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Rai Kurosaki Gengetsu
Name Rai Kurosaki Gengetsu
Kanji 幻月-黒崎-ライ
Romanji Gengetsu Kurosaki Rai
Race Shinigami
Birthday September 3
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'8" (172.72 cm)
Weight 146 lbs (66.22 kg)
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Yonkō
Previous Affiliation Kurosaki Family
Occupation Student of Shūshi Gensaku Kaenōra
Previous Occupation Student of Hanzei Kurosaki
Team Yonkō
Previous Team Seigirīgu
Partner Someone of the Kawahiru clan
Previous Partner Musokuno Kaenōra
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Joshua Getsueikirite (father)
Sensaina Kurosaki(mother)
Nayami Kawahiru Kurosaki (wife)
Raiden Kurosaki (son)
Education Taught by Kurosaki clan elders
Taught by Shūshi Gensaku Kaenōra
Status Deceased
Shikai Saimon
Bankai Saimon Ametsu-Chi



Rai was a more fearful child growing up. The loss of his parents warped his views on the world, and he saw everyone as an enemy. He desired to be alone to ensure that Kurama never could find him. He never had a strong relationship with his sister, parting ways with her shortly after their escape from Kurama Kawahiru.


The death of Rai's parents was the catalyst to Rai's life of hardships. After awaking in a field with his sister by his side, Rai left her and sought to hide himself from Kurama. He traveled across the lands until he met Shūshi Gensaku Kaenōra. After spending years of training with him, Rai set out to find his sister whom he abandoned.


Powers and Abilities

Reiseī User



Saimon (祭文, lit. Funeral Address) is the name of Rai's Zanpakutō. In it's sealed form, it is a simple katana with a full moon-shaped guard and a red hilt. Saimon is released with the command, "Lecture". In Shikai, Saimon takes the form of an ornate gavel that can grow or shrink in size.


Saimon Ametsu-Chi (祭文あめつち, lit. Funeral Address of Heaven and Earth/Heaven and Earth Funeral Address) is the name of Rai's Bankai.

Behind the Scenes

Rai is the Hikaru that never was. Rai is based on an old character I never got around to developing on Naruto Fanon. He was meant to be a patriarch who called for an exodus of the Uchiha to the Lost Lands. In this installation, he is the ancestor of Hikaru Kurosaki who bears a close resemblance to the famous Yonkō. His muses are Lavi from D.Gray-man and Bruce Wayne from Batman.