite all of his skills. His favorite foods consist of calamari, onigiri, anpan, and udon. He also seems to have an unnatural obsession with mayonnaise. He seems to dislike, however, any type of food related to beans. During his days as a captain, he would often go out once a week with Seireitou, Hikaru, and Echo, to drink sake, another favorite of his.[1] He also enjoys green tea while doing his paperwork. Prior to the Reikai World War, in his leisure, he is often seen smoking a smoke pipe. Afterwards, he can be seen smoking a common cigarette.

Hitokiri Battosai

Raian's murderous side.

Throughout the bloodshed of the early wars in Soul Society, Raian developed a murderous side to his personality, which would emerge in the heat of battle, or in times of great emotional upheaval. In the heat of battle, Raian becomes obsessed with defeating his opponent at all costs — even at great personal sacrifice. This is easily seen during one of his later battles with Seireitou Kawahiru, in which Raian lost all of his Shinigami powers to ensure he had defeated his foe (though he eventually regained them).[2] During the Reikai World War, Raian was notorious as a Shinigami who slaughtered his Quincy foes without discretion; killing any Quincy, or human ally to the Quincy, who got in his way or opposed him. This earned him the moniker "Hitokiri" (人斬り, Human Slayer; lit. "Man-Slayer"). Only a few decades later, Raian's habits to end fights right after drawing his sword earned him the name "Battōsai" (抜刀斎) — causing him to be known in history as the "Hitokiri Battōsai".

Raian and Sei demon faces

Raian as the "Hitokiri", Seireitou as the "Shiroyasha".

Since then, Seireitou has attributed the "Battōsai" persona to Raian's more warrior-like tenancies. During one of the earlier conflicts, Raian displayed outright anger towards a young Suzaku Kawahiru due to his idealistic, righteous ways of viewing fighting; even going so far as to call Saori Sumeragi and Ryūka Injiki, who were their allies at the time, weak due to their inability to defeat their enemies, and that Suzaku would follow in their footsteps if he didn't become stronger. In these moments of outrage and bloodlust, he would often called Seireitou by his own moniker, "Shiroyasha", rather than "Sei" as he would usually refer to him.

One of the more famous examples of Raian as the "Battōsai" was his single-handed murder of every single member of Tiro con L'arco, after one of their members murdered his brother, Mashū Getsueikirite, during the War of the Worlds. The display was so brutal and violent, it even drew surprise from Seireitou and Akujin.[3][4] The Battōsai persona would again emerged during his fight with twenty other opponents, alongside Seireitou. The repeated arrogant remarks of Mukei Tsuki managed to awaken the bloodlust within him, causing him to ruthlessly kill the Minus in a manner that caused him to cry before dying.[5]


Becoming a Shinigami

Kid Raian

Raian as a young boy in the Rukongai.

Raian was born to a then-low-ranking family in the Rukongai, living in District #3, in west Rukongai, Hokutan; an inner district, where relative peace reigned, nearly 1,800 years ago; eight hundred years before the foundation of the Gotei 13. He was an infant when the remains of the Getsueikirite Family were exterminated by the Shinigami, ironically being rescued by his uncle and soon-to-be enemy, Tadoku Getsueikirite. His parents, however, survived and he was returned to them. Mashū, his younger brother, was born sometime immediately following this, when Raian was only four months old, and was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis shortly thereafter.

Sometime following this, both boys became orphaned due to unknown circumstances. His illness did not initially impede his lifestyle, so it wasn't immediately noticeable to those he met, though it did impede his growth — causing him to appear far younger than he actually is. As he grew up, he and his elder brother developed a very close bond, becoming each other's closest friends. However, at some point during their time as orphans, Mashū had an extreme attack from his illness, causing his brother to become extremely worried. One day after this, during a Shinigami mission to Rukongai, Ginrei Kuchiki and Shōyō Shakyamuni passed by Raian in the streets and immediately sensed an unnatural level of spiritual pressure coming from the young boy.

Young Raian and Mashu

A young Raian informs Mashū of his plan to become a Shinigami.

The Kuchiki clan leader immediately arranged for the boy to be transported to the Seireitei for Shinigami training. Meanwhile, Raian showed up at his and his brother's camp (a small outcrop near the edge of a river) wearing a Shihakushō, declaring to Mashū that he had met two Shinigami in the Rukongai and was going to become one so that he could save his younger brother. Both were placed into the household of Jinsuke Kuchiki upon arriving in the Seireitei so that they would have a place to live during his stay. Soon after getting settled in Seireitei, he began his early Shinigami training at the Shakyaryū Dojang, along with Seireitou and Shiori Miyamoto, and Senka Kururugi, lead by Shōyō himself, who became a highly-idolized mentor figure in Raian's life. There, Seireitou and Raian often butted heads and it was there, at the Dojang, that their rivalry began. Raian, himself, immediately came out on top of all of his classmates, including Seireitou himself, in Zanjutsu, displaying a natural affinity for the art, while Seireitou excelled at his opposite, Hakuda; being considered prodigies in their own rights. The only skill they seemed to be even at was Kidō.

Kid Raian trains with Mashu

Raian trains with Mashū.

Even with this considerable skill level, however, Raian only made average scores on his examinations, while Seireitou made perfect scores, only underscoring their rivalry and pushing Raian to do even more, such as learning the Shikai of his Zanpakutō, despite his rather short instruction on the matter within the confines of the Dojang. Raian also continued personal training sessions with his brother, Mashū, who had also become a Shinigami. Eventually, Raian graduated in the same class as Seireitou, Senka, and Shiori. Following their training's completion in the Dojang, all four moved on to train at Yamamoto's newly established Shinō Academy; a more advanced and centralized training institution for Shinigami. However, once again, along with his rival, Seireitou, he would be personally trained at Shōyō's behest even in the Shinō Academy. Soon after, he learned the Shikai of his Zanpakutō.

Becoming the Battōsai

Becoming the fourth Kenpachi

Raian fights the third Kenpachi.

Five hundred years later, Yamamoto decided that a Shinigami organization was needed to maintain the balance of spirits, and created the Gotei 13, then known as the "Defenders" (弁護者, Bengosha) in name only, as Yhwach noted that they were actually just a group of killers. The leaders of each of this organization's thirteen divisions, called captains, were to be selected from the best of the best. Each was administered a captain's proficiency test. For Raian's test, he took on the third Kenpachi, Himura Kenshiki, another captain prospect. In the onset of the battle, both men struggled endlessly against the other, only able to deliver a single cut to each other, as their swordsmanship prowess were nearly even with each other.

Kenshiki then decided to unleash his Bankai early on, quickly gaining the advantage. Raian displayed his genius knowledge of Zanjutsu, however, and was able to hold his own after awhile of maneuvering. At the end of the fight, he surprised everyone present with the activation of his own, newly achieved, Bankai, Shiseikaze Fūshin, swiftly widening the gap between their two respective powers. With his Bankai and Kendo combination, he swiftly bisected the Kenpachi, gaining the title and securing his captaincy; becoming the first and only Kenpachi to captain a division other than the 11th Division. Seireitou, on the other hand, became the fifth seat of the 8th Division, under captain Nagato Hiroshitaki.

Original Tenth Division

The original 10th Division, led by Raian.

Following this, the first mission given to the newly formed Thirteen Divisions, was to quell the insurrections rising from the Rukongai. Yachiru Unohana, the first Kenpachi and the head of the newly formed 11th Division, led this onslaught (where she met a young Zaraki Kenpachi). Raian, and his new group of associates, formed the 10th Division, and followed her into this pursuit. Little is known of what transpired during this conflict, except that the insurrections were eventually quelled and Soul Society went on to form into its modern day appearance and structure.

Raian is known to have promoted his brother, Mashū Getsueikirite, to the lieutenant slot following his own promotion. He then allied the Getsueikirite Family with the Shiba Clan, making its youngest protege, Isshin Shiba, his third seat.

Sei, Hikaru, and Raian

Seireitou (center), Hikaru (left), and Raian (right), during the war.

Only a few decades later, during a captain's meeting, Raian was made aware of Nagato's true identity, "Myoken", and of his betrayal of the Gotei 13. His old rival, Seireitou, and friend, Shiori, had been the reason behind Myoken's defeat, and so, following his acquittal for accusations of insubordination, and, at the recommendation of Raian and five other captains, and the approval of five of the remaining seven, due to his actions, Seireitou joined Raian as a captain of the Gotei 13; replacing Myoken as the 8th Division's captain and Senka, their other classmate, becoming his lieutenant.

Not long after this, the Gotei 13 faced its first military conflict in the form of the Reikai World War; the second conflict with the Quincy in Soul Society's history. During this time, Raian and Seireitou rejoin with Hikaru Kurosaki and Echo; Shinigami that had, like them, been trained by Shōyō Shakyamuni, and both of whom rivaled himself and Seireitou in their respective arts of combat. During the war, Raian was particularly noted, not only as one of the few captains that fought on the frontline, but as one of particular ruthlessness and sadism. During the fighting, he was noted to have killed more than any of his comrades, numbering in the tens-of-thousands; earning him the moniker, Hitokiri (人斬り, Human Slayer).

Raian war

Raian during the war.

The war ends in a Shinigami victory and sees Shiori and Senka's promotion to captains in the Gotei 13 for their valor in combat. After Senka's promotion, Seireitou would later go on to promote Akujin, Raian uncle, unbeknownst to them, and a colleague of his, to lieutenant of the Eighth Division. Raian seemed to get along well with Akujin, though, on the other hand, Seireitou seemed to have suspicions about him.

Peace would not ensue, however, as the First Shinigami-Arrancar War broke out merely a decade after the end of the Reikai War. Additionally, Raian became one of four Shinigami to earn the title of Yonkō due to the valor he showed in combat and the sheer number of Arrancar he killed with his tremendous swordsmanship. The other members were Seireitou, Hikaru, and Echo; Raian's comrades from the last war. Additionally, his moniker of "Hitokiri" was added to, as he had become known for killing his victims shortly after drawing his sword — making his new moniker "Hitokiri Battōsai" (人斬り抜刀斎).

Royal Guard Tenure

A vacancy within the Royal Guard appeared only three hundred years after the war's end, and Raian resigned from his post as the Tenth Division's captain to fill it, leaving his friends behind for centuries to guard the Spirit King. Because of the organization's secrecy, not much is known of his time in the Spirit King's dimension, except for the fact that his power grew exponentially during his stay there.

Nearly four hundred years after this prestigious promotion, both Sōsuke Aizen and Akujin, testing an early phase of one of their numerous projects, forced Hollowfication on Seireitou, Senka, and Shiori. Seireitou was put on trial for experimentation with Hollow powers; a capital offense in Soul Society. Not only was he stripped of his captaincy and dishonorably discharged from the thirteen divisions, but he was also sentenced to death after his Shinigami powers were taken from him forever. Just as this deed was about to be completed, Raian, who had been watching from the Spirit King's dimension, used his considerable influence and power to secretly free his three friends, sending them off into exile in the Human World instead, to save them from whatever horrible fate the newly formed Central 46 would no doubt have in store for them.

Raian was initially highly upset after hearing what had befallen Seireitou and his other friends, deciding that the best way he could help them was to spy on Akujin from a distance and strike when the opening presented itself to him. Ironically, however, the Tenth Division, which Raian had lead during his time in Soul Society, was charged with hunting them down and capturing them.


Fanon Canon

Extinction arc

"So… that snake was actually telling the truth."
"Did you really think his last words would be a lie?"
"But, what now?"
"We have our proof. The Wandenreich is not gone as the Gotei 13 so foolishly believed. They have to be stopped."
"What about the scattered remnants of the Impero?"
"Without Akujin, they are nothing.
—Jacqueline and Raian


  • Ōken (王鍵, King's Key): The key of the Royal Palace that can open a gateway to the dimension where the King of Souls is found. It is quite literally grafted into the bones of those who are in the Royal Guard. As such, Raian's very bones contain the ability to open a dimensional rift to the Royal Palace, allowing him to transverse the dimensions freely.
Sozoshin Jewel 3(2)

The jewel given to Raian by Seireitou.

  • Strange Gem: This strange gem, given to Raian by Seireitou, is triangular in shape, holding a spherical orb within it (very reminiscent of the Hōgyoku). It has the number three imprinted upon it. According to Kamui, who also has a gem, it is connected to the "true heirs" of the Kawahiru Clan, making it all the more mysterious as to why Raian has obtained one.

Powers & Abilities

See also: Raian Getsueikirite's Inner World

"How do you expect to fight me like that?! The days of the Yonkō name striking fear into the hearts of we Quincy are no more! I am Yhwach, Father of Quincy, Emperor of the Wandenreich, destroyer of Soul Society, and murderer of the King of Souls!"
"I am Raian reborn and before me, you are nothing.
—Yhwach and Raian during the War of the Worlds

As the first captain of the Tenth Division, a member of the Royal Guard, and one of the four Yonkō, Raian stands at the pinnacle of Shinigami power. At his current point, he has faced many daunting opponents, such as Akujin, Hiroya Ginkarei, and his greatest rival, Seireitou Kawahiru. Even Mizu Kurosaki, considered in his own right, to be Yonkō-level himself, was almost effortlessly defeated by the might of his power.

Natural Abilities

High Growth Rate: As a Yonkō-level warrior, Raian is an incredibly skillful individual. Even as a young boy, he possessed an innate talent for many Shinigami abilities. In the Shinō Academy, his instructors noted his quick progression through his classes; particularly Kidō and Zanjutsu. In the battles he has been witnessed in, for example, his early fights with Akujin, his fights against Setsuna Kōmei, and his later battles with Mizu Kurosaki, and Akujin's Impero Nascosto, he was praised as an extremely intelligent and versatile individual, being smart enough to outsmart Mizu in their own fight.

High Intelligence: Even the likes of Seireitou Kawahiru acknowledges his intelligence and abilities. Though he is, by far, one was formerly one the most powerful captains in the Gotei 13, formidable enough to be promoted to the King's Guard, and easily one of the strongest Shinigami alive, he never underestimates an opponent; best illustrated in his fight with Mizu, earning him the praise of both Seireitou and Hikaru Kurosaki, both fellow Yonkō. Following his fusion with Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto during the War of the Worlds, his battle tactics took on a new ruthlessness that, combined with his cunning, left his opponents completely overwhelmed. With his range of abilities and tactics, combined with the sheer strength provided by Yamamoto's added power, Raian can fight almost any opponent and win.

Combat Will: One of his greatest strengths is that he fights to win, even if winning means causing harm to himself. For this reason, he inherited Yamamoto's nickname, Old-Man Genocide (親父の大虐殺, Oyaji no Daigyakusatsu). He is willing to utilize suicidal techniques and tactics to win a fight, killing everyone in his path if he has to. This change in personality and tactics was brought on by Mashū Getsueikirite's death at the hands of a Quincy member of Impero Nascosto. The previous Kenpachi, Kenpachi Kenshiki, noted that he could "feel" Raian's combat will on his skin. He noted that it was both overwhelming and dangerous, as if he were a "big beast". He would later go on to state that he had gotten his analysis wrong; that Raian wasn't just a simple beast and that he was a man of immense calmness, and had a fighting capability beyond that of a beast.

Raian's reiatsu

Raian exerting his incredible reiatsu.

Vast Spiritual Power: Raian's spiritual power is gargantuan in volume, considered in league with Seireitou Kawahiru and Akujin in terms of raw ferocity, and allowing him to preform feats no ordinary Shinigami would ever be capable of preforming on their own. Akujin himself has called him a monster because of his spiritual pressure. His spiritual pressure is large and dense enough to cause seemingly impenetrable barriers of Kidō to crack under stress.[17] It is normally colored red, however, in Bankai, it is white with a light blue outline. Raian's spiritual power has adapted the natural effects of his Zanpakutō's element of wind. Raising his spiritual pressure can cause tremendous gales or wind and an increase of wind pressure. His spiritual pressure now has the ability to make weaker fighters come close to fainting and stronger fighters, such as Saori Sumeragi, sweat when in its presence. One such instance of this took place in his fight with Mizu Kurosaki, causing both Saori and Seireitou to comment that the heat of his spiritual pressure was enough to make them both go insane.[18] Sōsuke Aizen has noted that a battle between Shinigami is one of spiritual pressure; with the higher competitor always having the advantage. Using this system, Raian's power can easily be gauged, considering he is responsible for the defeat of Akujin, Adolfo Benttino, Mizu Kurosaki, and was able to fight on even grounds with Hiroya, all of whom have tremendous volumes of spiritual pressure in their own rights. Seireitou himself has noted that Raian is at the pinnacle of Shinigami powers.[2]

  • Dōhaku (動迫, Exciting the Spirit): The ability to excite the user's soul, thus allowing them to access any latent spiritual pressure or energy. Raian first demonstrates the ability to use this after intervening in a large scale battle Seireitou was currently fighting in.[5]

Immense Strength: Raian's true physical prowess goes beyond flashy skills, such as Kidō or speed. His strength has visibly surprised Seireitou, as he was able to grab his rival's Bankai with ease; something Seireitou notes is no ordinary feet for a Shinigami.[2]

Genius Tactician: Raian has been noted on numerous occasions to be a genius when it comes to forming battle tactics as well as analyzing others battle strategy, well shown during his battle with Mizu, but also due to his consideration as Supreme Commandant of the Spiritual World Army, during the War of the Worlds. He can deduce the nature, power, and effects of an opponent's technique simply by seeing it once, as he did against Hiroya Ginkarei, and effortlessly come up with a countermeasure to defeat it. He is easily able to recognize danger and prepare himself well ahead of time with the proper knowledge and tools. One of his greatest skills is to create several strategies before entering the fray and executing them flawlessly, switching to a different strategy if his initial one fails to meet his expectations. This was, again, readily apparent in his battle against Hiroya, where he had several strategies in play to defeat the rogue Shinigami's tremendous fortitude with Kidō, which allowed him to counter several mass combinations of Kidō.

Grandmaster of Zanjutsu

"You, Raian, are the single greatest warrior of this age, and any battle we fight will bring me honor."
Gamma Akutabi

Among the Yonkō, Raian is the respective master of Zanjutsu; the fighting style of Zanpakutō. Among the Shinigami of the Gotei 13 and the Royal Guard, exist many masters of swordsmanship, however, due to centuries worth of training and refining his skill, he has placed himself in a league of his own when it comes to Zanjutsu mastery. Having gained the title of Kenpachi, he is revered in the Soul Society as a "grandmaster" of Zanjutsu, unrivaled by all in this field of Shinigami combat. He was promoted to the Royal Guard due to the fact that he invented Kendō.

Raian stabbing leg

Raian stabs his own leg to block Kenpachi Kenshiki's blade.

General Zanjutsu Prowess: Raian has proven himself to be far above average when it comes to Zanjutsu. Opposite of his rival, Seireitou Kawahiru, Raian uses his Zanpakutō almost exclusively, rarely using hand-to-hand combat at all, and only employing Kidō to enhance his Zanjutsu techniques. Like Seireitou and Shiori Miyamoto, he trained under Shōyō Shakyamuni, and, even at a young age, was able to take on fully mature and developed Shinigami with his sword-related skills. His predecessor, Kenpachi Kenshiki, noted, at the time, that the young Raian had a natural connection to his Zanpakutō, and was able to work flawlessly. Raian has a distinctive fighting style that involves first analyzing his opponent's and their fighting style before employing the full might of his own skills. He is also known to preform self-damaging maneuvers for the sake of victory, such as impaling his own leg to allow himself to block a strike from Kenpachi Kenshiki's own Zanpakutō. Due to his extensive career as both a captain of the Gotei 13 and a member of the Royal Guard, he has defeated many high-level opponents, among which are Akujin, a swords master in his own right, Meiga Kuiarasu, Mūkade, and Sōkudo. He has also proven himself to have a healthy rivalry with Seireitou Kawahiru himself, who is a master of Hakuda, the opposite of Raian's own specialty. His extensive mastery of the blade has earned him the designation of "monster" from both Akujin and Kenpachi Kenshiki. Raian's sword strikes contain a tremendous amount of cutting power, being able to easily slice through an Arrancar's Hierro, and force a Quincy's Blut Vene to the limits. His calculated manner of fighting ensures that he doesn't waste a movement. Because of this, he is one of the few fighters who can fight Seireitou Kawahiru on his own terms.

  • Zanpakutō Bond: Due to the centuries he's trained to master his Zanpakutō, Raian has eliminated the individuality between himself and his Zanpakutō, and is able to fight completely unified with his sword; so much so, that some of his Zanpakutō's personality seeps into his own. He can use Shikai without verbalizing the command, a sign of a Shinigami who has mastered his Bankai. He can also go straight to Bankai from the sealed state; a trait that few Shinigami possess. His Zanpakutō and himself are in almost constant mental communication, swapping ideas for strategy and coming up with contingency plans.
Raian vs Seireitou

Raian striking at blindingly high speeds.

Hyper-Speed Combat: According to Shōyō Shakyamuni, the man responsible for initially training Raian in the various sword arts, Raian has developed ways to move at hyper-speed without the assistance of Hohō. With seemingly no stance or strain, Raian can unleash devastatingly powerful slashes in a single instant, causing his opponents to be torn to shreds before they are even able to properly react. According to Raian himself, only swordsmen that are as skilled as he is can ever hope to avoid a fatal blow by these attacks, much less outright dodge them. Seireitou has noted that the amazing feat of it all is the fact that Raian doesn't need a stance, which would warn of a future attack, being able to slash from any direction, and any position.

Martial Arts Mastery: As Zanjutsu incorporates numerous traditional schools of martial arts, known as koryū, Raian can be viewed as a master of the martial arts; modeling his own Zanjutsu style, with its numerous sub-categories of schools and styles he has learned throughout the centuries, off of the principles and teachings he has received throughout his centuries of experience. He can effectively employ three of the traditional martial arts schools which deal with swordsmanship, Kenjutsu, Kendo, and Iaido, in such a way, that he can use it almost exclusively in combat against his foes and win nearly any fight with them. In addition to this, he is highly knowledgeable of martial arts that do not deal with swordsmanship, such as Seireitou's Taekwondo and Bāguàzhǎng, and even the hard and soft philosophies of martial arts, both for his own enlightenment and also to allow himself to understand the movements and techniques of his foe's own special skills. The most basic of techniques, a simple thrust for example, can be deadly, able to split the pillars of the Seireitei during his very first confrontation with Akujin.[19] He is also incredibly flexible, with superb dexterity, able to to preform swift flips and roles while fighting. In addition to this, he can create an endless amount of techniques which can be applied well within the various parameters of his fighting style, as well as adapting preexisting techniques to his style.

Raian's sword jab

Raian using a "quick strike".

Kenjutsu Mastery: As a grandmaster of Zanjutsu, Raian is naturally a master of the general art of Kenjutsu, having mastered its most basic principles to the point in which they alone cause mortal wounds should they be successful. His feigns (usually Iaido) are so fast and spontaneous, he can create several openings in a foe in just one movement; a utilization of his Zanpakutō, footwork, and center of gravity. Applied effectively, the opponent is set-back one move, while creating an opening elsewhere. Unlike other captains of the Gotei 13, and any known master of Zanjutsu, Raian, adhering to the traditional teachings of Kenjutsu, aims for his foe's sword hand or arm in an attempt to disable and/or disarm his foe of their weapon, and creating large openings from which to deliver the killing blow. There are some attacks, however, that do not require a preceding subterfuge to create the necessary opening for attack. Raian refers to these as his "quick strikes" (迅速殴打, jinsoku ōda). They are done with two hands on the sword, much like his various Kendo techniques, or with sword in each hand, thanks to the unique manifestation of his Zanpakutō's sealed state. One hand is at the base of the handle to provide longer reach, while the other hand is at the ridge of the blade to provide the initial force to flick the sword as quick as an arrow to hit the target. This could also be done with his unique double sword, with one sword providing the push for the dispatch. He usually hides these postures from his opponents, and the ready positions are implemented while switching hands or while changing steps. These flicking strikes can be administered from any angle (from the top, sides, or below). The only time he aims for his opponent's sword itself, is when parrying; merely in attempt to knock his foe's blade away to allow him to deliver a more powerful thrust of his own. When parrying, Raian always directs the point of the sword to the target. This minimizes the step usually needed for him to be able to counter-attack. Thus, his opponent is at an immediate disadvantage. Also, using the quick strike at the opponents sword hand or forearm, as he usually would do in one of his thrusting techniques, will immediately incapacitate the opponent's attack before having to parry it. By keeping the point of his Zanpakutō pointed towards his opponent while attempting to parry in all angles, provide him with a good foundation for an appropriate counter maneuver reflexes. His ability to employ all three of these aspects of the art, not only flawlessly, but, instinctively, where he doesn't even have to think about them, are a testament to his mastery of the art. His reflexes are trained to react to sword movements, however chaotic or unpredictable they may be, to the point that he can fight in total darkness and still effectively parry and return opponent techniques and strikes. He is also capable of taking on several opponents at once with his techniques. Because his Zanpakutō manifests as a katana duo, Raian is also a master of double-bladed combat and can adjust his style correctly to incorporate them into his attacks and parries.

  • Onibi (鬼火, Oni Fire): A technique in which Raian takes the sealed state, or the Bankai state, of his Zanpakutō and uses a powerful thrust to cause a large hole in the body of large opponents.
Raian Kendo

Raian using Kendo to finish off Kenpachi Kenshiki.

Raian's kendo

Raian using Nadegiri.

Raian Bisection technique

Raian finishing Ryōdan.

Kendō (剣道, Way of the Sword): Raian is credited as the inventor of the art of Kendō, and is considered a master of the art in ever way. Because of his masterful command of the art, he is known as a "kendōka" (剣道家, those who practice Kendo). It is primarily a two-handed sword art, with tremendous power behind it. The purpose of Kendō is to throw off a target's determination and test their resolve. A weakening of resolve usually produces several openings from which Raian can exploit to deliver a killing blow. Unlike Zaraki, Raian mixes his Kendō in with his traditional Zanjutsu and Kenjutsu fighting, usually using Kendō techniques as finishing moves. His Kendō, in particular, is feared as the strongest among any Shinigami practitioner, as he was able to use it to cut through his predecessor's Bankai and sword arm. His Kendo strikes are so powerful, they can easily slice through large debris, and even the stone that composes the gates of the Seireitei; sekki-seki. They also have a tremendous amount of concussive force behind them, able to create a large explosion of air pressure after each and every swing.

  • Hitotsume: Nadegiri (一つ目・撫で斬り, "The First: Killing Stroke"): This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place. He used this technique to successfully slice in two the Bankai of Kenpachi Kenshiki.
  • Ryōdan (両断, Bisection): A technique, like most Kendo techniques, in which Raian uses gripping his sword with two hands. It allows one to split an opponent down the middle. He used it as the finishing move to kill Kenpachi Kenshiki.
  • Suikawari (西瓜割, Watermelon Splitting): A double-handed Kendo technique, in which Raian raises his sword above his head and leaps towards his opponent, with blinding speeds, and slashes down, completely cleaving an opponent's head off of their shoulder, regardless of said opponent's size.
Raian's sword technique

Raian attacking with Iaido.

Iaido Mastery: Another traditional Japanese school of swordsmanship in which Raian has practiced in his pursuit of swordsmanship mastery. "Iaijutsu" (居合術, Art of Drawing the Sword), focuses primarily on drawing the sword in such a way that it can actually be used as a combative art. Iaido is primarily used as a feigning technique, meant to surprise an opponent before using more traditional Kenjutsu or Zanjutsu to deal damage, or Kendo to finish an opponent off. He can also use it as a disarming technique, for example, drawing his sword so fast, he can strike his target with the hilt, knocking the wind out of them and taking them out of a fight before the fight really begins. During the opening moves of his battle for the tile of Kenpachi, against Kenpachi Kenshiki, he used an Iaido technique, drawing his sword and, in one swift movement, slashing the tendons in Kenpachi Kenshiki's shoulder. His Iaido strikes are so incredibly fast and spontaneous, defending against them could result in maiming or, in more severe cases, broken bones and even death.

  • Agitowari (顎割, Chin/Jaw Splitting): An advanced Iaido technique in which Raian draws his sword swiftly from its sheathe and swiftly slashes his opponent across their torso, usually without warning, as it is a spontaneous technique in nature. The result is splitting the target from was to waist, causing the target to be completely bisected. Even larger targets, such as Menos Grande are susceptible to this move.

Grandmaster of Hohō

Ryun's speed

Ryun using Shunpo.

Though Zanjutsu is his primary means of combat, his second most powerful skill is his mastery of Hohō. His speed allows him to land blows against foes that would have otherwise found a way to counter his maneuvers. His movements, at times, have been so fast, that some have confused his movement wit teleportation. Even fighters like Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, who is known for his tremendous, almost otherworldly speed, pale in comparison to Raian's own.

Shunpō Master: Raian has shown incredible speed-levels, capable of keeping up with and, in some cases, outrunning captain-class enemies with little to no effort shown. His skill in Shunpō, which has a heavy emphasis on footwork, has been vastly improved due to the training and precision he has gained in his footwork due to his Zanjutsu training. Raian can cross considerable distances with merely a single step of his Shunpō, whereas even average captains would need a considerable number of other steps to complete the same distance as Raian. As stated above, his movement with this technique is so fast, that it has been confused with teleportation on many occasions. His Shunpō was so fast, he was able to effortlessly keep up with Kenpachi Kenshiki's movements while he was in Bankai. The same could be said of his situation in his battle with Mizu Kurosaki, who was also in Bankai. Point-blank moves are rendered just as effective as standard-range or long-range attacks on his person, as his perception and speed allows him to dodge point-blank attacks with just as much ease. When used in combat, Raian is an immensely fast fighter, being able to completely overpower the likes of Mizu Kurosaki, in their battle, with the sheer speed of his sword slashes. He aids his movements with the use of his Shunpō techniques, vanishing completely from sight in mid-combat. A common maneuver of his, learned from copying the standard type of counter attack, used by Hikaru Kurosaki, is to use his Shunpō to get behind the opponent and aim for their hakusei. Only combatants at his level are even able to perceive his movements when he is fighting with this hyper-enhanced speed. Raian has stated that Seireitou is perhaps the only one who can fully comprehend his movements, due to his own mastery of martial arts and Shunpō.

  • Fullbring-Enhanced Shunpō: Due to learning Fullbring during his exile in the Human world, and then later fusing it with his regained Shinigami powers, Raian can enhance his speed exponentially; reducing the amount of steps need to make a movement tremendously. By using the principles of Fullbring, he can pull on the "soul" of whatever platform he is standing on, propelling him skyward and, with the aid of Shunpō, adds propulsion that can allow him to cover the distance of a city like Rider City in mere seconds, such as he did to confront Mizu Kurosaki as their fight was beginning.
  • Shunpō Techniques: Using Hohō as his secondary skill in combat, Raian has naturally developed a masterful usage of its various sub-techniques.
    • Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō: Cicada (隠密歩法 四楓の参: 空蝉, Onmitsu Shunpo Shihō no San: Utsusemi): One of the Hohō methods Raian employs to dodge from point-blank range, he moves at such a speed that even a point-blank attack can easily be avoiding, leaving an afterimage behind that may even appear to be damaged.
    • Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom): A special Shunpō technique where one moves behind the opponent to directly attack and seal one's Saketsu and Hakusui in two rapid and successive attacks. The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.
    • Sengihen (閃欺騙, Flash Deception): A move Raian himself developed based on the principles of Senka and Utsusemi, as well as the maneuvers demonstrated by Hikaru and Mizu Kurosaki in combat. The first step(s) create an afterimage, while, at the same time, Raian moves to the opponent's back. This causes the opponent to attack the afterimage, rather than himself, and also serves to allow him to attack his opponent from point blank, directly behind them, usually while they are unaware. Raian states that his technique is more refined than the instinctual version preformed by Hikaru and Mizu, as his is far more deceptive and harder to see through, likely because his level of speed is above theirs, allowing him to strike before the opponent figures out the deception.

Hōenkō (方鉛鉱, Gale Cry): Due to his mastery of Shunpō, over centuries worth of study and development, Raian has developed a completely unique style of Hohō, that combines Shunpō with Zanjutsu combat, his primary means of combat. It can only be used when he is in Shikai or Bankai. Using it, Raian can ride the currents of the wind he controls through his usage of his Zanpakutō's abilities. This allows him to easily and quickly transport himself to any location the wind blows, almost as if he is teleporting to that location through the wind itself. Whenever he arrives at his destination, a gust of wind bursts from his person, a trademark of the style. Though this can be seen as a weakness, as it reveals his location, by the time the noise reaches his opponent's ears, it is already too late, as he could have moved again by this point. It severely limits the number of steps he needs to take to make a movement.

Kidō Master

"Restraint isn't in this man's vocabulary, it seems!"
Furuidenshō Kakkotaru Shin'nen upon seeing Raian's usage of Kidō[src]

Raian can easily use and employ Kidō at least on the degree that he can fight on par with Hiroya Ginkarei, though he has noted, that he is not magically inclined. He sees Kidō as a way to supplement his fighting style, though, as he showed Hiroya, he is more than capable of fighting solely with Kidō.

Kidō Mastery: Raian can easily be considered a master of Kidō, being able to use high-level Kidō without incantation, as well as using them in unique fashions.[17][20] He was skillful enough to preform a #81 Bakudō, Danku, with enough power to block Shiro Morimoto's Zanpakutō; only lightly cracking, but this was probably due to the lack of incantation. Raian is well known for being able to create new Kidō with ease and being able to use Kidō in many unorthodox ways, so as to surprise his opponents. Unlike any Kidō user seen before him, Raian can summon Kidō with just waves of his hand, conjuring up barriers, offensive spells, and even sneaky trap spells to fool his opponents merely by willing them into existance with his thoughts. Raian once claimed that his abilities with Kidō were only limited to what his imagination could produce. This is backed up by the fact that he was considered for the position of Kidō Corps captain at one time, though he denied the position, as well as being considered the Yonkō strongest in Kidō, despite the fact that both his skills in Shunpō and Zanjutsu highly exceed his skill in Kidō. His mastery of Kidō has even impressed the likes of Hiroya, who is considered one the strongest Kidō masters currently alive.[20] His spells are so complex, that Mizu's Bankai, Maō-chū Nijūsupai, which has the ability to cut reishi and reiatsu, was repelled by a simple Kidō aura laced with the ability to reflect such techniques.[18]

  • Spell Alteration: In his fight against Hiroya, Raian altered spells such as Shakkahō and Ōkasen into animal-like forms to attack in a unique fashion. Additionally, he has proved capable of setting elaborate traps with Kidō.[20] A particular sign of his abilities with this skill is his creation of Shundan (瞬断, Power Flicker)}, which involves infusing every single cell in the body by Kidō at the same time. Raian considers it "the perfect Shunkō." Unlike the unstable electric appearance of the standard Shunkō, Raian's variation appears as a fiery calm aura that surrounds Raian's entire body. The speed and strength that comes from this form is nearly unrealistic, allowing Raian to contend even with a Royal Guardsman's Bankai with minimal effort. A unique trait of this form is that because Raian's body cells are infused with Kidō energy, he can activate a full-powered Kidō from any body part without a command or incantation, such as utilizing Danku to cover his entire arm in a liquid-like form, or forming chains from any part of his body through the Sajō Sabaku spell. However, these abilities come at a price. Due to the force being exerted on each cell in Raian's body, he can not prolong usage of this form for longer than twenty seconds when he first mastered it. Although, through training, it appears that he can maintain the state for an undetermined couple of minutes. In addition, he can increase the strength, speed, and power supplied in this form by exerting more stress on the body cells via more Kidō energy infused into each cell, although the time in which he can then maintain the heighted form is severely reduced.

Spell Creation & Modification: As an extremely proficient user of Kidō, considered the Yonkō most proficient in it, Raian has come up with a whole host of unique Kidō techniques that only he can use. This allows him to be more versatile in battle, should the situation call for it. He has also invented several pieces of equipment meant for combat that he has developed to utilize his Kidō techniques. Like regular Kidō, Raian classifies his unique brand of spells as Bakudō, Hadō, and healing spells. He also has a unique type of spell which he invented; Fūdō (封道, Way of Sealing).

  • Chishō Sokubaku (束縛致傷, Infliction Shackles): A high-level Bakudō spell that was derived from Sajō Sabaku. Raian plants this spell by touching an object or person. Should his target come into contact with the object or person this spell is implanted on, chains will begin to emerge and ensnare the target. These chains also have the effect of disturbing one's reiryoku, making it incredibly difficult to form techniques or attacks that use spiritual energy. Furthermore, they cause a great deal of pain.
  • Banbutsu Junpō (万物順法, All Creation Obeying the Law): By gathering a large amount of reishi from the surrounding area to fuel and maintain the spell, Raian will then unleash nature itself upon his foe. During his fight with Hiroya, he used this technique to generate a tremendous wave of sand (since Hueco Mundo was both made entirely of spirit particles and sand) and bring it crashing down on his foe. He could also manipulate the sand beneath his foe, creating a top-down, bottom-up situation.
  • Naten Fūin (七点封印, Seven-Point Seal): A seal formula, consisting of seven points arranged around a spiraling mark, as well as formula markings, appear on Raian's palm and down his arm. Small flames of reishi will then light up on each of Raian's fingers, allowing him to strengthen or weaken any Kidō he comes into contact with up to seven-times its current strength. He primarily uses this to strengthen or weaken other sealing-type Kidō, however, it has its uses against Hadō and Bakudō spells.
  • Kūhaku Fūshiyō (空白封仕様, Blank Space Sealing Method): A sealing Kidō that manipulates space an time. By opening a small tear in space and time, creating a linkage between the corporal world and his own inner world, Raian can seal physical objects within himself for later use. Using the same method, he can unseal these objects, ejecting them from his inner world at various speeds.

Unique Spell Usage: Raian not only knows how to use high level Kidō — being able to create and utilize many Kidō that many others would prove ineffective at using — but, he also has many methods of using Kidō which differ from more traditional users, such as his friend, Seireitou Kawahiru. In a fashion similar to that of the Quincies, Raian can draw on the reishi and reiryoku that make up his spiritually constructed surroundings, absorbing them into himself and allowing him to cast extraordinarily powerful spells, as well as maintaining them, with little or no cost to his own reiryoku reserves. In environments like Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, which are completely composed of spiritual particles, this strategy can allow him to command his battles with Kidō alone. Raian has, on multiple occasions, demonstrated the ability to, without incantation, implant spells into anything he touches, while, at the same time, setting conditions for those spells being released. For example, in his battle with Hiroya Ginkarei, he implanted a Tozanshō spell into the ground and set it to activate whenever he was physically in danger.

Other Skills

Master Bladesmith: As the successor and student of Ōetsu Nimaiya, Raian is talented in the forging of Asauchi, nameless Zanpakutō for Shinigami to use. According to Raian himself, he re-forged his own Zanpakutō.[5] Presumably, during this time, he managed to imbue the Sōkyoku's hilt within his own Zanpakutō.

  • Zanpakutō Sense: Like Nimaiya, Raian can sense the exact location of every Zanpakutō he has ever forged.

Hakuda Expert: While not his usual style of combat, Raian is at least competent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He has shown himself capable of taking on a whole range of opponents while unarmed, even being able to catch their swords with his hands due to his reflexes. His Hakuda abilities vastly improve after his fusion with Yamamoto to the point that he badly wounded Mizu Kurosaki, during their battle, with a simple kick to the chest.[18] Like with his swordsmanship, he has several named abilities he can use;

  • Ikkotsu (一骨, "Single Bone"): A powerful punch used by Yamamoto originally, and now Raian. Using this technique, Raian is able to destroy much of his opponent's abdomen and sending him or her flying a rather sizable distance and into a nearby object, destroying it.
  • Sōkotsu (双骨, "Double Bone"): Being stronger than Ikkotsu, it is a powerful two-fisted punch used by Raian. The attack can completely destroy an opponent with a single blow.

Materialification Technique (具体化の術, Gutaika no Jutsu): A technique he obtained in the four months since Akujin's defeat, and a secret technique of the Getsueikirite Clan. Raian primarily uses this in his Bankai.


Raian with his swords

Raian after having reforged his Zanpakutō.

Kanāji Fūshin (金味風神, Bladed Wind God): Raian's Zanpakutō, Kanāji Fūshin, is both the oldest and most powerful of the flow-type Zanpakutō in Soul Society.[21] It is one of the few Zanpakutō that materialize as two separate swords when in its sealed state; taking on the form of a katana pair. Both are identical to each other and bear no special markings that set them aside from average katana. They both have circular guards, red hilt-wrappings, and black sheathes.

Base Form

Reforging: Following his Shukai training, Raian re-forged his Zanpakutō, adding in the Sōkyoku's hilt, which was left to him in Yamamoto's will.[22] Aside from this, the only other changes to Kanāji Fūshin's outward appearance were the shortening of the blades; making them both into wakizashi.

  • Sōkyoku Implantation: After Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto's death, Raian was left the "hilt" of the Sōkyoku and, thanks to the Zanpakutō-forging abilities of Ōetsu Nimaiya, was able to implement it into his Zanpakutō — though it only seems to really show its effects while he is in Bankai. With this addition, Raian gains tremendous amounts of stamina and vitality. This allows him to remain in Bankai almost indefinitely, rivaling Ichigo Kurosaki in that regard, should he choose.

Zanpakutō Mastery: By the events of Bleach: Extinction, Raian's mastery of Zanjutsu had risen to the point that he has consequentially mastered his Zanpakutō to the highest possible degree. Raian states that he no longer requires Shikai or Bankai to use his Zanpakutō's abilities and is capable of using them all in his normal form. His Reiatsu, as a result, has reached levels comparable to his Bankai before he even releases his sword. This also means, should he chose to advance to the released forms, his power dramatically increases with each release—reaching new peaks of power.


  • Shikai: Kanāji Fūshin is released by the command "Split Finely" (ささくれる, sasakureru). Because he has mastered his Bankai, however, he can release the blade without a command should he choose to. In Shikai, the twin blades of the sealed state vanish and are replaced, instead, by a singular sword — a long, slightly curving, nodaichi, which is twice the length of Raian's own arm. According to Raian, his Zanpakutō forms a pair with Seireitou Kawahiru's Hanullim, as they are polar opposites in terms of abilities; Hanullim controlling "interactions", while Kanāji Fūshin controls "flow".
Shikai Special Ability: Kanāji Fūshin's ability is to manipulate "Flow" (流れ, Nagare) — specifically the pathways in which energy, spiritual or otherwise, flows in nature, which allowed him to mimic control over the wind, hence the name of his Zanpakutō. Essentially, Kanāji Fūshin can control all natural forces in their entirety. For example, in relation to wind, Raian can direct the currents of air around him in any manner he wishes. By making the energy's path shorter or "smoother" to follow, the wind speeds up and becomes faster. For this reason, there is no limit to how fast this wind could move. In Shikai, Kanāji Fūshin allows Raian to completely control the concept of "path". The concept of path is what allows energy to follow a form of flow. Raian's Shikai is the power to define what that path is: its starting place, length, properties, and destination. Whether a flow between those two points, the start and the destination, exists in nature or doesn't exist is irrelevant, as Kanāji Fūshin can actually create paths as well as manipulate them. In other words, he can connect things together that normally were never connected by a flow — creating a bridge between them. Seireitou has speculated that this is the true reason he acquired Hollowfication during his battles in Hueco Mundo, because, likely, his battles with multiple Arrancar created a "bridge", or flow, between his own power, and the power of Hollows.
Raian's sword energy blast

Raian using Sōga Tenpū.

  • Sōga Tenpū (爪牙天風, Claw of Heavenly Gale): The only real "attack" granted by Kanāji Fūshin, according to Raian, Raian opens a path of energy directly from the world around him to his sword, feeding Kanāji Fūshin with incredible amounts of spiritual energy, which then engulfs the blade in blue energy, which then flares out and surrounds Raian himself. He can then fire these energy blasts, creating massive damage with ease. Seireitou himself has noted that, for being the only attack of a Zanpakutō with such complex abilities, it is rather simple — comparing it to the Getsuga Tenshō. Over the course of the series, Raian has become more versatile while using the technique. In his battle with Ahatake Noriko Kurosaki, he used the technique in the form of branches of energy, which had a sharp, cutting effect.[23]


Bankai no Raian

Raian activating Bankai.

  • Bankai: Shiseikaze Fūshin (四聖風風神, Four Sacred Winds of the Wind God): In many ways, Shiseikaze Fūshin is simply a massive scale version of its Shikai. Upon activation, Raian's Bankai materializes as a singular, white nodaichi. The blade, however, is constantly engulfed with the energy of Raian's primary attack, Sōga Tenpū. Appearance-wise, Raian's shihakushō becomes more formfitting — becoming a long coat with flared out edges. His hair also turns completely white, not all unlike that of Seireitou's, and his sclera turn black. He also gains a black cross across his face. The blade itself shrinks down, once more, into that of a katana, though the new sword has a more jagged tip, as well as having a bone-like structured hilt.
Raian newest Bankai

Raian after attaining Stage 2.

Later, after having reforged his Bankai and properly mastered it, Raian's Bankai changes in appearance. Upon activation, it retains its form as two separate weapons, though Raian will usually only use one weapon at a time. Furthermore, his appearance doesn't seem to change. Raian later obtained Bankai Stage 2 (卍解二准, Bankai Nijun) following Johann Fichte's revelation that he had murdered Mashū Getsueikirite and stolen his Bankai.[24] The immense emotional upheaval caused by seeing his own brother's Bankai, being used against him, in the hands of another caused a massive surge in Raian's spiritual energy, resulting in the transformation. Upon using Bankai, the ground exploded from underneath him, revealing this form.[24] Stage 2 altered the form he took in Bankai: His hair frees itself from its restraints, flowing freely and turning completely white in coloration. He now dons an inverted shihakushō, being predominantly white, with black trimming. A black material also now covers his arms and legs completely and he gains a horned forehead protecting across his forehead. Seireitou Kawahiru has noted that he bears a striking resemblance to Hyakuoku Getsueikirite, in his younger days, while in this form. He is also the first to uncover this ability, though Seireitou had theorized about it prior to this.
Flow Raian

Raian using his Bankai to divert the flames of Zanka no Tachi.

Bankai Special Ability: In Bankai, rather than the creation of paths and, therefore, the manipulation them, Raian himself becomes the path of all energy flows. Keeping with the theme of his wind-like abilities, he can transform into the wind itself if he so desires. In addition, he can literally insert himself into an energy flow, or become the path for all energy in the surroundings around him to follow. Absorbing energy, according to Seireitou Kawahiru, would be one ability granted by this. Like his Shikai, this, as well, has almost limitless potential. Because of this, he can also cause attacks that rely on energy of any sort to change course or divert, making Kidō and other means of energy attacks virtually useless against him.
Soga Tenpu Bankai

Sōga Tenpū unleashed in Bankai.

Bankai Raian Energy swrod

Raian using energy to fight.

  • Enhanced Sōga Tenpū: When used in Bankai, Sōga Tenpū is enormously enhanced, far beyond its Shikai incarnation. By opening himself completely to all channels of energy, via his Bankai's own unique ability, Sōga Tenpū's power is enormously argumented, to the point of creating a blast that dwarfs a large area of the Seireitei. Additionally, the energy from Sōga Tenpū seems to be every present in Bankai, surrounding his Zanpakutō in a constant aura of Sōga Tenpū-like spiritual energy. By hardening this energy, and releasing it at close-range as a shockwave, Raian can use it for a powerful defense. He can also absorb the energy of others, using his Bankai's power, to increase Sōga Tenpū's strength even further. Isshin Shiba, Raian's former 3rd Seat during his days as the Tenth Division's captain, noted that just the shockwave from a Sōga Tenpū in Bankai, could be potentially lethal.
    • Flow-Enhanced Swordsmanship: By creating a flow path between his own energy and the energy of his opponents while in combat, as well as with the environment, Raian can drastically increase the power of his sword swings. Doing so causes his Bankai's blade to be engulfed in the energy of Sōga Tenpū. It also weakens the defense and offense of the opponent by redirecting their energy to empower Raian's own Zanpakutō.
Bankai Speed Raian

Raian teleporting.

  • Flow-Enhanced Movement: According to Seireitou, speed is no longer a proper term to define what Raian uses while in Bankai. By using flow to connect him from one point to another, Raian can accelerate instantaneously to any location of his choice. Raian likens this ability to "teleportation". He can even do this mid-combat, so long as he is able to focus on the location he desires to transport himself to hard enough to establish a connection with his Zanpakutō's ability.
Bankai no San Jinpu no Mai

Raian preforming the stance.

  • San Jinpū no Mai (三陣風の舞, Three Dances of the Gusting Winds): This technique actually denotes three sub-techniques granted by Raian's Bankai, which transforms his flow-based fighting style into a purely offensive way of combat. After saying the technique, Raian will preform a stance, causing three spectral doppelgangers of his Bankai to appear in mid-air. He will then select a technique and preform it, causing one of the swords to vanish. Shōyō Shakyamuni has noted that Raian is completely relaxed while using these techniques, allowing him to draw forth his maximum power.
Ichigo's immense Bankai power

Raian ascending passed Bankai.

Power Augmentation: The advanced stage of Bankai grants him a dramatic increase in power, far beyond the average Bankai. After his training with Ōetsu Nimaiya, Raian is stated to have mastered this form in his bid to obtain Shukai.[25] Later on, it is noted that, due to their partnership with one another, Raian and his Zanpakutō have a far more efficient stage two than Seireitou Kawahiru and his Zanpakutō, Hanullim.[26]
  • Augmented Sōga Tenpū: Shortly before transforming, the power-boost that was occurring in Raian, as a result of the transformation taking place, allowed him to completely obliterate the Quincy, Johann Fichte with one swipe of his Sōga Tenpū.[24] In the same battle, he used a widespread Sōga Tenpū to completely eradicate the remaining members of Tiro con L'arco; Adolfo Benttino, Asumu Godai, and Pietro Badoglio, shocking Akujin.[24]
  • Augmented Spiritual Power: Just before his death at the hands of Raian, mere seconds after he obtained this transformation, Johann notes that Raian's spiritual energy has changed dramatically. Seireitou himself notes that the energy of this form has changed from Raian's standard Bankai.[24] In stage two, Raian's tremendous spiritual pressure is further condensed and is permanently radiated from his body, causing it to affect his environment en masse. Bio-electricity also seems to radiate from him.
  • Flow-Augmented Flight: While flying through the air towards his enemies, shortly after obtaining the form, Raian unconsciously opened a flow connection with the air around him, causing his speed to dramatically increase, even beyond his standard Bankai's already tremendous speed. This technique is marked by the black energy flowing from him while in flight.[24]
  • Flow-Augmented Strength: Raian can also open, unconsciously, a flow between the energy in the environment around him, and his muscles — tremendously increasing the energy and blood flow to his muscles, and increasing his strength unnaturally. With this new strength, he bifurcated the Quincy Amy Lee in one stroke. Later, upon confronting Akujin, his strength allowed him to crush the ground beneath his feet upon landing.[24]
  • Enjakukōkoku (燕雀鴻鵠, "Only a Hero Can Understand a Hero"): Using the tremendous stamina given to him by the Sōkyoku's hilt, Raian is able to open a "flow" between himself and whomever he chooses, allowing him to infuse the selected person with his stamina and spiritual energy. This will often result in a shroud of blue spiritual energy appearing around the target's body. There is seemingly no real limit to the amount of people he can open this flow to, with the only stipulation seeming to be that he is only limited by the amount of stamina and spiritual energy he has in reserves, which, while large thanks to the Sōkyoku, is still finite. In addition to this, Raian can control the spiritual energy even after it has gone to his target(s), allowing him to condense it to protect them from damage, or lash out with it, to attack nearby foes. This does, however, come at a price, as it greatly strains both Raian's concentration and his own stamina and energy reserves, especially if he has handed it out to more than one person.
Materialification Technique Raian anime

Raian using Teni Taīnkō.

  • Bankai: Shiseikaze Fūshin Teni Taīnkō (卍解•四聖風風神−天衣太陰機甲, Final Release: Four Sacred Winds of the Wind God, Heavenly Garments and Lunar Armor): Unlike other Bankai techniques, Raian must preform this one upon activation of his Bankai. Using the Getsueikirite secret ability of the Materialification Technique, Raian materializes the colossal Reiatsu of his Bankai into a giant, which stands taller than the Sōkyoku Hill in Soul Society. Raian is encased within the giant, providing for the ultimate defense, and the giant itself is equipped with a massive-scale version of Raian's Bankai Zanpakutō. Using this technique, Raian removes himself and the giant from the flow of energy around him, allowing them complete invulnerability to any attack other than physical attacks — and even then, only physical attacks that do not require a flow of energy, such as Reiatsu or Reishi, to be involved. Because of this, Raian states that only Seireitou has yet shown the skill to entirely defeat him while using this technique, though he states that physical moves are still not a sure way to defeat it, as it is still a corporal being capable of putting up a fight. Raian boasts about this technique, claiming that it is "as powerful as the Sōkyoku", which was said to be equivalent to the power of a million Zanpakutō. This is, however, untested.
Execution Garments

Raian using Keirikushō.

  • Keirikushō (刑戮衣装, Garments of Execution): Using one of the enormous swords wielded by the giant, Raian forces the flow of all energy surrounding him into the tip of the blade — this includes any active technique that involves Reishi or Reiatsu. He will then swing the blade, releasing all of the energy at once, resulting in a tremendous shockwave, capable of removing nearby mountaintops and carving out ravines.

Jinki Fragment Mode

Raian's Fragment Mode

The back of Raian's Jinki Fragment Mode.

The Jinki Fragment Mode (神器キ部, Jinki Kure Mōdo; lit., "God-Vessel Fragment Mode") is a heightened transformation unique to the nine, rare, Jinki Fragments. Raian originally obtained this ability prior to his Fragment training with Yūbi and Yūga. However, it was seemingly lost after he regained his Shinigami powers soon after. Upon ridding the false Zanpakutō from his soul, and consolidating his true power into his real Zanpakutō, Raian once again gained access to his Jinki Fragment Mode, in its new completed state, which stems directly from his Zanpakutō. To access it, he merely concentrates on a hidden reservoir of spiritual energy, which can only be accessed by allowing himself to be consumed with thoughts of his comrades. This can be made stronger by drawing on the strength of his bonds with others. For this reason, both Yūga and Kanāji Fūshin claim that Raian's Fragment's "desire" is "Companionship" (友交, Yūko).

Reiryoku Cloak: When using this Mode, his shihakushō is cloaked in a dense, black spiritual energy which flares out like black flames. In this Mode, the cloak acts as a shield for his body, to the point that a normal knife is incapable of penetrating it. Later, after obtaining a more completed Jinki Fragment Mode, Raian was shown to able to resist the force of a semi-truck falling from miles in the air, with no damage to himself. Furthermore, Yūbi later comments that the cloak his Jinki Fragment Mode generates is nigh impregnable due to the density of the spiritual pressure which composes it.[16]
  • Enhanced Strength: In Jinki Fragment Mode, Raian's strength is such that a simple punch could easily cause an adult human being to implode. After obtaining a more complete Jinki Fragment Mode, his strength increased to the point where he could easily toss a semi-truck miles into the air.[16] He later demonstrates the ability to completely dissipate the force of Mushoku Kara's telekinetic blasts.[5]
  • Enhanced Speed: Both Yūga and Yūbi state that Raian has astonishing speed in this Mode. While the former notes that it is much faster than Shunpō, the latter mentions that it is so fast, it seems to be almost teleportation. When using his speed in this form, Raian releases a flash of black energy from his body.[16] By the time of his fight, alongside Seireitou, with twenty other prominent opponents, Raian had refined his speed to such a point that friction no longer held him back. He no longer leaves a black flash when moving after this point.[5]
Inyoton Form Anime

Raian in his "Version 2" Jinki Fragment Mode.

Version 2 (バージョン2, Bājon Tsū): After further training within the Mode, Raian developed a second state he could take on, dubbed "Version 2". To do so, Raian emits the full force of his spiritual energy and then wraps it around his body, encasing him in an impenetrable armor of black spiritual energy in addition to creating a black halo above his head. The energy, Hake notes, is so dense, that even Quincy weapons such as the Seele Schneider cannot vibrate the spiritual particles apart, nor can the particles be absorbed by any means. Raian calls this the "true form" of the Jinki Fragments, though he is the only one capable of accessing it, meaning it may be unique to him. While in this Mode, he cannot release his Zanpakutō, however, he states that he hardly needs it, as it has even more power than his already powerful Bankai.

Life Sap Preta Path 2

Raian's enhanced strength in "Version 2".

  • Enhanced Strength: In "Version 2", Raian claims that his entire body becomes his sword. This claim seems to have some merit, as he is easily able to punch through the Heirro of Espada-level Arrancar as easily as a butter knife carves through butter. It also allows him to completely bypass a Quincy's Blut, and no amount of it can defend from one of his enhanced punches.
  • Enhanced Durability: In "Version 2", Raian seems to be able to shrug off damage easily, only showing signs of harm from more extreme attacks. He also deems to be able to take direct hits without being phased. This ability is attributed to the density of the energy cloaking his body.
Inyoton Explained

The principles of Banshō Seifuku explained.

  • Banshō Seifuku (万象征服, Creation Subjugation): Using the spiritual energy produced by his "Version 2", Raian creates a small orb of black spiritual pressure. This orb can be expanded or contracted as needed, completely devouring anything and everything it comes into contact with, including, but not limited to, and form of spiritual attack, such as Kidō or Zanpakutō abilities, and physical attacks. Upon coming into contact with the target, the ball will expand rapidly, causing tremendous damage to the immediate surroundings. As a technique that can nullify and eliminate spiritual techniques, even Reiryoku absorption techniques are useless against it. Additionally, it can be shaped into a variety of forms to fit the user's situation; each form producing a different result. Seireitou noted that the technique responds automatically, completely separate from Raian's will. Once activated, the technique will seek out any threat, living, or in the form of techniques, and devour it; leaving nothing in its wake. This seems to be only limited to its defensive function, as Raian can willingly manipulate the shapes of the technique for offensive purposes.
Yoton Life sap Preta Path

Banshō Tensei in use.

  • Banshō Tensei (万象転生, Creation Reincarnation): By overloading his spiritual pressure into the cloak of darkness enveloping him, an aura of intense life-energy is generated, branching out from the cloak itself. The effects are immediate; with the cloak sapping away any nearby life energy, increasing Raian's own. Raian will then strike their target with a powerful punch, which will result in an expedited death, as the life-energy is drained more quickly upon contact.

Former Powers & Abilities

Racial Status

Raian's soul

The different aspects of Raian's soul.

Shinigami: Raian was born a soul in the Soul Society and trained as a Shinigami in the traditional ways, making his soul in every way, a Shinigami.

  • Jinki Fragment: Raian's soul was also born as one of the nine rare Jinki Fragments. Therefore, in addition to his Shinigami powers, he was able to use the powers granted to his specific Fragment.
  • Sōzōshin: As a direct descendant of Hyakuoku Getsueikirite, Raian has latent Sōzōshin powers, though they have yet to be awakened. Kamui, however, has noted that Raian is not a "true" Sōzōshin, likely due to his blood purity.

Previous Classifications

  • Visored: Due to the bite he received from the Hollowified Seireitou Kawahiru, Raian was infected with Hollowfication, and gained the powers of a Visored. Due to his inability to protect Mashū during a battle with the Arrancar, Shōsen, he awakened his inner Hollow. Ironically, it was with training from Seireitou that he learned to master these powers. He is presumed to have lost these powers during his training with Shiseikaze Fūshin, during his Shukai training.
  • Fullbringer: After losing his Shinigami powers, temporarily, Raian gained what is assumed to be a Fullbring due to his Hollow powers still residing within him. Initially, this classified him as a Fullbringer, but, due to him never truly being Human, this is a false classification. These powers vanished after fusing with his returning Shinigami powers.


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The fan-fiction stories Raian is involved in;


In-Story Kills

Roleplay Kills

Creation & Conception

Raian Getsueikirite, whom I had originally named Ryun Toshiro, a combination of my Naruto Fanon wiki character's first name and Tōshirō Hitsugaya's first name, was initially conceived with no real intention behind him. I was new to the Bleach universe upon creating him, so a lot of older versions of him were ignorant of the Bleach universe. However, after getting involved with User:Blackemo1's Second Coming of Aizen Arc, I decided on a path I wanted to go with Raian.

Raian is largely based on myself; his personality and ticks largely reflect my own. I wrote the story, Bleach: Second Act, to show a few main points in Raian's development. There is one main point in Raian's story that is shown in every story arc; it is essentially the essence of his entire character. Each story arc shows Raian gaining the power to protect his younger brother, Mashū Getsueikirite. Even in the last arc, where Mashū is supposedly dead, Raian's drive to join the fray is ultimately his brother.

I've drawn inspiration from other sources outside of myself, as well, for the creation of Raian. For example, his appearance resembles that of Ichigo Kurosaki, as do some of his abilities. The anime Naruto has also played a part in inspiration for the abilities and enemies Raian has faced throughout his journey. Other manga/anime that have inspired his character, or some of the trials his character has gone through include Darker than Black, Gintama, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, and Casshern Sins.

Raian has also has had an in-character push for development in the form of Seireitou Kawahiru. User:Seireitou and I have been partners on multiple wikis, including this one, for near five years now, and his characters have always been like a beacon for Raian to get stronger. Seireitou acts as Raian's greatest rival. The two have a sort of Goku and Vegeta rivalry, and yet their friendship is best compared to Gintoki and Katsura from Gintama. As long as Seireitou is around, Raian's will to get stronger never ceases to diminish.

Appearances In Other Media

On other sites

Raian, Goku, and Vegeta

Vegeta, Raian, and Goku as part of a promotional for Dragonball Sai.

On July 16, 2012, the author released information, as well as a promotional picture showing a Super Saiyan Raian along with Goku and Vegeta, in a personal blog that Raian will be given a new incarnation in a Dragonball fan fiction he will be writing on another site. Early the next morning, information on the series Raian will be appearing in was posted on said site, revealing that Raian will be part of a fan fiction series known as Dragon Ball Sai as one of the main characters of the series. At this point, all that is known is that Raian is to be a Saiyan from the Planet Vegeta.

He also appears on the Naruto Fanon Wiki, though this incarnation doesn't seem to find much basis in the Bleach Fan Fiction version. In this instance, he is a Jōnin from the village of Konohagakure and a jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Unlike in other incarnations of Raian, this version is not the main character of the author's series. Rather, that title belongs to Ryun Uchiha, who more closely resembles the Raian of this site in personality and abilities.



  • In terms of stat totals, Raian shares the same sum as Sōsuke Aizen; 560.
  • Raian's name follows the scheme of Shunsui Kyōraku's and Seireitou Kawahiru's. His first name is Raian and his last name is Getsueikirite, however, his full name is Raian Sonyōji Getsueikirite no Tarō. Getsueikirite no Tarō means "eldest of the Getsueikirite Clan", whilst Sonyōji means "honored child".
  • His theme song, according to his creator, is "Warm Shadow (Dactyl Remix)" by Fink (it can be listened to on the player at the beginning of this section).
  • According to the author, were this an actual anime, Raian would be voiced by Akira Ishida, the seiyū for both Gaara from Naruto, and Kusaka from Bleach: DiamondDust Rebellion.
  • When he was first conceived as a character, Raian was known as Ryun Toshiro, which was eventually changed to Ryan Getsueikirite, and later finalized as the name he now has.
  • Naturally, he is the fated person of Ten Tailed Fox's alternate history of Bleach.
  • Ironically, both Kenpachi he has faced in battle were the "third Kenpachi", however, Kenshin Yagami wasn't from Raian's timeline, so both were legitimate.
  • The phrase "enjakukōkoku" (燕雀鴻鵠), from Raian's Bankai technique, can also double in its meaning. It comes from the Japanese proverb, "Only a sparrow can understand the aspirations of a Phoenix", alluding to its Sōkyoku origins.
  • Raian has possessed the power of every canonical race, except the Quincy.
  • His moniker of "Hitokiri Battōsai" comes directly from the character of Himura Kenshin, who was named the same for his murderous personality, and deadly swordsmanship. "Hitokiri", on the other hand, was a name given to four samurai during the Warring States Period.
    • "Battōsai" (り抜刀斎) is a fictional word referring to a professional practitioner of "battō", another word to refer to Iaido, the Japanese art of drawing the sword.
    • This is also in lieu with Seireitou, who inherited his moniker from another anime as well; in his case, Gintoki, from Gintama.
  • Sometime during the month of February 2014, a user on the popular video hosting site, YouTube, created a roleplaying profile under the name "Raian Sonyōji Getsueikirite no Tarō". This was not the doing of the author. In fact, several other characters on the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki were copied in a similar fashion by other users.[33]


  • (About Seireitou) "That Shinigami Captain with silver hair soaked in blood... on the battlefield looked exactly like... a Demon."
  • (About Seireitou) ""He was a great man. My most trusted ally. History remembers him as the Shiroyasha, a man who slaughtered and tormented countless thousands. To me, he was… more."
  • (To Hibiki, about Seireitou) "Hibiki, I have lost count of the amount of times I have wanted to destroy the world so that it could be reborn. But he's... He's enduring it. He should hate this world more than any of us, but he's putting up with it."
  • (To Seireitou) "Who taught us to use the sword you hold in your hand? Our bushido, our way of life. Who taught us all this? The one who set the foundations for the world we currently live in is undoubtedly... Shōyō-sensei. And yet... that same world took him from our side."
  • (To Hikaru) "Whether I go or not, I'll die anyway. I possess an organ more important than my heart. Although you can't see it, I feel it pulsing through my head down to my feet, and I know it exist within me. It allows me stand on my feet, it lets me walk forward without trembling. If I stop here, I feel like it would break... My soul will break."
  • (To Mūkade) "Watch closely. See how much strength lies in these things you consider irrelevant. The sharpness of this sword my soul placed everything into crafting. Burn this into your memory!"
  • (To Hake) "Here, catch. Hake, I don't dislike the fact that you've got some sass. However, if a Shinigami is prepared to die, he doesn't say it with words. He says it... with his sword, boy."
  • (To Seireitou's twenty opponents) "Nobody kills Sei while I'm around. Destiny has reserved that pleasure for me! I've been watching your battle with Sei, so I've seen many of your techniques. Too bad, if I can't just kill you all here, I'll just have to pound you into a pulp! That's all..."[5]
  • (To Seireitou's opponents, echoing Shōyō's words) "Very well, you lot. I will receive your swords. Show me the life you have led."
  • (To Seireitou) "What's the problem, Sei? Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? None of them should be standing right now. You're pitiful."[5]
  • (To Himself) "Cast it all aside. The zeal, the urgency, and even the fear. Just lose yourself in it!"
  • (About Shōyō) "You... You trained me in the sword. And... ever since, I've believed that the most important thing for a Shinigami to do is to become stronger and more skilled than anyone else! That's why, I can never thank you enough! Because now, I get to fight the strongest opponents a Shinigami could fight... in the ultimate battle!"
  • (To Shōyō) "Ever since we met, I've lived with you in my sights. Just like a kid who reveres his father and dreams of surpassing him... That's right... This is it... This is my last chance to surpass you. That means my only choice is to rise to your level. Right here, right now, enjoy the sword!"
  • (To Shōyō) "Shōyō-sensei... I am so glad to have met you... Everything I've got is within this attack! With this attack... I will surpass you!"
  • (To Seireitou) "...I said it at the beginning, right? I won't lose to you. Not with you carrying all that dead weight around. All this bullshit about the 'value of your sword', or whatever, is making you use more strength than necessary and that's making your sword slow and light."
  • (To Shōyō) "A long time ago, you told me to live for the sword and become strong! Use swordsmanship to protect what you want, rise up in the world, and above all else... enjoy the art of the sword!"
  • (To Suzaku Kawahiru) "I hope you're proud of yourself! You've disgraced us all with your pitiful performance! There is no excuse for fighting the way you did, you have Sōzōshin blood running through your veins! A warrior like him should be dead, and now you sit here scratching your head, wondering what to do next! You're pitiful. Fighting with that soft, righteous look on your face. It's brute strength that decides the outcome of a battle, not goodness; the mightiest will survive and the weak shall perish! Your Saori and Ryūka were rendered unconscious! That's because they're weaklings! Is that a fate you want for yourself?! Ugh... GARDEN STATUES! If they're lucky, someone will make a birdbath out of them!"
  • (To Seireitou) "Oh, yes, now there's a pleasant excuse! You're as soft as your son, Shiroyasha! And I'm tired of playing around! I'm going to end this thing once and for all! No more weak-hearted excuses, Shiroyasha! I'm taking over this operation now! And for starters, I'm going to blow this palace to Kingdom Come!"
  • (Describing the Yonkō) "Shiroyasha, Kawahiru Seireitou... Man-Slayer, Getsueikirite Raian... Governor of the Dark Ones, Echo Osore... Loud Person, Hikaru Kurosaki... In the era that followed, we four were known as the 'Generation of Miracles'. But, I suppose it was only by sheer luck that our names were remembered. There were other heroes."
  • (After releasing Teni Taīnkō) "This Bankai is destruction incarnate. A single slash of its sword reduces all before it to nothing. It is as powerful as the Sōkyoku itself. Sternritter, prepare to be executed. You and your 'path'."
  • (To Seireitou) "I'm not doing this for Soul Society. I'm not doing it for you. I'm not even doing it for me. I'm doing it for our children. And for their children, and theirs. We might never live to see the horrors that are coming, but they will. We have to protect the world for them. We have to risk forfeiting our chance at happiness so they can have a life we might never know. That is just how it is."


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